Art Show & Arbor Fest

The last week of April Pearl had an art show at school.  She was so proud of her work.  Her favorite was the house she is holding up.

Pearl TreeArt Show (4)

Art Show (3)Art Show (2)Art Show (5)

On Saturday we had Munchkin’s birthday party at the science museum:

On Sunday we went to our local Arbor Festival.  Munchkin loves to climb the tree.

ArborfestArborfest Kids

Arborfest Tree Climbing (2)Arborfest Tree Climbing (3)

Arborfest Tree Climbing

The water rockets we gave the kids as birthday favors were a big hit at our house.  One was even made into a donut rocket.

Water Rocket

It was a pretty great pre-birthday weekend.


Track & School of Rock

The 3rd weekend of April Munchkin started track on Friday nights.  They had the kids running for an hour and a half.  Munchkin said he liked it.  He needs it.  He is doing basketball after school on Tuesdays so being able to increase his endurance will help.  Munchkin Track

This week I was so sick with food poisoning.  Nithin and Munchkin went into the city to meet Nithin’s sisters family for dinner and to go see the School of Rock on Broadway.  Munchkin loved the show and seeing his cousins.

School of Rock DadSchool of Rock Cousins






We were home the day before Easter from Virginia.  The kids got umbrellas for Easter that were filled in addition to their baskets.

Easter 2017 (2)Easter 2017

The Easter Bunny came and left eggs in our back yard.

Easter Hunt 2017Easter Hunt 2017 (2)

Because we were just back from a trip we decided to do Easter brunch at a local hotel.  Here we were arriving at brunch.  Pearl was not happy at all and was very afraid of the Easter Bunny.

Easter Brunch 2017 (3)Easter Brunch 2017 (2)

After brunch and another Easter egg hunt Pearl had to say good bye to the Easter Bunny.  She even wanted to get her picture taken.

Easter Brunch 2017

Virginia Spring Break

The second week of April we drove south for a week in Virginia.  On the first day we drove to Alexandria to break-up the trip.  That leg of the trip took FOREVER because everyone else was on the road too.  In Alexandria we got there around dinner and went out to dinner near the water.

Alexandria Dinner (2)

We spent the morning going to Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home.  The kids really loved learning about our first president.  He was a really great man and leader who could pull people together.  It was really awesome that you could walk through his actual home.

Mount Vernon (6)

Mount Vernon (2)

Mount Vernon (5)Mount Vernon (4)

Mount Vernon

We ate lunch in the tavern at Mount Vernon which was a great lunch.

In the afternoon we went to the Udvar-Hazy Center which is an extension of National Air and Space Museum.  Munchkin loves that place when we went a few years ago and asked to go again.  We love the space shuttle exhibit and all the different planes.

Air and Space Museum (2)Air and Space MuseumAir and Space Museum (7)Air and Space Museum (6)Air and Space Museum (5)Air and Space Museum (4)Air and Space Museum (3)

On Monday morning we drove down to Williamsburg and hit Jamestown for the afternoon and then head to our hotel.  Munchkin loved working on the boat and learning about the armory.  The boats were so incredibly small, it is amazing people made it across the Atlantic in them.  There was a man there talking about how crude medicine was at the time which was really interesting.

Jamestown (8)Jamestown (7)Jamestown (6)Jamestown (5)Jamestown (4)Jamestown (3)Jamestown (2)Jamestown

We spent Monday night staying at pub house that was part of the colonial houses in Williamsburg.  Here is our house. and a view from the room.  We could only have two people in a room so we had to split up into two rooms that were across the hall from each other.

Williamsburg Historic TavernWilliamsburg Tavern Window

We ate dinner our first night at King’s Arms Tavern.  It was a fabulous meal.  Munchkin loved wearing his napkin as a bib and having real ginger ale from a bottle.

Williamsburg (2)Williamsburg (3)

We spent Tuesday and Wed. going around all the houses in Williamsburg.  Grandma and grandpa joined us on Wed.

Williamsburg (5)Williamsburg (24)

Williamsburg (17)Williamsburg (16)

Williamsburg (13)Williamsburg (14)

Williamsburg (15)

Williamsburg (18)

Williamsburg (8)Williamsburg (4)

Williamsburg (23)

Williamsburg (12)Williamsburg (11)

Williamsburg (7)Williamsburg (6)

For Thursday my sisters family joined us so the kids got to spend time with their cousins.  The kids really enjoyed the time.

Williamsburg Cousins

Williamsburg (20)Williamsburg (21)

Williamsburg (22)

This is what you do when you see a bust of Thomas Jefferson.

Williamsburg (25)

Pearl tolerated going to all the houses.  We couldn’t do any long tours unless she was napping.  Munchkin loved to see how things work.  I love the history and how hands on it is.

On Friday morning we headed out to stop in Delaware, spent the night and then headed home on Saturday.  The drive home was beautiful across the Chesapeake Bay bridge.  It was a really great low key vacation.  I love Williamsburg, we need to go back more now that the kids are older.

Busy Start to April

The first weekend in April was absolutely crazy.  I went for work to Cali at the end of the week.  The yarn crawl that I help organize happened.  I made it around to most of the shops on Friday and Saturday.  Pearl was Monster of the week at school.  We went in and read a book to the class (The Little Mermaid) and Pearl told the class that her last name was Princess.  We brought in munchkin’s for the class for a treat. 

Pearl Monster of the Week

The first Saturday of April our town had our annual easter egg hunt.  It was raining so it was inside in the gym.  Both kids did the egg hunt this year.  They were really great at helping each other out. 

TownEggHuntTownEggHunt (4)TownEggHunt (2)TownEggHunt (3)TownEggHunt (5)

The kids and Nithin went to the Long Island Robotics competition at Hofstra. 

Sunday Pearl had her first soccer practice.  She was slow to participate but she got into it if Nithin stood there with her.  She was so excited to go.

Pearl Soccer (2)Pearl Soccer PracticePearl Soccer

Sunday afternoon Pearl and I went out to get our nails done.  As a reward for improving so much at basketball this year Munchkin and Nithin went to a Nicks game.  Marcus Camby was there for a celebration.  He was big when we went to UMass.  Munchkin loved the game. 

Pearl ManiNicks Game

Munchkin is 9

Today Munchkin turns 9.  He had his party on Saturday at the science museum with his camp counselor running the party.  This was his first party not at home.  He loved having his camp counselor running the party.  His theme was space and rockets.  The first part of the party was skylab, which is a portable planetarium.  The kids learned some constellations and heard some stories.  We ate and had cake.  I made a rocket cake with cupcakes that has star sprinkles.  We had a sparkler candle that looked like a rocket cake launching.

Munchkin 9th PartyMunchkin 9th Party (2)

Munchkin 9th Party (8)Munchkin 9th Party SkylabMunchkin 9th Party (3)Munchkin 9th Party (4)Munchkin 9th Party (5)Munchkin 9th Party (6)Munchkin 9th Party (7)

Then the kids went outside to see a rocket launch.  They had some faulty launches to start.  After getting a new remote launcher it was a success.  Munchkin loved it.

Munchkin 9th Party RocketMunchkin 9th Party Family

Munchkin has become an independent, inquisitive, nice boy.  We left track practice a couple weeks ago.  It was his first practice.  His coach says to me as we leave how nice a boy he is.  Munchkin has decided this year that sailing and basketball will be his sports.  He has decided that he is going to work for Nasa.  He reads a good amount and researches topics he is interested in.  He is a good friend and is kind to his sister.  We are so lucky to have him in our lives/family.

Last Jr. FLL through Mythbusters

March started off with this years Jr. FLL Expo.  The challenge was to research an animal that lives in the habitat of a bee.  Our boys chose a veroa destroyer that is a mite that lives off of bees.  The boys went to the Children’s Museum to talk to the person that maintains their animals, Skyped with our friend who is a bee keeper and did their own research.  Their model showed a bee as small in the environment, going into a hive, a larger version to show a veroa destroyer on its back and a large version of just the back of the bee to have the veroa mite climb onto the bee.  They programmed the movement of the mite onto the bee.  The boys won the explosive ideas award.

Jr FLL 2017 (5)Jr FLL 2017Jr FLL 2017 (2)Jr FLL 2017 (3)Jr FLL 2017 (4)

Afterward we took the whole team to Bounce to get their energy out.  The team of boys traveled in a pack and were hard to catch, but we caught Pearl. 

After Jr FLL 2017 at Bounce

The second weekend in March was Nithin’s birthday.  Munchkin had his teams first playoff match for basketball which they lost.  Munchkin was devastated for days.  We talked a lot about how to learn from it and how it is OK to not always be awesome.  This is a tough lesson for Munchkin.  Not sure how much headway we made.  Munchkin says that basketball will be his sport.  He improved a lot this season.

Munchkin Playoff BaskbetballMunchkin Playoff Basketball (2)Munchkin Playoff Basketball

Pearl and I made Nithin a cat cake from scratch.  This was the best I could pull off.  Pearl had her heart set on making a chocolate cat cake for her daddy. 

Birthday Cake

On Nithin’s birthday Pearl was invited to a friends science birthday which it took her a minute to warm up,  but she loved it.  The little boy had a NASA shirt on the invite so she proceeds to tell him this is a space birthday and not a science birthday. 

Friend Science BirthdayFriend Science Birthday (2)

In the afternoon for Nithin’s birthday we went to play old video games at an exhibit at a local museum for a few hours.  The kids loved it.  We went out to Nithin’s favorite burger place and then home for cake. 

Nithin Birthday Video Game (2)Nithin Birthday Video Game (3)Nithin Birthday Video GameNithin Birthday

Munchkin and Pearl have taken to performing concerts for us.  It has gotten Munchkin to practice his violin more.  Here is video of one of the songs:  Pearl sometimes does a dance, but she likes to sit right next to Munchkin while he plays. 

Munchkin ConcertMunchkin Violin Concert

Munchkin had great report card.  He improved a ton and is doing many things above average.  He wanted to go to the beach for dinner, so that is where went. 

Munchkin Report Card Dinner

Pearl wore her butterfly leotard she got for Christmas to gymnastics last week.  She loved it. 


The last weekend of March was our last non-crazy busy weekend before Easter so we blew out a bunch of eggs and had the kids die and decorate them.  Pearl made Paw Patrol ones and Munchkin did Star Wars.

Easter Eggs (5)Easter EggsEaster Eggs (3)Easter Eggs (4)Easter Eggs (2)

The last Sunday in March we went to the newer Mythbusters exhibit at Liberty Science Center.  We have never been there, it is a great museum.  Munchkin loved the Mythbusters exhibit.  They had exhibits from the show of things they built like the duct tape canoe.  They also had things you could do, like see how much more rain hits you by walking fast or slow.  Munchkin liked the one where you could pull the table cloth off a table and the dishes remained.  It was a great exhibit. 

Mythbusters Liberty ScienceMythbusters Liberty Science (2)Mythbusters Liberty Science (3)Mythbusters Liberty Science (4)Mythbusters Liberty Science (5)Mythbusters Liberty Science (6)Mythbusters Liberty Science (7)Mythbusters Liberty Science (8)Mythbusters Liberty Science (9)Mythbusters Liberty Science (10)