Mystic & Beachy Weekend

Last weekend we went and met my sister’s family and grandma and grandpa in Mystic Connecticut for the weekend.  Just prior to that we visited Pearl’s camp for visiting day.  I went to swimming and Nithin went to gymnastics.  When I went Pearl was shy and didn’t want to swim, of course.  When Nithin went she showed her stuff in the gymnastics pavilion. 

Camp Gymnastics (2)Camp GymnasticsCamp Swimming (2)Camp Swimming

Friday afternoon we picked Munchkin up from camp and headed to the Ferry to go to Connecticut. 

Mystic Ferry

Last Saturday we went to Mystic Seaport.  The kids had a really good time doing all the hands on activities.  They made boats and candles. 

Mystic SeaportMystic Seaport (2)Mystic Seaport (3)Mystic Seaport (4)Mystic Seaport (5)Mystic Seaport (6)Mystic Seaport (7)Mystic Seaport (8)

In the afternoon we went back to the hotel and took the kids to the pool.  On the way to the pool Pearl closes her finger in the big metal door.  Everything turned out fine.  Saturday evening we went to Mystic Pizza for dinner.  It was excellent

Sunday we went to Mystic Aquarium for a few hours before heading out.  Munchkin fed the stingrays. 

Mystic AquariumMystic Aquarium (2)Mystic Aquarium (3)Mystic Aquarium (4)Mystic Aquarium (5)Mystic Aquarium (6)Mystic Aquarium (7)Mystic Aquarium (8)Mystic Aquarium (9)Mystic Aquarium (10)Mystic Aquarium (11)

Mystic Aquarium Family2

Overall it was a really nice little family getaway.  The cousins had a nice time together. 

This weekend we went to the beach with the kids for the morning.  Munchkin was so excited to catch 25 hermit crabs.  Pearl just loved playing the in sand and jumping in the puddles. 

Beach See CrabsBeach 25 Hermit CrabsBeach ChocolateBeach CrabsBeach Ice Cream (2)Beach Ice Cream

Saturday evening we went out to dinner and saw the Jason Bourne movie.  It was impressive we got out.  Today we caught up on life since it was rainy all day.  Here is to a great August and rest of the summer.

Start of Summer

Another catch-up post.  On the last day of school Munchkin had his last baseball game.  The kids got their end of season award.  Munchkin had a great time and had some major improvement in his hitting skills.

Baseball TeamBaseball AwardBaseball Last GameBaseball Last Game2

The first official weekend of Summer Pearl had her camps open house.  She got to see what it is all about.  She liked it. 

Camp Open HouseCamp Bouncing

One of my friends had her 40th birthday on the beach.  Munchkin came along and played with his friends.  She is an awesome lady.

Birthday Party

In June we ate outside a lot.  Pearl requested it.  It was really nice.  Here are the kids at dinner.

Dinner Outside

For the long fourth of July weekend we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Mass.  The kids got Grandma and Grandpa to make them s’mores every day.  They loved to drive the tractor. 

G and G House SmoresG and G House (2)G and G House (3)

We went up to Amherst for the first time since we were probably married.  We drove around the UMass campus and saw how much it had changed.  There has been a lot of construction.  We made it back to where it all started, Field Dorm.  We showed it to the kids. 

UMass FieldUMass Field Dorm

We went to the Amherst College Natural History Museum, it was hidden, but pretty good.  Munchkin loved all the fossils.  Pearl liked the big purple rock.

Amherst Natural History MuseumAmherst Natural History Museum (2)Amherst Natural History Museum (3)Amherst Natural History Museum (4)Amherst Natural History Museum (5)Amherst Natural History Museum (6)Amherst Natural History Museum (7)

Nithin and I went back to the spot we were married.  It was kinda sad to see how downhill the rose garden has gotten. 

Stanley Park

We went up the mountain to get ice cream and visit the petting zoo.  The kids loved it.  Munchkin found yarn there and asked me to make him a sweater for the first time in years. 

Petting FarmPetting Farm (2)Petting Farm (3)Petting Farm Ice Cream (2)Petting Farm Ice Cream

Munchkin stayed with Grandma and Grandpa for the week and had lots of fun adventures.  Pearl was an only child for a week.  During that week I tweeked my back so we had to take it easy this weekend.  We didn’t really get to do anything special with Pearl while she was an only child during the week so Saturday morning before Munchkin got home we went rasberry picking.  She loved it. 

Berry Picking (2)Berry Picking (3)Berry Picking (4)Berry Picking (5)Berry Picking (6)Berry Picking

Munchkin had a weekend of parties.  Saturday he had a block party. 

Block Party

Then Sunday he had two birthday parties. 

The weekend after that we just went to the beach and pool. Everyone in the family had a cold so we stayed low. 

Beach Babe2Beach Babe

Munchkin went to rocket camp, baseball camp, and mission to Mars camp so far.  Pearl goes to camp part day with different activities, but every day they swim.  Pearl says she likes zip lining, gymnastics and swimming. 

End of School & Anniversary

Wow!  I am horribly remiss in publishing this post.  We are about a third of the way through summer and I didn’t do this end of school year post.  So here it goes.

Munchkin had his last field day at his elementary school.  He will be moving to the next elementary school across the street.  I love these pictures of your child doing the silliest things.  This years theme was the olympics. 

Munchkin 2nd Grade Field Day (2)Munchkin 2nd Grade Field Day (3)Munchkin 2nd Grade Field Day (4)Munchkin 2nd Grade Field Day (5)Munchkin 2nd Grade Field Day (6)Munchkin 2nd Grade Field Day (7)Munchkin 2nd Grade Field Day

Pearl had her second to last art class in June.  She really loved creating things.

Pearl Art ClassPearl Art Class (2)

June 12th we celebrated 17 years of marriage.  We went out for Japanese dinner and to see the Book of Mormon. 

Anniversary FlowersAnniversary Book of Mormon

Almost every day Munchkin goes to our local boys and girls club.  At the end of the year they have an award ceremony.  Munchkin won an award for participating in the art room.  He was so proud. 

Munchkin Banquet of ChampionsMunchkin Banquet of Champions (2)

Pearl is also transitioning to go to a different camp and school.  We really loved where she went for the past two years, but it just didn’t work out for her last two years of pre-school.  We were so sad to leave her friends from the past two years.  This was a picture of her graduation ceremony. 

Pearl Last Day FriendsPearl Last Day Friends (2)Pearl Last Day Friends (3)Pearl Last Day Friends (4)Pearl Last Day Friends (5)Pearl Last Day Friends (7)Pearl Last Day Friends (8)Pearl Last Day Friends (9)

Pearl’s last art class.

Last Art Class

My friend Erin got married.  She did an amazing job pulling everything together.  It all looked so professional.  Her wedding was on Knit in public day so of course we had to knit during the reception.  I finished my father’s day hat for the next day.  It was so nice to have us all together.  Love these ladies. 

Erins Wedding

Erin Wedding KnittingErins Wedding (2)Erins Wedding Knit Girls

For Father’s day we went to the Strand book shop, Max Brenner chocolate for lunch and then the Math Museum.  A perfect day for Nithin.  We had Max Brenner’s chocolate pizza which was amazing.  The kids loved the museum.

Fathers Day StrandFathers Day Chocolate PizzaFathers Day Max BrennerFathers Day ChocolateFathers Day Math Museum (2)Fathers Day Math Museum (3)Fathers Day Math Museum (4)Fathers Day Math Museum (5)Fathers Day Math Museum (6)Fathers Day Math Museum (7)Fathers Day Math Museum

The kids ended the school year with a lot of accomplishments.  Munchkin is reading chapter books, played basketball, and has gained a love for art.  He is turning into a nice young man who thinks he is a teenager.  Pearl is potty trained!  Pearl still doesn’t sleep through the night most nights and isn’t great at eating, but she is turning into a fun little girl who’s favorite word is no.  Pearl loves to paint and do arts and bake in the kitchen. 

Here is the kids on the last day of school:

2016 Last Day of School

Harrisville & Squam

The first weekend in June I left on Wed. and drove up to Squam Lake.  I stopped off at Harrisville along the way.  I had read a book on Harrisville and wanted to visit for years.  I met my friend there and we met at the shop to take a tour of the factory.  The factory was pretty large.


Here is the fiber already died.  They combine the pre-died fibers to make multiple colors. 

Harrisville (2)Harrisville (3)Harrisville (4)

This is the machine they put fiber in to clean out. 

Harrisville (5)Harrisville (6)

This is the machine they use to combine and comb the fiber.Harrisville (7)Harrisville (8)

This is the output of the combing machine.  This machine takes up most of the building.

Harrisville (9)Harrisville (10)

Then just one strand comes out.

Harrisville (11)Harrisville (12)

These get twisted and combined into yarn. 

Harrisville (13)Harrisville (14)Harrisville (15)Harrisville (16)

Wednesday night I finally made it up to camp.  It was a knitters/crafters paradise.  I took a rug hooking class and a sock class.  Both were good.  I took yoga classes twice.  I ended up being in a cabin with 4 other awesome ladies.  We had a nice and relaxing time together.  It was amazing.  The whole atmosphere was just so nice, chill and organic.  I even got out on the lake to go kayaking. 

SquamSquam (2)Squam (3)Squam (4)Squam (5)Squam (6)Squam IceSquam Rug HookingSquam View from Cottage

Check-ups, Memorial Day & June Begins

Both kids went in for their 8 and 3 year old check-ups.  Somehow we missed taking Pearl when she turned 3.  So here are their stats:

Munchkin: Height 54.7 inches (95%) and 64.56lbs (75%)

Pearl: Height 40 inches (75%) and weight 33.5 (50%)

The doctor told Nithin that he will be over 6ft 3inches when he is done growing.  He will be off the chart.  That is our boy.

Memorial Day weekend was started off with Munchkin’s school having a program at school.  It was our last memorial day at this school.  Munchkin moves to the school across the street next year.  It was cute. 

Munchkin Memorial Day ProgramMunchkin Memorial Day Program (2)

Munchkin Memorial Day Program (3)

Munchkin had a baseball game as normal.  He doing a lot better.  We chilled out the rest of the weekend.  I packed for my trip the following weekend and had to do some work. 

Munchkin Baseball Memorial Day WeekendMunchkin Baseball Memorial Day Weekend (2)

The week after Memorial Day Munchkin had a field trip and learned about our town.  I left on Wed. for New Hampshere and Squam Lake.  Nithin’s parents came down for the long weekend to help out while I was away. 

Over the first weekend in June all the normal things happened with Nithin, his parents and the kids.  Pearl had art class which she totally loves and Munchkin had baseball

Pearl Art ClassMunchkin BaseballPearl Art Class (2)

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Munchkin is the student of the month at the club that he goes to after school.  So proud.

Munchkin Student of the Month at Club

Baseball practice this week was nice for a little bit and then it started to rain for the second half.  Pearl and I spent a little bit of time on the playground and the rest of the time in the car. 

Baseball Slide

Saturday we were back to art class.  Pearl painted with string.  She just loves to paint. 

Art Class May 21 (2)Art Class May 21

Munchkin had baseball.  He got on base. 

Baseball May 21 (2)Baseball May 21

Saturday late afternoon we went to our very first professional baseball game in NY.  We chose to go to a Mets game since it is so much closer to our house.  We got there just as the game started, but it took a while to find our seats.  We had seats in the very last row at the top.  We were only there for maybe 4 innings though.  We ate stadium food for dinner.  Munchkin got a hat.  Pearl only had to be taken out for a walk once.  We walked around the stadium and headed home before all the traffic.  It was a nice outing and a new experience for Munchkin. 

Mets Game (2)Mets Game (3)Mets Game (4)Mets Game (5)Mets Game

Today we went shopping and did things around the house.  Pearl got to have art class in the back yard. 

Art Class in the BackyardArt Class in the Back Yard

Munchkin actually practiced his baseball a little in the back yard. 

Pearl is still doing pretty well in her underwear. 

Baseball, Art, and Ice

Two weeks ago Munchkin and I spent a lovely Saturday morning at the beach getting his teams baseball pictures.  Then later in the morning we were at an ice rink for a friends birthday.  This weekend Munchkin and I went and used his Target gift card to buy a remote control BB-8, it is pretty cool.

Baseball PicturesIce Skating BirthdayIce Skating Birthday (2)

While we were out and about Pearl and Nithin went to art class.  Pearl asks every day to go to art class, she loves it so much. 

Art Class with Dad (2)Art Class with Dad (3)Art Class with Dad

This weekend we tried to keep it all low key as we wanted to try to follow through on potty training Pearl.  Here is a picture of Pearl going to school in underwear.  She made it through all week doing a really good job with only a few accidents.  Other than while sleeping she has been wearing underwear during the day.  We have hit a milestone!

School in Underwear