October Catch-up

The second to last weekend of October Pearl had a birthday party for a school friend at a local farm.  She loved feeding the animals.  She was one of the first to go up and get food.  She told the little boy’s mom that this was the best party. 

Farm Party Horse RideFarm Party BunnyFarm Party Feeding Sheep]

At the farm we picked up apples to make apple pancakes and an apple pie. 

On Sunday the week before Diwalli we went to an event at the local children’s museum.  They had special art projects that were special for the Diwalli holiday.  It was really special.

Diwalli at Children's MuseumDiwalli at Children's Museum (2)Diwalli at Children's Museum (3)Diwalli at Children's Museum (4)

Baby Tyler and Pearl wore their matching PJs. 

Matching PJs

In preparation for Halloween the weekend prior Munchkin had his first school dance called the the Halloween Hullabaloo.  There were much too many kids.  Munchkin had a great time.  He didn’t want to go to the dance, he just wanted to go and help setup.  After setting up he was interested in going.  Munchkin was a rebel storm trooper.  He was pretty set about being a storm trooper. 

Halloween Hullabaloo (2)Halloween Hullabaloo

Pearl has gymnastics on Saturday morning.  She loves it, but there is a two way mirror so it is impossible to take a picture.  While Nithin was at gymnastics Munchkin and I went to the children’s museum with Munchkin’s Lego group.  We were learning about animals they had and their habitats.  We also saw the bee hive they have in the wall there.  The guy who takes care of the animals at the children’s museum was great with the boys.  They sat there and listened to him and asked questions for almost an hour. 

Childrens Museum Animals (2)Childrens Museum Animals

Saturday night before Halloween we went and saw Rise of the Jack O’Lantern’s.  The kids loved it.  I was a little worried Pearl wouldn’t like the dark and lights, but she liked it the most.

Rise of JackolanternRise of Jackolantern (2)Rise of Jackolantern Paw PatrolRise of Jackolantern Star Wars

Sunday for lunch we went out to get dosa for Diwalli.  Munchkin had a birthday party where they played bubble soccer.  It was an unusually hot day so Munchkin didn’t last long in the bubble. 

Diwalli LunchBubble SoccerBubble Soccer Birthday

For Halloween I made pudding dirt cups with ghost Peeps and pumpkins.  They were pretty tasty per the kids.  I also made worms from strawberry Jell-O and ground up Oreo’s.  It looked so realistic and tasted really good.

Halloween WormsHalloween Class Treat

On Halloween Pearl had a parade and party at school.  Pearl was Kikki from the Kikki’s Delivery Service movie.  She loves the movie and wouldn’t wear or choose a costume.  So we figured this costume was close to normal clothes so she wouldn’t fight us on it. 

W School Halloween ParadeW School Halloween Parade (2)W School Halloween Parade (3)W School Halloween Parade (4)W School Halloween Parade (5)W School Halloween Parade (6)

In the afternoon I went to Munchkin’s class and we made magic wands. 

Halloween in R Class

On Halloween the kids went out with Nithin and did a few blocks.  They didn’t want to go for a really long time.  It was a nice non-crazy Halloween. 

Halloween Trick or Treat



October is the Busiest Month

Between all the festivals it feels like October is the busiest time of the year.  Just before October started Munchkin had open house at his new school.  This was Munchkins desk.  He now has a desk and doesn’t sit at a table. 

Back to School Night

The first weekend in Oct. we went to Maker Fair.  We were still getting over being sick so we didn’t stay as long as we would have.  We did get to all the kids section.  Our kids really loved making reverse parachutes out of plastic bags and a pinball machine.  Pearl made a brushbot she raced. 

Maker FaireMaker Faire (2)Maker Faire (3)Maker Faire (4)Maker Faire (5)Maker Faire (6)

The kids were off Monday and Tuesday for Jewish holidays so Nithin worked from home.  He took them to the library one day to 3D print.  The Maker bot even moves, it was pretty cool.  Each kid was really pleased with their print.

3D Printing (2)3d Printing

The second weekend in October we went up to Mass. to visit Nithin’s family.  The kids loved hanging out with their cousins.  Munchkin slept over his cousins.  Pearl let her aunt hang out with her so Nithin and I could go out.  We had cake for Aja’s birthday.  Pearl told us it was her birthday and she was taking over.  She blew out the candles for Aja.  It was cute.  Now she wants her birhday every day. 

Aja BirthdayAja Birthday (2)Aja Birthday (3)Aja Birthday (4)Aja Birthday Cut Cake

The kids had another Jewish holiday off on Wednesday so Grandma and Grandpa came to take care of them.  They went and picked pumpkins and did a corn maze.  Munchkin made pumpkin seeds.  I had a filling come out and had to wait 1.5 days to get to the dentist.  I then needed an overlay so my parents got to come and see how the dentist makes crowns on site.  It was cool.

On Saturday of the third weekend of Oct it was super busy.  Munchkin and Pearl didn’t want to go to Oyster Fest.  So we went to gymnastics, rode bikes, and went to the playground.  Munchkin and his friend were so good at taking care of Pearl at the playground. 

Fiber Optic ProjectBiker KidsPlayground

On Sunday Nithin took the kids to an event at Pearl’s school and a Diwalli festival locally. 

Diwalli Festival (2)Diwalli Festival (3)Diwalli Festival (4)Diwalli FestivalFall Fest (2)Fall Fest (3)Fall Fest (4)Fall Fest

I went off with a couple friends to the NY Sheep and Wool Festival.  It was nice to just wander the festival with no real needs.  I bought very little yarn and a few other things.  I brought home a sheep for your lawn.  I texted Nithin I bought a sheep and he wasn’t phased.  I haven’t been knitting a lot so seeing everything was kinda overwhelming surprisingly. 

Sheep and WoolSheep and Wool ParadeSheep and Wool (2)

I brought the kids home cake balls so we had Pearl’s birthday party again.  I think that was a total of three times over the weekend.  We have another boy from classes birthday this weekend, lets see how she handles it. 

Birthday Again (2)Birthday Again

September Adventures

Again playing catch-up…  The kids love their teachers and school is going well for both of them.

The 3rd weekend of Sept. we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for the first weekend of the Big E.  All of us had been through a cold with me being the last one.  We weren’t up to a full day of adventure so we stayed for a few hours.  We did the state buildings where the kids found the Lego section in Connecticut where they could make a section of a mural in Lego.  Munchkin did some jumping and did a flip.  Munchkin played a shooting game against Nithin which Nithin won; and then against Grandpa which Grandpa lost.  Poor Grandpa, who knew he was such a bad shooter.  Smile  Then we ended the day on the big slide. 

Big E Jump (2)Big E JumpBig E Lego (2)Big E LegoBig E Slide (2)Big E Slide

Uncle John came over and met Pearl for the first time and spent the night.  We had a nice dinner and of course made s’mores for the kids. 

Smores at Grandpas

I took this picture as we left.  My parents are putting the house that I grew up in on the market and moving south.  So sad.

Childhood Home

The last week of Sept. I ran the book fair at Munchkin’s school so spent most days partially at work and partially at school.  Busy week.  Then the last weekend of Sept. my college roommate and her family came.  Her oldest son wanted to go to the Statue of Liberty and climb to the top.  The big kids climbed to the top with the dads and the moms stayed down with the little kids.  Munchkin was a little scared, but he did it!  Nithin was at the tale end of a cold so I was pretty shocked he pulled it together to do the climb.  The tickets are in your name for the climb portion so he had to go. 

Statue of LibertyStatue of Liberty (2)Statue of Liberty (3)Statue of Liberty (4)Statue of Liberty (5)Statue of Liberty (6)Statue of Liberty ClimbStatue of Liberty ClimbersStatue of Liberty CrownStatue of Liberty View

After the statue the boys went to see the Ghostbusters fire house. 


We always love a visit from our friends.  It is really nice the kids are to the age that they can all go play and the adults can chill and chat. 

We had a busy Sept. and now have plans most weekends in Oct.  Such a busy time of year. 

Seattle Vacation

My life is catch-up these days.  The last week in August, first week of September we went back to Seattle for a week of vacation.  Of course I had to throw out my back the Tuesday before.  We made it though.  We were just more relaxed about how much we did.  We hasn’t been back to Seattle in 4 years, right before Pearl.  It was so nice to see friends and all the places we loved.  We ate so well. 

Here is the album of all our pictures: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ao_EFQ4GnUQtguEA4snXQRbrYkLsxA

We took a late afternoon flight which got us to Seattle at 11pm.  Pearl wouldn’t fall asleep on the plane and when we landed she lost it and wouldn’t get off the plane.  She was one of “those” kids. 

Seattle1 Airport

The first full day in Seattle we went to the aquarium in the morning.  I love that aquarium.  The sea otters are my favorite.  The kids really liked the octopus.

Seattle 2 Aquarium (4)Seattle 2 Aquarium (7)Seattle 2 Aquarium (9)

On Sunday afternoon we went over my friends house and saw a bunch of our friends.  It was so awesome to have our kids meet and play and catch-up. 

Monday we went to the Chihully museum.  It was amazing.

Seattle 3 Chihully (2)Seattle 3 Chihully (3)Seattle 3 Chihully (6)Seattle 3 Chihully (9)

After we went to the top of the space needle and had lunch. 

Seattle 3 Space Needle (3)Seattle 3 Space Needle (5)Seattle 3 Space Needle (6)Seattle 3 Space Needle (9)

Munchkin made us go and get his picture taken with Darth Vader and the Storm Trooper. 

Seattle 3 Space Needle (8)

Monday afternoon we went to the Lego exhibit at the Pacific Science Center.  It was so amazing.  All of this was done by one guy. 

Seattle 3 Pacific Science Lego (4)Seattle 3 Pacific Science Lego (7)Seattle 3 Pacific Science Lego (8)Seattle 3 Pacific Science Lego (9)Seattle 3 Pacific Science Lego (10)Seattle 3 Pacific Science

On Tuesday we went to Ballard.  We went to the lock, to downtown Ballard, to Ray’s for lunch and then to Archie McPhee’s.  Munchkin loved it.  He wanted his picture taken.

Seattle 4 Ballard Locks (2)Seattle 4 Ballard (3)Seattle 4 Ballard (4)Seattle 4 Ballard (6)

Seattle 4 Archie McPhee

We also drove by our first house.

Seattle 4 Our House

On Wednesday we went to the Fremont Troll and then downtown to Pike Place market for the morning and then went to Uwajamai for lunch and shopping.  I love that store. 

Seattle 5 Troll (2)Seattle 5 Troll (3)Seattle 6 Pike Market

Wednesday night Pearl got sick.  Munchkin slept through the whole thing.  Nithin was out with friends.  It was fun. 

Thursday we went to the Museum of Flight.

Seattle 6 Museum of Flight (2)Seattle 6 Museum of Flight (3)Seattle 6 Museum of FlightSeattle 7 Boeing

Friday we went to Boeing to see planes be made.  It was amazing.  The building was crazy being the largest in the world.  They put together one to two planes on average a day.  It is truly impressive.  I couldn’t handle them encouraging Munchkin to work at Boeing so we went to the Microsoft museum to brainwash Munchkin in the right way.  Smile 

Seattle 7 Microsoft Museum (2)Seattle 7 Microsoft Museum (3)Seattle 6 Microsoft Museum

On our last day we flew out on a red eye.  During the day we went to the zoo with our good friend.  We saw this monkey poop and then eat it.  This memory is burnt in my brain.

Seattle 7 ZooSeattle 7 Zoo (3)Seattle 7 Zoo (2)

A hurricane was heading by NY on Sunday afternoon.  We landed Sunday morning.  Just in time.  Events were canceled across the island.  The news played up the hurricane a lot.  I was so worried, but all turned out fine.  It was a great trip.  The kids put up a fight to go for the first time ever, but they had a great time. 

We got ready for school on Memorial day and the kids went to school the next day. 

First Days of School

Before starting school the kids wanted to make a cake so they made a donut cake.

Kids Donut Cake

This week Munchkin started school on Tuesday.  He was ready to start 3rd grade at a new school.  He is just going to the other elementary school across the street from his previous school.  Pearl had orientation on Tuesday for her new school

Munchkin First Day 2016Munchkin First Day Bus

Wednesday Pearl started school  She goes to school on the bus and gets brought home by her teacher or we come get her.  She loved school and the bus. 

First Day of School 2016Pearl First DayPearl First Day BusPearl First Day Bus (2)

This is Pearl getting picked-up.

First Day Complete

This weekend we went to Coney Island.  We started off at the aquarium, then walked the boardwalk, at lunch at Nathan’s and went to Luna amusement park.  The aquarium is still rebuilding from Sandy.  The beach and boardwalk looks beautiful. 

Coney Island Aquarium (2)Coney Island Aquarium

Coney Island

During lunch we left our diaper bag in the stroller and a guy who was not quite right come by and take it.  People around us called our attention to it and Nithin went running after him. 

Nithin and I went out on a date to see the movie Sully.  It was pretty good.  Sully is an amazing guy.  The rest of the weekend was spent getting ready for school events or just catching up. 

Last Half of Summer

August was a busy month with events, knitting Olympics and vacation, so I am catching-up.  The last weekend of July we went to the beach.  Munchkin is now the official crab hunter.  He finds hermit crabs like a champ.  Pearl loves the sand and rocks at the beach. 

SwingingBeach 25 Hermit CrabsBeach ChocolateBeach Crab KidsBeach Crabs (2)Beach CrabsBeach Ice Cream (2)Beach Ice Cream BabyBeach Ice CreamBeach Seaweed

The first week of August Munchkin went to a camp to make an underwater robot.  The camp spent the last day at the Webb Institute which is a college for students who want to be naval architects.  They have a tank that simulates weather conditions for boats and the kids robots.  It was an awesome place. 

Webb Institute SubmarineWebb Institute Submarine (2)Webb Institute Submarine (3)Webb Institute Submarine (4)Webb Institute Submarine (5)Webb Institute Submarine (6)Webb Institute Submarine (7)Webb Institute Submarine (8)Webb Institute Submarine (9)Webb Institute Submarine (10)

The first weekend of August we went to the beach again.  Munchkin found more hermit crabs.  It was the knitting Olympics this week so I was at the beach knitting. 

Beach Crab SeeBeach Burried Baby

Baby Pearl is now fully potty trained so her reward was a big Hershey Kiss.  She loved it. 

Potty Training Kiss

Pearl had super hero day at camp so we got her a Wonder Woman shirt and she had to wear her Paw Patrol hat. 

Super Hero Day

Munchkin went to survival camp where he made is own candle. 

Candle Made at Camp

The second weekend of August we did some fun things.  Pearl and I went to get our toes done.  Pearl was watching everything they did.  She liked it, but didn’t want to go back.  She showed everyone her toes for days, she was so proud. 

Pretty Toes (2)Pretty Toes

Then on Sunday we went into the city for the afternoon and went to the Lego store for Munchkin and the American Girl store for me and Pearl. 

Lego Store

Pearl loved playing in the Wellie doll section of the store.  We got a new outfit for her and her baby Tyler, it is cat pajamas

American Girl Store (2)American Girl Store (3)American Girl Store

We went to afternoon tea at the American Girl Doll store.  Pearl loved all the things and detail, but didn’t want to eat.  She organized her foot and put flags in it all.  She loved it though.  Munchkin even liked it. 

American Girl Tea (2)American Girl Tea (3)American Girl Tea (4)American Girl Tea (5)American Girl Tea (6)American Girl Tea (7)American Girl Tea (9)American Girl Tea

The third weekend of August we had my birthday.  Pearl wanted to make my cake.  She did a great job.  She went to the store and bought the cake mix and frosting she wanted. 

Birthday CakeBirthday Cake (2)Birthday Cake Making

We went to my company picnic and packed for our vacation the following weekend. 

Swimming at Sams

The last week of August we went to Seattle.  Post coming soon. 

Mystic & Beachy Weekend

Last weekend we went and met my sister’s family and grandma and grandpa in Mystic Connecticut for the weekend.  Just prior to that we visited Pearl’s camp for visiting day.  I went to swimming and Nithin went to gymnastics.  When I went Pearl was shy and didn’t want to swim, of course.  When Nithin went she showed her stuff in the gymnastics pavilion. 

Camp Gymnastics (2)Camp GymnasticsCamp Swimming (2)Camp Swimming

Friday afternoon we picked Munchkin up from camp and headed to the Ferry to go to Connecticut. 

Mystic Ferry

Last Saturday we went to Mystic Seaport.  The kids had a really good time doing all the hands on activities.  They made boats and candles. 

Mystic SeaportMystic Seaport (2)Mystic Seaport (3)Mystic Seaport (4)Mystic Seaport (5)Mystic Seaport (6)Mystic Seaport (7)Mystic Seaport (8)

In the afternoon we went back to the hotel and took the kids to the pool.  On the way to the pool Pearl closes her finger in the big metal door.  Everything turned out fine.  Saturday evening we went to Mystic Pizza for dinner.  It was excellent

Sunday we went to Mystic Aquarium for a few hours before heading out.  Munchkin fed the stingrays. 

Mystic AquariumMystic Aquarium (2)Mystic Aquarium (3)Mystic Aquarium (4)Mystic Aquarium (5)Mystic Aquarium (6)Mystic Aquarium (7)Mystic Aquarium (8)Mystic Aquarium (9)Mystic Aquarium (10)Mystic Aquarium (11)

Mystic Aquarium Family2

Overall it was a really nice little family getaway.  The cousins had a nice time together. 

This weekend we went to the beach with the kids for the morning.  Munchkin was so excited to catch 25 hermit crabs.  Pearl just loved playing the in sand and jumping in the puddles. 

Beach See CrabsBeach 25 Hermit CrabsBeach ChocolateBeach CrabsBeach Ice Cream (2)Beach Ice Cream

Saturday evening we went out to dinner and saw the Jason Bourne movie.  It was impressive we got out.  Today we caught up on life since it was rainy all day.  Here is to a great August and rest of the summer.