March–Snow, Basketball, Birthday

Our first week back from India was tough.  We were up really early in the morning for about a week.  Having the first weened back being daylight savings really helped.  Our first week back we got a snowstorm.  Pearl liked to go out to help.  I actually caught Munchkin playing a computer game about shoveling snow rather than going out and helping to shovel the real snow.  Munchkin had his playoffs for basketball.

March Snow HelperBasketball PlayoffBasketball Playoff2



For Nithin’s birthday weekend we took him to the Cradle of Aviation to go to the last weekend of the retro video game exhibit.  Nithin and the kids love it.

Boy and CatCradle of AviationCradle of Aviation2Cradle of Aviation3Cradle of Aviation GamesCradle of Aviation Games2Cradle of Aviation Games3

Pearl and I made Nithin a cupcake cake.

N Birthday DinnerN Birthday Dinner2N Birthday CakeN Birthday Cake2

Pearl had her pre-K class pictures.  We did two French braids for her hair.  She loved it.

Picture DayPicture Day2

We received our new couch that we had designed.  For St. Patrick’s day I made an Irish crème bundt cake for a pot luck.  I also finished my Taj Shawl of course when we are back from India.  Pearl has taken to loving to ride her bike with the training wheels.

New CouchIrish Bundt CakeTaj ShawlBiker Girl 2Biker Training

Munchkin has his first NYSMA experience.  He did really well and won a medal for her performance.

Nysma Violin

One of Nithin’s birthday present was a Lego Saturn rocket.  He and the kids spent a lot of time building.

Saturn Rocket BuildSaturn Rocket Build2Saturn Rocket Build4Saturn Rocket Build3Saturn Rocket Build6Saturn Rocket Build5

We had a few more snow storms.

Snow Kids

Snow GirlSnow Girl2Snow Girl3Snow FortSnow Fort2


Our town had our local egg hunt that we had to be indoors because of the snow and cold.  This year both kids did the hunt.  Last year Munchkin didn’t want to do it.  I think this year is his last one.

Easter Egg HuntEaster Egg Hunt2Easter Egg Hunt3Easter Egg Hunt4Easter Egg Hunt5Easter Egg Hunt6Easter Egg Hunt7

For a good report card we took the kids out to hibachi.



First Trip to India

For the second half of February, one week of February break and one week of school, we took the kids and went to India.  Nithin’s parents joined us for the trip and then stayed for an additional month.  This was our first trip to India and so eye opening.  Munchkin is 9 and Pearl is 5 for our trip.  All of our pictures taking by all members of our family are here:!Ao_EFQ4GnUQtg9pIUlQEUMM5GCozEA  Here is an overview of our trip…

The day before our trip I went to the urgent care doctor because I thought I was getting the flu.  It turns out I had a stomach bug before our trip.

February 16th we started off on our trip in the afternoon on a 16 hour flight to Dubai.  We then had a 3 hour flight to Dehli.  The entertainment system on the flight was a lifesaver.  The kids loved watching movies for so many hours.  Pearl required laying down horizontally on the flight, which was tough.  So her sleeping was pretty sporadic, waking up every few minutes to cry.  So we didn’t get much sleep.  We landed in Delhi in the late evening and spent a while to get to the hotel because the streets were closed a few feet in front of us for political dignitaries to pass.  We got to our hotel pretty late at night, ordered room service and went to bed.

2018 India Day 1 Flight (2)2018 India Day 1 Flight

On our Day 2, or first full day in Delhi, we met our driver Yeshpal.  Yeshpal was with us for over a week of our trip.  Yeshpal brought us to Old Delhi.  It was pretty jarring having our first experience in India being the most congested and unorganized place.  There were people everywhere.  I like this picture because it was so surprising how the electricity wasn’t organized.

2018 India Day 2 Old Delhi

We parked on the side of the road with other busses and walked up this pyramid of stairs to the oldest mosque.  It was pretty large and very pretty.  This was our first experience with entry fees.  I assumed they say X and you pay it.  So I stepped up and paid the fee for everyone.  At future sites my mother-in-law handled these things.  There was a mistake with our guide and they didn’t show up the first day.  Yeshpal was to the rescue, he was very sweet and took care of us.

2018 India Day 2 Mosque (2)2018 India Day 2 Mosque

We went to another part of Old Delhi and got two rickshaw’s to take us to the Red Fort.

2018 India Day 2 Delhi Rickshaw2018 India Day 2 Red Fort22018 India Day 2 Red Fort4

We went our for lunch at a very American restaurant above a Lexus dealership.  For the afternoon we had had enough of crowds of people so we went to the national museum.  The museum had a lot of great art and artifacts.  It was pretty interesting how for the national museum you could see how there were not alarms on things and the cases that housed the artifacts needed repair.

2018 India Day 2 National Museum2018 India Day 2 National Museum32018 India Day 2 National Museum62018 India Day 2 National Museum9

At the end of the day we were exhausted, but that didn’t stop the kids from wanting to go to the rooftop pool of the hotel.

On Day 3, we met our guide at the Gate of India and headed to a famous Hindu temple, Birla Mandir TempleWhen you go there is an entrance for foreigners which has a guard to watch your shoes and lockers for your valuables.  For normal people there are shelves for your shoes on the street.  It was pretty interesting and I learned more about the Hindu religion.  We learned about some of the rituals that happen at the temple and how the Hindu’s give respect to the other religions based off of Hinduism.  We had a blessing and walked around to see much of the temple.  This temple is one which Gandhi visited.

2018 India Day 4 India Gate2018 India Day 3 Birla Mandir Temple2018 India Day 3 Birla Mandir Temple2

Later in the morning we went to Raj Ghat.  This is a memorial park for Gandhi.  They have some really nice designs in flowers with a beautiful memorial.

2018 India Day 3 Raj Ghat Family22018 India Day 3 Raj Ghat2018 India Day 3 Raj Ghat (2)

We went back to the hotel for lunch and went to outside of Delhi to the architectural park, Qutab Minar.  This is an park that a mungal emperor built large monuments to his achievements.  Many of the architecture pieces were from Hindu temples and Islamic.

2018 India Day 3 Qutab Minar Family2018 India Day 3 Qutab Minar22018 India Day 3 Qutab Minar42018 India Day 3 Qutab Minar52018 India Day 3 Qutab Minar62018 India Day 3 Qutab Minar82018 India Day 3 Qutab Minar9

On Day 4, we went to the Gandhi museum.  When we got there a bunch of school kids were waiting outside.  They were fascinated by us.  The Gandhi museum was very moving to see where he stayed and artifacts.  It was so minimal.  You can see his spinning wheel.  In the gift shop they sold clothe that were hand spun and woven, Nithin and his dad got a shirt.  This is the place where Gandhi was shot.

2018 India Day 4 Gandhi Museum2018 India Day 4 Gandhi Museum32018 India Day 4 Gandhi Museum42018 India Day 4 Gandhi Museum52018 India Day 4 Gandhi Museum82018 India Day 4 Gandhi Museum9

After we went to the craft museum.  They had a special museum with lots of fabric, buildings, and paintings.  Here are some of my favorites.

2018 India Day 4 Craft Museum22018 India Day 4 Craft Museum32018 India Day 4 Craft Museum14 (2)2018 India Day 4 Craft Museum52018 India Day 4 Craft Museum62018 India Day 4 Craft Museum72018 India Day 4 Craft Museum92018 India Day 4 Craft Museum102018 India Day 4 Craft Museum122018 India Day 4 Craft Museum13

On Day 5 we headed out of Delhi to Agra.  It was about 5 hours for 144 miles.  We only stopped quickly at one rest stop where we saw our first Starbucks.  There was a lot of farming and animals along the way.  We saw a ton of round patties which ended up being poo which is shaped and left to dry to be used as fuel later.

2018 India Day 5 Drive to Agra2018 India Day 5 Drive to Agra22018 India Day 5 Drive to Agra (2)

Our hotel in Agra was very nice.  They had a little tower so you could see the Taj Mahal from the hotel.  We went there for sunset but didn’t see much other than grey from the smog.  Both Dehli and Agra had horrible smog.  Agra as we were driving in looked disorganized and poor.

On Day 6 we went to the Taj Mahal first thing in the morning to miss the crowds.

2018 India Day 6 Taj Family2018 India Day 6 Taj Family22018 India Day 6 Taj Parents2018 India Day 6 Taj Mahal

2018 India Day 6 Taj Mahal22018 India Day 6 Taj Mahal32018 India Day 6 Taj Mahal5

2018 India Day 6 Taj Mahal72018 India Day 6 Taj Mahal82018 India Day 6 Taj Mahal12

2018 India Day 6 Taj Mahal132018 India Day 6 Taj Mahal152018 India Day 6 Taj Mahal16

2018 India Day 6 Taj Mahal172018 India Day 6 Taj Mahal292018 India Day 6 Taj Mahal27

2018 India Day 6 Taj Mahal302018 India Day 6 Taj Mahal19

In the afternoon we went to the red fort in Agra.  It was huge, gorgeous and very different.  There was so many different nooks and crannies there.  From the fort you can see the Taj Mahal.  This was Munchkin’s very favorite place the whole trip until he went to Aja’s college in Mumbai.

2018 India Day 6 Red Fort2018 India Day 6 Red Fort22018 India Day 6 Red Fort32018 India Day 6 Red Fort42018 India Day 6 Red Fort82018 India Day 6 Red Fort102018 India Day 6 Red Fort122018 India Day 6 Red Fort142018 India Day 6 Red Fort162018 India Day 6 Red Fort172018 India Day 6 Red Fort182018 India Day 6 Red Fort192018 India Day 6 Red Fort20

On Day 7 we drove from Agra to Jaipur.  This was an all day drive, about 8 hours.  On this drive this highway had one lane, animals and speed bumps.

2018 India Day 7 Travel to Jaipur (2)2018 India Day 7 Travel to Jaipur Camels2018 India Day 7 Travel to Jaipur

We stopped once and then stopped to see this “well”.  I guess every temple has a well to give water.  This one is amazing.  It is called Chand Baori and I guess it was in some Batman movie or something.

2018 India Day 7 Chand Baori2018 India Day 7 Chand Baori32018 India Day 7 Chand Baori52018 India Day 7 Chand Baori6

We got to our hotel in time to have dinner and enjoy the local show with dancers and musician.  The musician let R play his instrument which was super cool.  Pearl and I had some mehndi done too.

2018 India Day 7 Henna (2)2018 India Day 7 Henna2018 India Day 7 Hotel (2)2018 India Day 7 Hotel2018 India Day 7 Jaipur Hotel2

On Day 8, our first in Jaipur, we started off at the Red Fort.  Nithin and Munchkin rode up to the top of the hill on an elephant.  The rest of us took a jeep up to the top.  Believe it or not the elephant beat us to the top by about 20 minutes.  The fort and its grounds were amazing.  It was a bit smaller than the fort in Agra though.

2018 India Day 8 Amber Fort32018 India Day 8 Amber Fort52018 India Day 8 Amber Fort312018 India Day 8 Amber Fort282018 India Day 8 Amber Fort332018 India Day 8 Amber Fort322018 India Day 8 Amber Fort72018 India Day 8 Amber Fort92018 India Day 8 Amber Fort102018 India Day 8 Amber Fort112018 India Day 8 Amber Fort122018 India Day 8 Amber Fort152018 India Day 8 Amber Fort162018 India Day 8 Amber Fort182018 India Day 8 Amber Fort192018 India Day 8 Amber Fort202018 India Day 8 Amber Fort212018 India Day 8 Amber Fort222018 India Day 8 Amber Fort232018 India Day 8 Amber Fort252018 India Day 8 Amber Fort262018 India Day 8 Amber Fort34

We drove back through Jaipur and stopped at the floating palace.  It is supposedly abandoned.  Jaipur is a beautiful city that is on the smaller side and known for their crafts.

2018 India Day 8 Jaipur (2)

We went out to eat for lunch and had a pretty horrible lunch.  We were all tired and decided to hit a government craft shop (4 stories of different crafts) and then go back to the hotel.

On Day 9 we went to Jantar Mantar which is an astrological park with large monuments.  This was a place that Nithin remembered from his childhood fondly.  Hundreds of years ago this is how they told the day and time.

2018 India Day 9 Jantar Mantar42018 India Day 9 Jantar Mantar22018 India Day 9 Jantar Mantar32018 India Day 9 Jantar Mantar62018 India Day 9 Jantar Mantar9

We then walked across the street to go to the City Palace Museum.  The flag of the maharaja of Jaipur is a beautiful stripe.  In addition to having the museum there the maharaja still lives there.  At the museum there was a whole building of crafters who are selected to sell at the palace.

2018 India Day 9 Jantar Mantar52018 India Day 9 City Museum22018 India Day 9 City Museum5

2018 India Day 9 City Museum92018 India Day 9 City Museum82018 India Day 9 City Museum2018 India Day 9 City Museum6

After the palace we went out to lunch and then went to a clothing store that showed the kids how they block print.  Jaipur is known for their fabric and block printing.  It was so cool to see the natural ink change when wet for colors.  Each of us chose fabric in the store to have outfits made for us.  Our measurements were taken so the outfits fit us perfectly.  One of the stores workers came to our hotel that night around 8pm with our completed outfits.  It was neat to design your own clothes.  The kids enjoyed it.

2018 India Day 9 Block Printing22018 India Day 9 Block Printing32018 India Day 9 Block Printing42018 India Day 9 Block Printing52018 India Day 9 Block Printing62018 India Day 9 Block Printing72018 India Day 9 Block Printing92018 India Day 9 Custom Dress (2)2018 India Day 9 Custom Dress (3)2018 India Day 9 Custom Dress

We also went to the jewelry store.  We walked up and there were men with huge raw stones polishing them.  Jaipur is also known for their silver and gem stones.  The kids got necklaces and so did I.

2018 India Day 9 Jewelry

We went to the hotels performance with local dancers at night.  They had very different moves and it was pretty special how they turned and didn’t spot themselves.  Pearl was mesmerized by them.  When they asked for dancing volunteers she got right up and joined them for this dance with sticks.

2018 India Day 9 Hotel Performance (2)2018 India Day 9 Hotel Performance2018 India Day 9 Hotel Performance22018 India Day 9 Hotel Performance32018 India Day 9 Hotel Performance4

This was our last day with our driver Yespaul.  He was a really awesome sweet man who made our trip.  He really took care of us.

2018 India Day 9 Jaipur

On Day 10 we went shopping in the bazars.  We went pretty early so there wasn’t many crowds.  Each shop had similar items.  I got a bunch of block prints and some other random things.  We only spent about an hour there.  It was pretty overwhelming to have people coming at you and trying to get you to do things for over an hour.  To get back to the van we fit 6 people in a 4 person rickshaw.  Pretty crazy.

2018 India Day 10 Jaipur (2)2018 India Day 10 Jaipur (3)2018 India Day 10 Jaipur Rickshaw

After the bazar we went to have an elephant experience for Munchkin.  Pearl didn’t want to participate until it came time to paint and feed the elephant.  Munchkin was totally into it.  Aja was first up to want to go on the elephant ride and Bapuma just had to feed the elephants.  Munchkin rode the elephant, painted it, fed it, and climbed up its trunk.

2018 India Day 10 Elephants2018 India Day 10 Jaipur Elephants2018 India Day 10 Elephants32018 India Day 10 Elephants52018 India Day 10 Elephants82018 India Day 10 Elephants92018 India Day 10 Elephants102018 India Day 10 Elephants11 (2)2018 India Day 10 Elephants122018 India Day 10 Elephants142018 India Day 10 Elephants152018 India Day 10 Elephants162018 India Day 10 Elephants17

On Day 10 we flew from Jaipur to Mumbai.  The airline all the flight attendants had this button.

2018 India Day 11 Flight

When we got to Mumbai we went to our hotel in old Mumbai.  We rested for a little bit and then met our tour guide to go to the gate of India.  It was one of the more simple structures we saw since it was more based on English architecture.

2018 India Day 11 Gate of India (2)2018 India Day 11 Gate of India (3)2018 India Day 11 Gate of India2018 India Day 11 Gate of India22018 India Day 11 Gate of India3

After the gate of India we went the Prince of Wales Museum which was pretty large.  It was actually a 90 degree day and the museum had no air conditioning.  So we probably didn’t spend as long in it as we would have.

2018 India Day 11 Prince of Wales Museum2018 India Day 11 Prince of Wales Museum32018 India Day 11 Prince of Wales Museum42018 India Day 11 Prince of Wales Museum6

On day 11 we covered the rest of Mumbai spots.  We Stopped off at the beach and went to this jetty that Aja remembered from his childhood.  There was so much smog that the skyline was hazy.

2018 India Day 12 Mumbai22018 India Day 12 Mumbai8

Then we hit the hanging garden.  It gave a nice view of Mumbai.  Nithin’s family brought his sister there to see the topiaries when she was little.

2018 India Day 12 Mumbai Hanging Garden

We walked across the street to this park for kids.  Munchkin went up the shoe.

2018 India Day 12 Mumbai62018 India Day 12 Mumbai2 (2)

We went to Gandhi’s house in Mumbai.  This is where he spent many years, but he died in Delhi.  The Delhi museum was very similar but nicer.

2018 India Day 12 Mumbai (4)2018 India Day 12 Mumbai Gandhi Museum22018 India Day 12 Mumbai Gandhi Museum

The public washes were pretty to see all the laundry, but kinda depressing to see this work passed down through family members.

2018 India Day 12 Mumbai Dhobi Ghat (2)2018 India Day 12 Mumbai Dhobi Ghat3

Victoria station is an architectural beauty.

2018 India Day 12 Mumbai Victoria Station3

To end the morning we went to Aja’s college where he got his Phd in Physics.  Munchkin loved it and was one of his favorite stops.

2018 India Day 12 Mumbai Institute of Science2018 India Day 12 Mumbai Institute of Science32018 India Day 12 Mumbai Institute of Science2

In the early evening we had a family gathering at the hotel.  It was really lovely to meet a bunch of the family.  They were all such nice people, it was just a great time.  Nithin’s cousin had twin boys that were Munchkin’s age.  It was cute to see the kids talk about their schools.

2018 India Day 12 Mumbai Family (2)2018 India Day 12 Mumbai Family (4)2018 India Day 12 Mumbai Family (5)2018 India Day 12 Mumbai Family (6)2018 India Day 12 Mumbai Family (7)2018 India Day 12 Mumbai Family (8)2018 India Day 12 Mumbai Family (9)2018 India Day 12 Mumbai Family (11)

Our last day in India, day 13 was Holi.  The night before there are bonfires all over Mumbai.  The day of Holi people go and throw colors at other people.  We learned that you can’t always trust what is thrown in generally which is why we were told to mostly stay in the car while we drove around.  Folks who are more well to do have Holi parties where they throw colors at the party.  The whole town is closed down.  So we spent the morning driving around and seeing Holi in the streets and driving Mumbai with no traffic.  In the afternoon we relaxed and went to the hotel pool.

2018 India Day 13 Holi2018 India Day 13 Holi (3)2018 India Day 13 Holi (4)2018 India Day 13 Holi (7)2018 India Day 13 Holi (8)2018 India Day 13 Holi (16)2018 India Day 13 Holi (14)2018 India Day 13 Holi (13)2018 India Day 13 Holi (10)2018 India Day 13 Holi (11)2018 India Day 13 Holi (12)2018 India Day 13 Holi (17)2018 India Day 13 Holi (18)2018 India Day 13 Hotel Swimming (2)2018 India Day 13 Hotel Swimming

Day 14 we headed home.  It was an all day flight through Dubai.  Of course I found a Starbucks at the airport

2018 India Day 14 Travel (2)2018 India Day 14 Travel

We got home and spent Sunday recovering.  We were all back to work and school on Monday.  The jet lag was really tough for the first week.  A week later it was daylight savings to put the clock ahead.  This was the first time I was ever happy to loose an hour.  Daylight savings helped us a lot.

Early February

Pearls class had a Pagent at school which was themed as a raninbow.  The kids sang songs related to rainbows. They were so cute.  Pearl kept looking at the little girl next to her.  Turns out Pearl and the other little girl are the strong personalities in the class.

W School PagentW School Pagent3W School Pagent2

Our cat has an obsession with the bathroom.  We frequently find him in the bathroom sink.

Weird Cat

The other place we find the cat recently is in a doll tent.  We can’t get him out.

Camping Cat

Munchkin had one of his last basketball games this season.  He is making more of an effort to get the ball which is great.  He is one of the tallest kids on the court and when he moves and is a little aggressive to get the ball he does quite well.

Basketball Feb3Basketball Feb10

Pearl went to a birthday party at the Ladies Club.  They did their hair, nails and had a dress-up party along with a cat walk.  Pearl LOVED it.  It was a really nice party.

Little Ladies Club Birthday2Little Ladies Club Birthday

Pearl is starting to dress herself.  We pick out her clothes and she does the dressing.  This morning she decided to do her own hair.  Yes, she went to school like this.

Dress Herself

Right after Valentine’s Day was the school science fair.  Munchkin and his friends did a project on rocket fins and which would go highest.  We printed the fins on our 3D printer and went to a football field to launch the rockets.  Munchkin’s team won the 4th grade science fair.  Two years in a row they won.

Science Fair Project2Science FairScience Fair AwardScience Fair ProjectScience Fair Win (2)Science Fair Win

Happy 5th Birthday to our Girl

The last weekend of January it was all about Pearl and her birthday.  On Saturday we gave her an early birthday present, her American Girl Doll.  You can see she loved it.  She didn’t believe that mom would come through for her and told me so daily.

W 5th American Girl Present

Sunday we spent the day at the American Girl Doll store.  Pearl got to buy some new things, we went to the salon to get her doll and Pearl’s hair done and then do a birthday lunch.  Pearl has wanted the heart shape braid for about 6 months.  She got it for her and her doll.  She loved it.  We had a special lunch in the café that Pearl thought was so nice that the American Girl Doll people did for her.  She and the dolls got goodie bags.  Grandma took Munchkin’s crown and wore it throughout lunch.  Pearl LOVED IT.

W 5th Kids and DollsW 5th American Girl Doll HairW 5th American Girl Doll Hair2W 5th American Girl Doll Hair3W 5th American Girl Hair 4W 5th American Girl HairW 5th American Girl Hair2W 5th American Girl Hair3W 5th American Girl LegoW 5th Birthday CakeW 5th Birthday LadiesW 5th Birthday Lunch (2)W 5th Birthday Lunch FamilyW 5th Birthday LunchW 5th Birthday Lunch3

For Pearls actual birthday on Monday she went to school where we read and the kids all got Paw Patrol or Barbie cupcakes.

W 5th Birthday2W 5th Class BirthdayW 5th Class Birthday2

W 5th Class Birthday3

For Pearls birthday dinner she wanted to go to a fancy restaurant that served hot dogs.  Because we couldn’t find a restaurant like that we talked her into having a birthday dinner at home.  I made her a Barbie cake for her birthday.

W 5th BirthdayW 5th Birthday Cake (2).jpg

Pearls yearly doctor appointment shows she is 40 lbs and 44.5 inches.  She is 90% for height and 50% for weight.

Over the past year Pearl has tried soccer, continues at her gymnastics and art.  She has bloomed as a little girl by dressing herself and being more vocal and independent.  She is very into her hair and doing her hair.  She loves to have her hair braided.  She loves her big brother so much and listens to everything he says.


We started off January with below freezing temperatures.  We still went into the city to the Downton exhibit and out to lunch since Grandma and Grandpa were around so we had free baby sitting.  It was a really beautiful exhibit that had the rooms in addition to costumes.  We went out to lunch and then headed home, that was as much cold as we could handle.

Downton ExhibitDownton Exhibit2

Basketball season has begun.  We have a game every weekend.  Munchkin is by far the tallest kid on his team by maybe 9 inches.  We had another snow which the kids love.

BasketballSnow LoungingSnow Helper

For Martin Luther Day weekend we had normal activities of basketball and dressing up like a pirate princess.  Sunday I headed into the city to go to Vogue Knitting.  I took a class with Tin Can Knits on designing a sweater and Veera on stripes.  They were great.  I got some inspiration from it.

Basketball Jan13Pirate PrincessVogue2Vogue

Our cat Harry Potter likes the Barbie dream house.

Barbie Cat

The third weekend of January our girl had a PJ party for one of her friends since she was a baby.  She baked and ate breakfast.

PJ Birthday Party

Saturday afternoon we went to our first real FLL qualifier.  The boys did well.  They won best research award, but didn’t move on to the finals.  They are pretty impressive presenters.

FLL Robotics2FLL RoboticsFLL PresentationFLL Robotics Award.jpg

We went and registered Pearl for Kindergarten.  She was such a big girl going off to talk with the teacher on her own.

Kindergarten Registration

We had another basketball game.  Munchkin is getting better at being aggressive about blocking and getting the ball as the season went on.

Basketball Jan27



The first weekend of December Munchkin’s FLL (First Lego League) team had a practice tournament so they could learn what to do.  This is our first year in this league.  Last year we were in the Junior league that was a lot different.  The practice tournament was a great experience for the boys.  All the kids got a chance at the table.  They executed the challenge they had completed well.  It was a good learning experience for them.  They got a lot of complements on their blue jumpsuits and hats.

FLL Practice Tournament3FLL Practice Tournament2FLL Practice Tournament

We did errands and took the kids to Millridge village because they had holiday activities.  Pearl was very unhappy about being anywhere close to Santa.

Millridge VillageMilridge Village2Millridge Village3

We went to our town tree lighting.  Pearl liked to sit back and watch, but wanted nothing to do with Santa.  Munchkin didn’t want to go because he had basketball practice.  We even told him we would take him a couple minutes late and he still insisted that basketball was more important.

Town Tree Lighting

The second weekend of December it snowed a little bit.  The kids loved to play.  We went to the Charlie Brown’s Christmas play which was cute.  Pearl asked to leave the whole time.  She did sit through it.

First Snow1Charlie Brown Christmas Play

Munchkin had his first basketball game of the season.  He is by far the tallest on his team.

Basketball Dec 16Basketball Dec 16 2

On the third Sunday of the month we went to see Santa at Macy’s in NYC.  Santa had Nithin to an elfie/selfie.  This year both kids were excited to go.  Pearl was horrible to every other Santa, but wanted to visit this one.  She wasn’t too into going through the North Pole or doing much, but she did want Santa to get her letter and she was happy to talk to him.  She told Santa that she wanted Barbie, not a Barbie Dream house.  She didn’t convey her expensive taste, so Santa asks if there is something more she would like.  Both kids say no and then Santa says he will bring them something extra special in addition to their asks.  Munchkin asked for an O-gauge train.  In his letter he very nicely asked for his sister’s gift and his.  He is a good boy to her.

Santaland TrainSanta2SantaSanta Selfie



Santa LetterSanta Kids Santa Family

After Santa we went and looked at the windows and then headed to Bryant park to do the holiday market.

Macy WindowBryant Park

Munchkin wanted to do hibachi for his reward for a great report card.  Pearl was pretty good at hibachi this time.

Habachi Dec 17

Princess of the Cats

The last week of school Pearl had a holiday show at school.  She was a great singer.

W Holiday Show2W Holiday Show4W Holiday Show

Munchkin had a holiday concert where he played violin.  He got dressed up for two days of concerts.  One of his ties was from Harry Potter’s house.

Holiday ConcertHoliday Concert2Holiday Concert4Holiday Concert3

Before Christmas we took the kids to the holiday light show at the beach.  Pearl fell asleep, but woke up enough when we got there.  They got to see Santa one last time too.


Holiday Lights3Holiday Lights2Holiday Lights

Santa came by the day before Christmas Eve on the fire truck and gave out popcorn balls.  Pearl did not want to go out to see at all.  She stayed in and Munchkin and Nithin got her a popcorn ball too.

Fire Truck Santa4Fire Truck SantaFire Truck Santa3Fire Truck Santa2

On Christmas eve Pearl wasn’t feeling great and wouldn’t eat dinner so she took a nap.  Nithin stayed home with her and Munchkin and I went to church.  While we were at church Pearl woke up complaining of an ear infection.  Nithin quickly took her to a medical station that was still open and was closing within the hour.  She had an ear infection.  He had to go to the only pharmacy in the area that was open on Christmas eve.  Christmas Eve Church

We took our traditional family PJ picture in the morning.  For our Christmas card Nithin happened to get a picture of Harry with a Santa hat on.

Christmas PJsChristmas Harry

For Christmas morning this is what the kids woke to.  Pearl was so happy to get her Barbie Dream House and Munchkin was very happy for his train and nerf guns.  Here are some pics of the kids on Christmas morning.

Christmas Morning3Christmas MorningChristmas Morning12Christmas Morning11Christmas Morning10Christmas Morning9Christmas Morning8Christmas Morning7Christmas Morning6Christmas Morning5Christmas Morning4Christmas Morning2

The day after Christmas we went to the infectious disease doctor to get ready for India.  Grandma and Grandpa came after Christmas.  Grandpa was here for his birthday.  Pearl and I made him a donut cake and we took him out to hibachi.  We got the chef to give Grandpa a LOT of sake, he didn’t drive home.  Pearl very clearly told Grandpa to not order dessert because he had cake at home.

Grandpa BirthdayGrandpa Birthday5Grandpa Birthday4Grandpa Birthday3Grandpa Birthday2

For Grandma and Grandpa’s Christmas present we took them to the aquarium and they went behind the scenes for a special interaction with the penguins.  They said it was pretty cool because there were so few people, only 7.

Aquarium9Aquarium8Aquarium7Aquarium6Aquarium3Aquarium2AquariumAquarium Penguin Encounter4Aquarium Penguin Encounter3Aquarium Penguin Encounter2Aquarium Penguin EncounterAquarium Family

Nithin and I went furniture shopping one afternoon/evening.  I was on the hunt for a couch to replace our living room one.  For New Years eve I pulled out the Julia Child Beef recipe that is to die for.  We also got a clock cake for the occasion.  The black frosting on the cake blackened the kids mouth.

New Years Julia BeefNew Years CakeCake KidCake Kid2

Happy 2017!!!!  Here was our families Christmas card shoot on the beach.  I love the beach and water.



The first weekend of November we had a super cold snap.  Of course that was the time that worked to take our family picture for our Christmas card.  We talked Pearl into going to get her haircut.  We said she could get a braid and she was into going.  She really didn’t want to get her hair cut before that.

W Haircut3W Haircut2W Haircut

We got the kids these matching PJs that are fair isle Star Wars themed.  They loved them.  Star Wars Jammies

The second weekend of November we went to the city and went to the Radio City Rocketts.  This was Pearl’s first time and Munchkin’s second.  We took grandma and grandpa with us.  The kids loved it.  Pearl’s favorite part was the many Santa Claus’ dancing.

Rockefeller CenterRockettes3Rockettes2Rockettes

Pearl had a school Thanksgiving that we were invited to.  They sang some cute songs and the kids at a Thanksgiving dinner.  Pearl only ate the turkey.

W Thanksgiving at SchoolW Thanksgiving at School3W Thanksgiving at School2

For Thanksgiving we went up to Massachusetts to Nithin’s sister family.  The kids love their cousins and had a nice time.  Pearl was in heaven with all the Barbie’s.  Thanksgiving day was one of our cousins 18th birthday.

Thanksgiving CousinsThanksgiving Walk2Thanksgiving WalkThanksgiving PlayThanksgiving Cousins2

The day after Thanksgiving we went to Plimouth to have a second Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims.  We got to Plimouth Plantation early and visited the gift shop and the indian village.  Then we went to a special Thanksgivng dinner.


At the Thanksgiving dinner they explained about the time and first thanksgiving and when it was made a national holiday (during Lincoln).  It was really interesting.  We had a lovely traditional dinner from the first national holiday.





After dinner we decided to go into Plymouth town.  The Mayflower was not there, but in Mystic being repaired.

Plymouth Rock

Saturday we went to the Plymouth Museum where the kids were able to touch a piece of Plymouth Rock.


We went to the gristmill and the Pilgrim monument.

Plymouth3Plymouth Mill

In the afternoon we met our college friends and their kids at Plymouth Plantation.  Munchkin and one of their boys joined the militia.  They had a group of people marching all over the village.

Plimouth13Plimouth Malitia2Plimouth MalitiaPlimouth Malitia3Plymouth15Plymouth

It was a really special time to go to Plymouth for Thanksgiving.  We learned a lot and had a great time with family and friends.


In October Munchkin had two more sailing lessons before the sailing school closed down.

Sailing Oct 7Sailing Oct 7 2

Our town had a harvest festival.  Pearl loved to color a pumpkin.

Town Harvestfest

The first full weekend of Oct. Nithin took Munchkin to ComicCon in NYC and I took Pearl to the American Girl Doll store.  We had her Wellie Wisher’s hair done and went to lunch.  Pearl was hoping to get her heart shaped braid, but they can’t do that on the smaller Wellie Wisher, only on the American Girl Doll.

ComicCon2ComicConAmerican Girl3American Girl2American GirlAmerican Girl4

The kids had election day off and were taken out to lunch at their favorite diner.


The second weekend of Oct.  we went and picked up a new kitten on Long Island.  The kids chose the name of Harry Potter.  We waited a couple of weeks after Charlie and we could see we had a loss in our family.  So I reached out to the same breeder a friend used and she had one more cat left from a litter.  It just felt meant to be.  So we now have a Harry Potter in our house.  His first day home he wouldn’t leave the bathroom.  He didn’t emerge until day 2 and wasn’t too social until later day 3 or 4.  He is a very friendly kitten.  He turns out to have an obsession with water.  He will sit in the sink and loves to play in the toilet.  We have had to learn to close the toilet lid.



The third weekend in Oct. is Rhinebeck.  This year we went on Sunday and met a Squam friend from New Hampshire there.  It was a really nice day catching up and hanging out.  What great ladies.

Rhinebeck Friends

Pearl loves Harry.

W and Harry

More soccer.  Pearl started participating voluntarily at the very end of the season.

Soccer Oct 28 2Soccer Oct 28

The last weekend in Oct.  I took a yarn dying class at a local yarn store with some friends.  It was great fun and inspirational.

Dying Class3Dying Class2Dying Class

On the last Sunday of Oct. we carved our pumpkin and saw Munchkin’s art displayed at the library.

Pumpkin CarvingR Art at Library2R Art at Library

We also went to a local haunted house at a mansion with some friends.  It was pretty cool, but I am never going in that basement again.  It was pretty scary and this really big clown followed me screaming my name.  Nithin was no help.

Haunted House2Haunted House

For Halloween, Pearl had a parade at school.  She loved being Totoro.

School Halloween Parade4School Halloween Parade3School Halloween Parade2School Halloween Parade

The kids went out trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.  Munchkin and Nithin made that proton pack.  Munchkin was a Ghostbuster and Pearl was Totoro.

Halloween Proton PackHalloween2HalloweenHalloween Proton Pack2Halloween3


The Tues day after Labor Day Munchkin went back to school.  His first day of 4th grade.  It is his second year at this school.  He had it down.  What a big kid.

R First Day 4th Grade1R First Day 4th Grade2R First Day 4th Grade3R First Day 4th Grade

The Wednesday after Labor day Pearl went back to school.  She was so excited and needed to wear her Eloise bow.  She had the same teachers and class as last year.  She started Pre-K.


W First Day of PreK

Pearl did soccer again in the Fall.  She warmed up to the practices for soccer, but never ever liked the games.  By the end she did start to participate in the games.

Soccer Sept 9

Pearl decided to be Totoro for Halloween.  Isn’t she cute?


That first weekend in September we decided to take the kids apple picking.  We had remembered berry picking that took a long time.  We let the kids pick more apples than we should have.  It only took them 10-15 minutes and we were $50 in apples poorer.  It was amazing how fast apple picking was.

Apple PickingApple Picking2

The second week in Sept. Pearl is still obsessed with princess’ and wouldn’t play in her soccer games.

Princess AnnaPrinces and Teen TitansSoccer Sept 16Soccer Sept 12 2

Munchkin did a 4 week Fall sailing class.  His instructors were really impressed with him and suggested he try joining the racing team next year.  That was the best complement.

Sailing Sept 16Sailing Sept 16 5Sailing Sept 16 4Sailing Sept 16 3Sailing Sept 16 2

The third weekend in Sept. it was the day for kids.  We went after soccer to let the kids bounce around for a bit before Munchkin had to go to sailing.

Day for KidsDay for Kids4Day for Kids3Day for Kids2

Soccer PracticeSailing Sept 23Sailing Sept 23 3Sailing Sept 23 2

The third Sunday of the month we went to Maker Faire as usual.  It was a little smaller in past.  We hypothesis it was because of the Jewish holidays.  We still had a nice time.  Both kids were into it this year.

Maker FaireMaker Faire6Maker Faire5Maker Faire4Maker Faire3Maker Faire2

During the last week in September Pearl had her soccer practice and the art class she loves.  In September she threw tantrums each day she didn’t get to art class.  It didn’t start until later in the month which didn’t make her happy.

Soccer Practice Sept 27Art Class Sept

The last weekend in September we went up to Mass. as it was Aja’s 80th birthday.  We had a family dinner and cake.  On Sunday we went to the temple and had a special ceremony done.  It was my first.  Munchkin was so good about being one of the big kids and going with the flow.  Pearl required to be held the whole time.

Aja BirthdayAja Birthday4Aja Birthday3Aja Birthday11Aja Birthday10Aja Birthday9Aja Birthday8Aja Birthday7Aja Birthday6Aja Birthday5

After going to Mass. we got home and our cat Charlie had lost a lot of weight.  He had tumors.  He had lived into his teens and had a good life.  We had to put him to sleep.  It was a big loss for our family.  Pearl didn’t really understand, Munchkin was hit harder.

2017-08-24 BabyCharlie 027

Niagara Falls

We took a long labor day weekend and drove up to Niagara Falls and upstate NY for a long weekend.  I got a hotel that had a view of the falls.  It was AWESOME!!!!  The room had two bedrooms and a big Jacuzzi tub.  We told the kids we weren’t taking them to the pool because they could swim in the tub.  They bought it and loved it.  It was so great to see the lights of the falls and not leave our room.  That hotel room was so worth it.  We really chilled out there.  We went and did the maid of the mist which was great.  Pearl wouldn’t wear the rain coat, so she just got wet.  We looked at going out to eat, but no place was as nice as our hotel room, so we just ordered in.
Niagra Falls Maid in teh Mist11Niagra Falls10Niagra Falls5Niagra Falls4Niagra Falls3Niagra Falls2Niagra Falls Night2Niagra Falls NightNiagra Falls Maid in the Mist10Niagra Falls Maid in the Mist9Niagra Falls Maid in the Mist8Niagra Falls Maid in the Mist7Niagra Falls Maid in the Mist6Niagra Falls Maid in the Mist5Niagra Falls Maid in the Mist4Niagra Falls Maid in the Mist3Niagra Falls Maid in the Mist2Niagra Falls Maid in the Mist

After Niagara falls we went to glass museum in Corning, NY.  It was a great museum.  Very interesting and beautiful.  Munchkin chose to do the glass blowing activity and made a sculpture.


We moved to stay at a waterpark hotel in the finger lakes.  It was a small enough park that the kids loved it.  We went to the NY State Fair.  It was pretty similar in size to the Big E that we were used to.  They also loved the arcade they had there.  They won enough tickets to get two fidget spinners.  Munchkin kindly gave his sister some of his tickets for a prize.

NY State Fair3NY State Fair2NY State Fair

Greek Peak Resort (2)Greek Peak Resort5Greek Peak Resort4Greek Peak Resort3Greek Peak Resort2Greek Peak Resort

On our way home we stopped off to visit Uncle John for lunch.

Uncle John Visit