Early February

Pearls class had a Pagent at school which was themed as a raninbow.  The kids sang songs related to rainbows. They were so cute.  Pearl kept looking at the little girl next to her.  Turns out Pearl and the other little girl are the strong personalities in the class.

W School PagentW School Pagent3W School Pagent2

Our cat has an obsession with the bathroom.  We frequently find him in the bathroom sink.

Weird Cat

The other place we find the cat recently is in a doll tent.  We can’t get him out.

Camping Cat

Munchkin had one of his last basketball games this season.  He is making more of an effort to get the ball which is great.  He is one of the tallest kids on the court and when he moves and is a little aggressive to get the ball he does quite well.

Basketball Feb3Basketball Feb10

Pearl went to a birthday party at the Ladies Club.  They did their hair, nails and had a dress-up party along with a cat walk.  Pearl LOVED it.  It was a really nice party.

Little Ladies Club Birthday2Little Ladies Club Birthday

Pearl is starting to dress herself.  We pick out her clothes and she does the dressing.  This morning she decided to do her own hair.  Yes, she went to school like this.

Dress Herself

Right after Valentine’s Day was the school science fair.  Munchkin and his friends did a project on rocket fins and which would go highest.  We printed the fins on our 3D printer and went to a football field to launch the rockets.  Munchkin’s team won the 4th grade science fair.  Two years in a row they won.

Science Fair Project2Science FairScience Fair AwardScience Fair ProjectScience Fair Win (2)Science Fair Win

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