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Jordis is Out

What a shocker!  Jordis is out tonight.  She was so popular.  It just doesn’t look like she could take all the pressure. 
JD needs to go next. 
The other real shocker for me was to see INXS members "dancing" by making lude gestures that became famous with Elvis.  Come on guys you are too old for that. 
The show overall is getting interesting because it is becoming more and more about INXS but the band hasn’t been make super appealing in the show so you really don’t feel like you identify with them.

Ty’s Gone :(

They should have gotten rid of JD last week because he doesn’t "love" INXS enough to learn the song.  The reason for getting rid of Ty is lame.  Ty didn’t deserve to be in the bottom 3 some of the weeks he was up there. 
I think I was one of the few people who thought Suzie didn’t do a great job this week.  Her performance was too overpowered.  I think final 3 will be Mig, Marty, Jordis.  Lets see if I am right.

Bye Bye Deanna

Well it has been a full week.  Deanna was given the boot on Rock Star.  I have to say I really liked Deanna, but she didn’t have much versatility. 

The hour long show got booring, but I guess it was rated well which I just don’t get.

It is very interesting how the dynamics of the bottom 3 is changing though where it isn’t anymore the person who isn’t the strongest, but more of a popularity contest. 

Last nights show was awesome where they showed the rockers in the studio singing an INXS song.  From that episode I definately think JD should be out. 

Time for Jessica to Go

What is up with Brooke Burke’s necklace last night?  Did she need any clothes other than that necklace.  My gosh.
It was totally time for Jessica to go last night.  She has no heart.  I think Deanna is next. 
Last night the performance with Mig, Jordis, and Marty showed the final 3 iin my opinion. 

Rock Star Twist

The Twist on Monday night where everyone had songs assigned by INXS was really cool.  Can’t wait to see what happens tonight. 
JD is a dork, but a good individual contributor. 

But really that was emotional

Jessica will go home tonight.  How annoying can you be to say that was emotional when no one saw the emotion.  How argumentative was that? 
Marty kicked butt as always and so did Deanna in my opinion.  Brandon will go home soon if he doesn’t show some improvement. 
Ty was also very impressive yesterday.  Go Ty! 
But, could they have spent anymore time on Brook Burke’s skirt and thighs.  How cheap.
The interview show Sunday night wans interesting because it showed MiG who I thought to be the professional musician as he came from the theatre, but he proved us wrong.  He talked smack about his roommate.   
I think Deanna pulled it out last night and so did Marty.  They are my picks.

Finally Tara has gone home

Tara was pretty good but in my opinion couldn’t handle the pressure.  It was her time.  Unless Brandon puts some more effort in he could very well be next.  I am amaized at how little effort he is making based on the vocal coach.
Ty totally Kicked tonight.  🙂 Get it, Kick is the song he sang and he did a really good job.  If you didn’t get it try harder. 

You are old and decreped Deanna

Deanna last night on Rock Star:INXS was basically told she was old and washed up.  That girl needs some more fire in her because I think she could be kicked out this week if she doesn’t pump it up.  Jessica I think may surprise us. 

Yes I did stink

Last nights Rock Star show the performances were OK.  Those performers that really stunk up their songs were told so they didn’t even say anything other than yea, I did stink.  It was amaizing how much they basically just admited to stinking.  Pick better songs rockers.  Gosh.  Also having your sister in the audience is not an excuse for totally performing badly JD. 
Suzie is totally improving. I really wonder if Ty will get rid of his mohawk.  Last night he reduced the mohawk.  Deanna needs to pull it together.  I know she can do it.  Marty is totally starting to impress me. 

Where is Dave?

In last nights show the clinic was super lame.  Why did they just sit around and review the tapes.  Where was Dave.  Show us peacocking again.  It would be better than the staleness of last night.  JD has an attitude and needs to grow up.  I was really cool they had Mig talking on the phone to his wife in London.  They were so cute and it was really cool to see they are taping the show real time.