The Tues day after Labor Day Munchkin went back to school.  His first day of 4th grade.  It is his second year at this school.  He had it down.  What a big kid.

R First Day 4th Grade1R First Day 4th Grade2R First Day 4th Grade3R First Day 4th Grade

The Wednesday after Labor day Pearl went back to school.  She was so excited and needed to wear her Eloise bow.  She had the same teachers and class as last year.  She started Pre-K.


W First Day of PreK

Pearl did soccer again in the Fall.  She warmed up to the practices for soccer, but never ever liked the games.  By the end she did start to participate in the games.

Soccer Sept 9

Pearl decided to be Totoro for Halloween.  Isn’t she cute?


That first weekend in September we decided to take the kids apple picking.  We had remembered berry picking that took a long time.  We let the kids pick more apples than we should have.  It only took them 10-15 minutes and we were $50 in apples poorer.  It was amazing how fast apple picking was.

Apple PickingApple Picking2

The second week in Sept. Pearl is still obsessed with princess’ and wouldn’t play in her soccer games.

Princess AnnaPrinces and Teen TitansSoccer Sept 16Soccer Sept 12 2

Munchkin did a 4 week Fall sailing class.  His instructors were really impressed with him and suggested he try joining the racing team next year.  That was the best complement.

Sailing Sept 16Sailing Sept 16 5Sailing Sept 16 4Sailing Sept 16 3Sailing Sept 16 2

The third weekend in Sept. it was the day for kids.  We went after soccer to let the kids bounce around for a bit before Munchkin had to go to sailing.

Day for KidsDay for Kids4Day for Kids3Day for Kids2

Soccer PracticeSailing Sept 23Sailing Sept 23 3Sailing Sept 23 2

The third Sunday of the month we went to Maker Faire as usual.  It was a little smaller in past.  We hypothesis it was because of the Jewish holidays.  We still had a nice time.  Both kids were into it this year.

Maker FaireMaker Faire6Maker Faire5Maker Faire4Maker Faire3Maker Faire2

During the last week in September Pearl had her soccer practice and the art class she loves.  In September she threw tantrums each day she didn’t get to art class.  It didn’t start until later in the month which didn’t make her happy.

Soccer Practice Sept 27Art Class Sept

The last weekend in September we went up to Mass. as it was Aja’s 80th birthday.  We had a family dinner and cake.  On Sunday we went to the temple and had a special ceremony done.  It was my first.  Munchkin was so good about being one of the big kids and going with the flow.  Pearl required to be held the whole time.

Aja BirthdayAja Birthday4Aja Birthday3Aja Birthday11Aja Birthday10Aja Birthday9Aja Birthday8Aja Birthday7Aja Birthday6Aja Birthday5

After going to Mass. we got home and our cat Charlie had lost a lot of weight.  He had tumors.  He had lived into his teens and had a good life.  We had to put him to sleep.  It was a big loss for our family.  Pearl didn’t really understand, Munchkin was hit harder.

2017-08-24 BabyCharlie 027


Niagara Falls

We took a long labor day weekend and drove up to Niagara Falls and upstate NY for a long weekend.  I got a hotel that had a view of the falls.  It was AWESOME!!!!  The room had two bedrooms and a big Jacuzzi tub.  We told the kids we weren’t taking them to the pool because they could swim in the tub.  They bought it and loved it.  It was so great to see the lights of the falls and not leave our room.  That hotel room was so worth it.  We really chilled out there.  We went and did the maid of the mist which was great.  Pearl wouldn’t wear the rain coat, so she just got wet.  We looked at going out to eat, but no place was as nice as our hotel room, so we just ordered in.
Niagra Falls Maid in teh Mist11Niagra Falls10Niagra Falls5Niagra Falls4Niagra Falls3Niagra Falls2Niagra Falls Night2Niagra Falls NightNiagra Falls Maid in the Mist10Niagra Falls Maid in the Mist9Niagra Falls Maid in the Mist8Niagra Falls Maid in the Mist7Niagra Falls Maid in the Mist6Niagra Falls Maid in the Mist5Niagra Falls Maid in the Mist4Niagra Falls Maid in the Mist3Niagra Falls Maid in the Mist2Niagra Falls Maid in the Mist

After Niagara falls we went to glass museum in Corning, NY.  It was a great museum.  Very interesting and beautiful.  Munchkin chose to do the glass blowing activity and made a sculpture.


We moved to stay at a waterpark hotel in the finger lakes.  It was a small enough park that the kids loved it.  We went to the NY State Fair.  It was pretty similar in size to the Big E that we were used to.  They also loved the arcade they had there.  They won enough tickets to get two fidget spinners.  Munchkin kindly gave his sister some of his tickets for a prize.

NY State Fair3NY State Fair2NY State Fair

Greek Peak Resort (2)Greek Peak Resort5Greek Peak Resort4Greek Peak Resort3Greek Peak Resort2Greek Peak Resort

On our way home we stopped off to visit Uncle John for lunch.

Uncle John Visit


The first week of August was time to visit the kids camp.  We went to Pearl’s camp during dance and adventure/zip line.  Last year she did the zip line, it was one of her favorite.  So we wanted to see it this year.  She wouldn’t do it this year though and wouldn’t zip line while we were visiting.  Toward the end of camp her bus driver coaxed her into trying it, then she loved it again.  Her group was the cutest practicing their groups dance for the talent show.  Pearl was super into it.

W Camp Visit

Munchkin had his robotics camp at the tank at our local college.  He was in a camp with all older kids, but they allowed him to participate because he is a good kid and smart.  His groups robot performed well.

Sea PerchSea Perch5Sea Perch4Sea Perch3Sea Perch2

Munchkin did sailing for three weeks this summer, robotics camp, rockets, build your own hovercraft and basketball.

The first weekend in August we went to Adventureland, a local amusement park.  We spend the morning there.  Munchkin got into it after a bit, Pearl would only do the little kids rides.  They had a nice time though.  Munchkin won a game and got a Paw Patrol stuffed animal for his sister, it was the sweetest.


The second weekend we went to the beach again and took the kids to the local adventure park.  Pearl loved to drive the bumper boats, but not much else.  It was kinda disappointing how much the park had gone down hill.

Beach GirlBeach BoyBayville Adventure5Bayville Adventure3Bayville Adventure2Bayville Adventure

The third weekend in the month we of course went to the beach.

Aug 19 Beach Family (2)Aug 19 Beach FamilyAug 19 Beach Family (3)

Pearl loves to ride her big wheels.  We tried hard to get her to try a balance bike or the bike with training wheels and had no luck.

Big Wheels

Pearl went through a phase where she had to dress as a princess.  She loved dress up.

PrincessW and Charlie

The third week of the month Munchkin went with his grandparents on vacation.  They went up to Western Mass to see the new Dr. Seuss museum and then headed up to Lake George.  Munchkin really took off on his bike, riding a lot at the camp grounds they stayed at.  He took his grandma kayaking and overall had a very nice time.

Pearl was home alone with us so we tried to do some special things with her.  We took her to dinner at the beach, which she loved.  Pearl and Nithin made me a special birthday cake.  It was so awesome!  This is the first year that Munchkin was away during my birthday.

Beach DinnerBirthday Cake2Birthday Cake

The weekend after my birthday, my parents and Munchkin were back and we went to the Plaza for tea.  Pearl loved that Eloise lives at the Plaza and the Eloise shop.  She said to me in front of the portrait of Eloise that she couldn’t be Eloise because she didn’t have a bow, so we bought her a special bow.  She loved it.  The tea was amazing.  The kids didn’t eat much though, so we had a lot of leftovers.

Plaza TeaPlaza Tea OutsidePlaza Tea7Plaza Tea7 (2)Plaza Tea6Plaza Tea5Plaza Tea4Plaza Tea3Plaza TeaPlaza Tea OutsidePlaza Tea (2)

After tea we went to the Central Park Zoo for the kids.  Pearl fell asleep after we entered the zoo and missed most of it.  Munchkin had a nice time.  He had to take the typical pics.  He was really interested in their red panda.  Munchkin says he loves pandas.

Central Park ZooCentral Park Zoo5Central Park Zoo4Central Park Zoo3Central Park Zoo2


At the end of the school year we took the kids to the beach for a nice dinner.  It is nice, the kids were able to go play at the beach while we were waiting for our meal to come.  For their first weeks of camp Munchkin went to two weeks of sailing camp.  Pearl went to the same camp she goes to school at.

End of School Dinner at Walls

For the 4th of July weekend we went to Cape May for a long weekend.  We went to the beach and pool every day, out to nice restaurants and generally just chilled out.  It was really nice and relaxing doing not much.  I think each day we took a nap, which I loved.  Cape May is known for the Victorian themed houses so it was a cute little town.

Cape May Evening WalkCape May6Cape May5Cape May4Cape May3Cape May2Cape MayCape May SwimmingCape May Poolside

The second weekend in July we went to a friends pool party which Pearl wasn’t going into the pool for about the first hour and then all of a sudden she warmed up and swam like a fish.

Pool Party2

Another weekend in July we went to the beach.  The kids love it there, so we went on many weekends over the summer.  This is the first year that Pearl liked the sprinkler park.

July 15 Beach KidsJuly 15 BeachJuly 15 Beach2

We met friends and took the kids out east on the island for some berry picking.  There was raspberries and blueberries in the field.  They loved to eat them more than pick them, especially Pearl.  Brookhaven lab had an open house so we stopped by on the way home.  I had no idea that place existed, it was pretty cool and amazing to have a place like that so close.

July 16 Berries (2)July 16 BerriesJuly 16 Smithaven Lab

The last weekend of the month was very poor weather.  So Pearl agreed to go to her first movie.  Ever since our Disney cruise when she was 3, we saw the start of Aladdin with the Genie popping out of a poof of smoke she wouldn’t step foot in a theatre.  She wanted to see the latest Minion movie.  She loved it and sat in her own seat the whole time.  This picture she looks scared, but that was the preview.  She liked the move a lot.

First Movie Minions



June 2017 started off with Pearl having her schools nursery school graduation.  The kids sang a ton of songs and they each got a little diploma.   Pearl did such a great job and was really into the singing.

Gradution for WGradution for W2Gradution for W3Gradution for W4Gradution for W5Gradution for W6

The first weekend in June Munchkin’s class was honored for Winning the Walt Whitman poetry competition.  His class was called up to get the award at Walt Whitman’s home.  Munchkin’s poem was about his dream to work for Nasa.

Walt Whitman Poetry AwardWalt Whitman Poetry Award2Walt Whitman Poetry Award3Walt Whitman Poetry Award4

Walt Whitman Poetry Award5Walt Whitman Poetry Award6

For national donut day this is the treat brought for my co-workers.

National Donut DayNational Donut Day

Pearl had been bugging me to take her to the beach.  It wasn’t the warmest of days, but Pearl wanted to go anyway.

June Beach Baby

Pearl continued her soccer.

Spring Soccer

The second weekend of June I went with a friend from Seattle to meet another friend on Squam lake for art camp.  It is a magical weekend.  On our drive up to New Hampshire we stopped in Harrisville to tour the yarn mill and visit the shop.  We ended up getting a private tour, they were so nice about it.  Harrisville is such a beautiful town.  I love it there.


For Squam I made a cowl which I bought the yarn for from the previous year.  I took a yarn bombing class.  The teacher was super inspirational and a really nice lady, London Kay.  I took a brioche class with Andrea Mowry who is the sweetest person you will ever meet.  Our cabin was small this year and only housed 4 of us.  The three of us were friends and had roomed with another lovely lady.  We had a nice time together.  It was the nicest, ideal weekend.

Squam KnitSquam4Squam LadiesSquam Our CabinSquam Yarn Bomb with TeacherSquam Yarn BombSquam Yarn Bomb2SquamSquam2Squam3

On the way home we stopped off in Springfield, MA to see the Doctor Seuss museum as my friend is a total fan and loved it.

Squam Dr Suess3Squam Dr SuessSquam Dr Suess2

That same weekend Pearl had her last soccer weekend and received her award for participation.  This is her last year of practice, next season is games.

Soccer Kids2Soccer AwardSoccer Girl GoalSoccer GirlSoccer Girl2Soccer Kids

Later in June Munchkin had a poetry reading at school where each child read their poem about their dream.  It was very sweet.

Poetry ReadingPoetry Reading2

I just loved these pictures of Pearl in her Wonder Woman outfit.

Wonder WomanWonder Woman2

For Fathers Day we were pretty chill and just went out to lunch at the local diner.  Nithin got a 3D printer so he spent much of the day and next month putting that together.

Fathers Day

The last week of school Munchkin had his first field day at the older kids elementary school.  The kids knew what they were doing and it seemed like they moved from station to station.

3rd Grade Field Day3rd Grade Field Day113rd Grade Field Day103rd Grade Field Day93rd Grade Field Day83rd Grade Field Day73rd Grade Field Day63rd Grade Field Day53rd Grade Field Day43rd Grade Field Day33rd Grade Field Day2

We started regularly going to the pool we joined for the summer and found a restaurant themed after a pig, it was great.

Crispy Pig DinnerFirst Swimming

Munchkin had a birthday party at a local adventure park and wouldn’t stop talking about how much he loved it and needed to go back.  He had the best time and loved being with his friends doing these activities.

Adventure Course2Adventure Course

Pearl started with camp at her school and Munchkin started at sailing camp.

Memorial Day

I am woefully behind in my blog posts.  I spent the past week organizing all of the year’s pictures after Memorial Day in 2017.  So I will be trying to catch-up on my blog posts for the past six months.  For the memorial Day Weekend in 2017 Munchkin had his Memorial Day concert at school.  It was a really nice program where a Veteran came into school to talk to the kids and the kids sang some songs.  

School Memorial Day

Pearl and Nithin cooked for us.  Pearl loves to be a helper when baking.  She isn’t too interested in cooking.  It isn’t a surprise since she is a great consumer of anything chocolate, but has a limited pallet for other food.


We went to the Chihuly exhibition at the NY Botanical Gardens.   I just love the glass in with the organic flowers.  The kids loved playing in the kids garden.  They were pretty good sports about doing something mom wanted.

Chihuly BabyChihuly BoysChihuly NYBG Baby Rock (2)Chihuly NYBG Baby RockChihuly NYBG BabyChihuly NYBG Rock BoyChihuly NYBGChihulyChihuly2Chihuly3Chihuly4Chihuly5Chihuly6Chihuly7Chihuly8Chihuly9

Our town parade is the highlight of the year.  Munchkin liked hanging with his pals.  Waverly wasn’t pleased about going but liked waving her flag.

Memorial Day ParadeMemorial Day Parade BoysMemorial Day Parade

Art Show & Arbor Fest

The last week of April Pearl had an art show at school.  She was so proud of her work.  Her favorite was the house she is holding up.

Pearl TreeArt Show (4)

Art Show (3)Art Show (2)Art Show (5)

On Saturday we had Munchkin’s birthday party at the science museum:

On Sunday we went to our local Arbor Festival.  Munchkin loves to climb the tree.

ArborfestArborfest Kids

Arborfest Tree Climbing (2)Arborfest Tree Climbing (3)

Arborfest Tree Climbing

The water rockets we gave the kids as birthday favors were a big hit at our house.  One was even made into a donut rocket.

Water Rocket

It was a pretty great pre-birthday weekend.