Science Fair Win

Catching-up for February posts. 

Here are the kids on Valentine’s day.  On the weekend before Nithin made our traditional heart pizza.  On Valentine’s Day Nithin and I actually made it out to dinner with the rest of the population, but hey, we got out. 

Valentines Day

The day after Valentine’s Day Munchkin had his first science fair.  He asked two girls from his class to join his team.  They answered the question on how the shape of an airplane wing effects speed.  We went to the Cradle of Aviation to learn and had the kids over our house a handful of times.  They made multiple wings and showed air flow with a fan and an awesome poster.  A pilot came over to look at their work and was super impressed.  The judges told them that they don’t learn this stuff until high school and then not as much as they covered.  It was pretty awesome.  The kids won first prize.  They got a certificate and an iTunes gift card.  We were so proud. 

Science FairScience Fair DemoScience Fair Poster

Then it was another weekend and another basketball game.  Munchkin improved a lot this season. 

Basketball Feb 18

We went to our friends house for dinner and we brought dessert.  The kids requested I make whoopie pies.  They were pretty darn good. 

Whoopie Pies

For February break Pearl had a different adventure each day with her sitter.  They went to the children’s museum, art museum, a special art class.  Munchkin went to the science museum for three days of camp.  At the end of the week we took Friday off and went to Mass for the weekend.  On Saturday Nithin took Munchkin to the local mountain to go snowboarding.  Pearl and I went with her cousins to get our nails done.  Pearl liked to be like the big girls.

SnowboardingNails Done with Cousins (2)Nails Done with Cousins


First Snow and AMNH

Last week on Thursday we had our first huge snowstorm.  The kids had Thursday off of school and Nithin and I worked at home.  This was the first time Pearl was really into going outside.  Munchkin spent most of the day outside at his friends a couple blocks over or the kids on our street.  At the end of the day we made it out to go sledding for a little bit.  Pearl went sledding with her dad and loved “falling”.  Munchkin got in a couple good runs on his own. 

First SnowFirst Snow (2)First Snow (3)First Snow (4)First Snow (5)First Snow Sledding (2)First Snow Sledding (3)First Snow Sledding (4)First Snow Sledding

Friday Munchkin had the day off too.  Pearl had school. 

Saturday Pearl had her gymnastics class and then a bounce birthday party.  She was so happy at the party to start but then just decided no more bouncing.  I think she was tired and lost her mojo.

Bounce Birthday

Munchkin had a basketball game at the same time.  Nithin said munchkin got the ball and made a shot for the basket a few times.  He continues to improve.

Basketball Feb 11

Saturday Nithin made us his annual Valentine’s pizza. 

Sunday we went to the American Museum of Natural History.  Pearl was really into it.  She was running and jumping around showing us things at the museum like “star balls” and “dinosaur heads”.  At one point she tired out and took a nap in her stroller.  She loved it.  Munchkin loved the space section, meteor and human evolution section.  We learned a lot.

AMNHAMNH (2)AMNH (3)AMNH (4)AMNH (5)AMNH MeteorAMNH RoarAMNH Star balls

It was a nice weekend.  Ending with getting ready for Valentine’s day.  We asked Munchkin to practice his violin and it turns out he lost it.  Hopefully he just left it somewhere. 

Basketball & Bowling

Thursday night Munchkin and I went out to hear a talk at the library on bees and pollination for his Lego team project.  Friday night we went to his schools circus.  Nithin and Pearl were home bodies.  One night Pearl wore matching PJs with her doll.  At the circus I worked the popcorn machine. 

Matching PJsCircus

Saturday Munchkin had a basketball game where there were no subs.  He id a really great job and has been improving.  He says he wants basketball to be his sport.  Pearl had a bap between Fall and spring gymnastics so we only had one kid activity. 

Basketball Feb 5

In the afternoon we went through the kids clothes and this is the dress up our fashionable daughter chose.

Silly Kid

Sunday we were supposed to go to the aquarium with friends.  It is the season for sickness though and their son had a fever.  So we got ourselves together and went out to lunch and went bowling.  Pearl loved bowling.  Munchkin was disappointed he didn’t win.  He needs to learn it is about learning and having fun and everything requires practice.

Bowling (2)Bowling (3)Bowling (4)Bowling


Pearl’s 4th Birthday Weekend

The weekend started off Friday night with Munchkin having  a birthday.  Pearl and I stayed home to make cupcakes for her party.  I tweaked my back earlier in the day Friday so I was hurting by the end of the day.  I managed to make 2 batches of chocolate cupcakes (Pearl’s favorite) and a vanilla batch.  Grandma and Grandpa came Friday during the day for the weekend.

Saturday Pearl had gymnastics and Munchkin had a basketball game I stayed home to chill and be functional for the party.  Pearl was so excited for her party.  She was a great girl and took her afternoon nap and we headed to the gymnastics studio for her party at 3pm.  Munchkin and her friends had a great time.  It was a nice, relaxed time, with the kids loving the trampoline and obstacle course.  Pearl did a great job being the focus of attention.  Sometimes she is shy and withdrawn.  She has really come into her own.  She loved having the party focus on her. At the party all the kids got a real medal we had created just for Pearl’s party. In addition to cupcakes we had a chocolate fountain since Pearl loves chocolate so much it seemed fitting.  The kids, mostly the parents loved it.

Pearl's 4th PartyPearls 4th Party (2)Pearl's 4th Party (2)Pearls 4th Party (3)Pearl's 4th Party (3)Pearl's 4th Party (4)Pearl's 4th Party (5)Pearl's 4th Party (6)Pearl's 4th Party (7)Pearl's 4th Party (8)Pearl's 4th Party TumbingPearls 4th PartyPearls 4th Party MedalPearl's 4th Party (9)Pearl's 4th Party PitPearls 4th Party (4)Pearl's 4th Party Chocolate FountainPearls 4th Party Cupcakes

We got home and I realized I didn’t get a picture of both kids.  This one ended up being a pretty good one.  Pearl opened her presents from the party and loved playing with them.

Pearls 4th Birthday (2)

Sunday was Pearl’s actual birthday.  She asked for a chocolate bagel for breakfast.

Pearls 4th Birthday Breakfast

For lunch she wanted to go to our town’s dosa restaurant.  We had to go 20 minutes away (not our town) to fulfill her request.  She loves her dosa.  We didn’t mind going at all.

Pearls 4th Birthday Dosa (2)Pearls 4th Birthday Dosa

After nap we took Pearl to paint pottery since she loves art so much.  She painted three things and loved.  Munchkin and I painted too.

Pearls 4th Birthday Painting (2)Pearls 4th Birthday Painting

For dinner we had her favorites that Nithin makes, chicken snitzel.  She just loves having happy birthday sung to her.  She has a lot of practice.

Pearls 4th Birthday School (3)Pearls 4th Birthday

Pearl finally opened all her presents Sunday night.

Munchkin played the violin for us all

Munchkin Violin

Monday at school they celebrated Pearl’s birthday.  Even the security guard knew it was her birthday.  We came in and read Paw Patrol Birthday Surprise to the class.  I made a brownie in the shape of a 4 for Pearl’s class.  She requested it.  It was very sweet and Pearl loved it.

Pearls 4th Birthday School (2)Pearls 4th Birthday School

After three days of celebration we are back to normal.  Pearl had her 4 year old check-up. She is in the 90% for height.  She is 36.3 lbs and 3’6″.

Long Weekend & Science Fair

Two weekends ago was Martin Luther King weekend.  Nithin’s parents came for the weekend.  I attended Vogue Knitting Live in the city on Saturday.  I love the yarn art at the event.  I went to a talk with Norah Gaughn on cables and Cecelia Two weekends on Sequence Knitting.  It was inspirational. 

Vogue Live NYC 2017Vogue Live NYC 2017 (2)Vogue Live NYC 2017 (3)Vogue Live NYC 2017 (4)Vogue Live NYC 2017 (5)Vogue Live NYC 2017 (6)Vogue Live NYC 2017 (7)

Nithin was home with the kids and his parents and did the normal Saturday of gymnastics for Pearl and basketball for Munchkin. 

Munchkin Basketball Jan. 14

Sunday we hung around the house and went out to dinner to have dosa. 

DosaDosa (2)

Monday Nithin was home with the kids and I was off to a conference at work.  Work was pretty intense before the conference so it is nice to have that done.


Munchkin and Nithin finished printing the buttons and case for the game they made.

Game Done

Munchkin had a great basketball game last Thursday.  He made an good effort and got the ball.  When he had the ball someone stepped on the back of his shoe and he walked out of his shoe.  It was funny. 

Basketball Jan 19 (2)Basketball Jan 19

We did a trial run with the chocolate fountain.  The kids loved it. 


We got together with Munchkin’s science team twice over the weekend to work on their project.  They want to look into how airplanes fly.  We talked to our friend who is a pilot over Face Time and went to the Cradle of Aviation.  I think the kids are focused on how the different flaps of the plane effect flight.  Here is the team building a wing on the floor of our kitchen.

Science Fair

Pearl turns 4 this coming weekend.  She is so excited for her birthday party. 

Knitting 2016

Plimouth Hat

This hat I made for my dad for Father’s Day.  I bought the yarn because it was so soft and made in Maine.  I really loved that the pattern had another New England reference. 

Yarn: Swan’s Island Natural Worsted

Pattern: Plimouth Hat by Alicia Plummer

Plymouth Hat FrontPlymouth Hat


Pattern: Saroyan by Liz Abinante

Yarn: North Light Fibers Worsted in Ocean Mist – I bought this yarn at the North Light Fibers Knitting retreat in 2015 on Block Island. 

Needles: Size 9

Saroyan DetailSaroyan


During the Sumer Olympics this year I made the following sweater for Munchkin.  He chose the yarn and pattern.

Yarn: Munchkin chose the yarn from a ice cream shop near my parents house in Mass.  A local woman made the yarn.

Needle: Size 7

Pattern: Lancelot by Solenn Couix-Loarer

NYC Thanksgiving Macy's SantaLancelot DetailLancelot

Fleur Bleue

During the Summer Olympics I was able to start and get a pretty good dent into a sweater for Pearl this year. 

Pattern: Fleur Bleue by Christelle Nihoul

Yarn: Queensland Collection Joey’s Baby SilkA

Needle: Size 4

Fleur Bleue FrontFleur Bleue Back

Cat Hat

Pearl loved her cat hat.  So I made her another one just a little larger this year. 

Yarn & Pattern: Top This! by DMC

Needles: Size 9

Cat Hat

I also made this butterfly one for Pearl. 

Butterfly Hat

Blueberry Hat

A kit from Euro Baby made for a co-workers baby.

Needle: Size 6

Blueberry Hat

Teachers Gifts

The below are gifts I made for the kids teachers for the holidays

Perfect Topping for Pearl’s Teacher

Pattern: The Perfect Topping – Euro Yarn Design

Needle: 10

Perfect Topping

Perfect Topping for Munchkin’s Teacher Assistant

Perfect Topping (2)

Beret for Pearl’s Teacher

Pattern: Purl Beret by Purl Soho

Needles: Size 2

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight


Wurm for Munchkin’s Teacher

Pattern: Wurm by Katharina Nopp


Mitts for our Sitter

The kids love the woman who watches them after school.  She was Pearl’s teacher last year.  We are so lucky to have her. 

Pattern: Susie Rogers’ Reading Mitts by Susie Rogers

Needles: Size 2

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Soft Rock in Watermelon Tourmaline

Reader Mitts

The P*ssy Hat

For the march in DC January 21st there is a group encouraging pink cat hats are made to represent women empowerment.  I made one for my neighbor and her sister who is going to the march.

Pussy Hat

Kids, Work, Winter Wonderland

This was a 4 day week, but it felt like 5.  Lots going on.  The kids were well and going to school.  Nithin and I are sick.  Nithin even stayed home one day and went to the doctor.  Saturday Pearl had gymnastics and Munchkin had basketball as normal.  While it started snowing before we left for Pearl’s gymnastics class.  So during class I went out to the grocery store for full contact grocery shopping.  The store was crazy.  By the time we got home there was a couple inches on the ground.   Pearl refused to go out while it was still snowing.  It didn’t bother Munchkin.  Pearl went out on Sunday.  We got maybe 6-7 inches total.  It was our first good storm.  I had to work this weekend and Nithin and I are still recovering from being sick so we didn’t go out to play much. 

Jan 7 BasketballSnow AngelSnowy House

Sunday morning both kids had birthday parties.  Pearl had a party that was an art birthday.  There was a perfect number of kids, it was nice.  Munchkin had a birthday party for a friend at the local movie theatre to see the movie “Sing”.

G Birthday Party

I made a couple Pussy Hats for my neighbor and her sister.  They are supposed to represent female empowerment after Trump’s stupidness toward women.  My neighbors sister is going to the march in DC so I hope she wears it and enjoys it. 

Pussy Hat

This weekend was overall tough because it feels like Munchkin is going through a “no” phase, where the answer to everything is no.  Pearl is going through a winey phase.  The silliest thing and she will start to wine and if you don’t catch it will turn into full on tears.