Virginia Spring Break

The second week of April we drove south for a week in Virginia.  On the first day we drove to Alexandria to break-up the trip.  That leg of the trip took FOREVER because everyone else was on the road too.  In Alexandria we got there around dinner and went out to dinner near the water.

Alexandria Dinner (2)

We spent the morning going to Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home.  The kids really loved learning about our first president.  He was a really great man and leader who could pull people together.  It was really awesome that you could walk through his actual home.

Mount Vernon (6)

Mount Vernon (2)

Mount Vernon (5)Mount Vernon (4)

Mount Vernon

We ate lunch in the tavern at Mount Vernon which was a great lunch.

In the afternoon we went to the Udvar-Hazy Center which is an extension of National Air and Space Museum.  Munchkin loves that place when we went a few years ago and asked to go again.  We love the space shuttle exhibit and all the different planes.

Air and Space Museum (2)Air and Space MuseumAir and Space Museum (7)Air and Space Museum (6)Air and Space Museum (5)Air and Space Museum (4)Air and Space Museum (3)

On Monday morning we drove down to Williamsburg and hit Jamestown for the afternoon and then head to our hotel.  Munchkin loved working on the boat and learning about the armory.  The boats were so incredibly small, it is amazing people made it across the Atlantic in them.  There was a man there talking about how crude medicine was at the time which was really interesting.

Jamestown (8)Jamestown (7)Jamestown (6)Jamestown (5)Jamestown (4)Jamestown (3)Jamestown (2)Jamestown

We spent Monday night staying at pub house that was part of the colonial houses in Williamsburg.  Here is our house. and a view from the room.  We could only have two people in a room so we had to split up into two rooms that were across the hall from each other.

Williamsburg Historic TavernWilliamsburg Tavern Window

We ate dinner our first night at King’s Arms Tavern.  It was a fabulous meal.  Munchkin loved wearing his napkin as a bib and having real ginger ale from a bottle.

Williamsburg (2)Williamsburg (3)

We spent Tuesday and Wed. going around all the houses in Williamsburg.  Grandma and grandpa joined us on Wed.

Williamsburg (5)Williamsburg (24)

Williamsburg (17)Williamsburg (16)

Williamsburg (13)Williamsburg (14)

Williamsburg (15)

Williamsburg (18)

Williamsburg (8)Williamsburg (4)

Williamsburg (23)

Williamsburg (12)Williamsburg (11)

Williamsburg (7)Williamsburg (6)

For Thursday my sisters family joined us so the kids got to spend time with their cousins.  The kids really enjoyed the time.

Williamsburg Cousins

Williamsburg (20)Williamsburg (21)

Williamsburg (22)

This is what you do when you see a bust of Thomas Jefferson.

Williamsburg (25)

Pearl tolerated going to all the houses.  We couldn’t do any long tours unless she was napping.  Munchkin loved to see how things work.  I love the history and how hands on it is.

On Friday morning we headed out to stop in Delaware, spent the night and then headed home on Saturday.  The drive home was beautiful across the Chesapeake Bay bridge.  It was a really great low key vacation.  I love Williamsburg, we need to go back more now that the kids are older.


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