Busy Start to April

The first weekend in April was absolutely crazy.  I went for work to Cali at the end of the week.  The yarn crawl that I help organize happened.  I made it around to most of the shops on Friday and Saturday.  Pearl was Monster of the week at school.  We went in and read a book to the class (The Little Mermaid) and Pearl told the class that her last name was Princess.  We brought in munchkin’s for the class for a treat. 

Pearl Monster of the Week

The first Saturday of April our town had our annual easter egg hunt.  It was raining so it was inside in the gym.  Both kids did the egg hunt this year.  They were really great at helping each other out. 

TownEggHuntTownEggHunt (4)TownEggHunt (2)TownEggHunt (3)TownEggHunt (5)

The kids and Nithin went to the Long Island Robotics competition at Hofstra. 

Sunday Pearl had her first soccer practice.  She was slow to participate but she got into it if Nithin stood there with her.  She was so excited to go.

Pearl Soccer (2)Pearl Soccer PracticePearl Soccer

Sunday afternoon Pearl and I went out to get our nails done.  As a reward for improving so much at basketball this year Munchkin and Nithin went to a Nicks game.  Marcus Camby was there for a celebration.  He was big when we went to UMass.  Munchkin loved the game. 

Pearl ManiNicks Game


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