Munchkin is 9

Today Munchkin turns 9.  He had his party on Saturday at the science museum with his camp counselor running the party.  This was his first party not at home.  He loved having his camp counselor running the party.  His theme was space and rockets.  The first part of the party was skylab, which is a portable planetarium.  The kids learned some constellations and heard some stories.  We ate and had cake.  I made a rocket cake with cupcakes that has star sprinkles.  We had a sparkler candle that looked like a rocket cake launching.

Munchkin 9th PartyMunchkin 9th Party (2)

Munchkin 9th Party (8)Munchkin 9th Party SkylabMunchkin 9th Party (3)Munchkin 9th Party (4)Munchkin 9th Party (5)Munchkin 9th Party (6)Munchkin 9th Party (7)

Then the kids went outside to see a rocket launch.  They had some faulty launches to start.  After getting a new remote launcher it was a success.  Munchkin loved it.

Munchkin 9th Party RocketMunchkin 9th Party Family

Munchkin has become an independent, inquisitive, nice boy.  We left track practice a couple weeks ago.  It was his first practice.  His coach says to me as we leave how nice a boy he is.  Munchkin has decided this year that sailing and basketball will be his sports.  He has decided that he is going to work for Nasa.  He reads a good amount and researches topics he is interested in.  He is a good friend and is kind to his sister.  We are so lucky to have him in our lives/family.


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