The first weekend in December Pearl had her gymnastics class and Munchkin had a playdate.  We met up later in the morning at Bounce the trampoline place.  Pearl loved to jump into the foam pit and get out, she must have done it a hundred times. 

Bounce (2)Bounce

We decorated our tree and baked gingerbread and peppermint woopie pies for an annual cookie party with my knitting friends.

TreeWoopie Pie

It is amazing how great bakers we all are.  All the cookies were fabulous.  Pearl loved the chocolate ones.  At least she has a theme.

Cookie PartyPearl Cookie

The first full week of December our town had our tree lighting where Santa comes on the fire truck.  Pearl didn’t want to go and had to be forced to go.  Nithin managed to catch a nice picture of her.  But most of the time she was trying to avoid everything by hiding in her stroller. 

Tree Lighting2Town Tree LightingTree Lighting

The second weekend in December we stayed pretty chilled out at home.  Children were sick and we had to get all our preparation for Christmas done because we would be away the next weekend.  Pearl’s hair had to get addressed though.  Dred locks were starting to form with her curls, fine hair and the fact that brushing her hair is a full contact sport chasing her around the house. 

Haircut Dec (2)Haircut Dec

Both kids had great report cards.  So they both chose to go out to two different restaurants.  Munchkin chose his favorite Italian restaurant.  Pearl chose to eat by the ocean. 

Report Card Dinner

We made gingerbread play dough for Pearl’s class. 

Class Gift

The 3rd week of December Pearl had her schools holiday gingerbread house making.  The kids were making gingerbread houses using a half gallon carton.  You have never seen so many type A parents helping their kids build a gingerbread house with a lack of frosting.  It was almost like survivor.  Pearl seemed to like having us there. 

Gingerbread House BuildingGingerbread House Building (2)Gingerbread House Building (3)

Nithin took Pearl to her last art class of the year.  He said it seemed to be blue man group themed. 

Art Class Dec(2)Art ClassDec

Munchkin missed his first basketball game because he was sick.  He had a Thursday night game for his second game.  His team is Iowa as the theme is college teams. 

Dec First Basketball

The third weekend of December we went away for the weekend to the Kalahari water park in the Pocono’s.  We left right after school Friday and got there Friday night after dinner.  We spent Saturday at the water park.  Nithin’s Aunt and Uncle came and visited us for dinner on Saturday night which was nice. 

Kalahari ResortKalahari Resort (2)Kalahari Resort (3)Kalahari Resort (4)Kalahari Resort (5)Kalahari Resort (6)Kalahari Resort (7)

On this trip it was tough to get the kids to take a good picture.  One wouldn’t smile then the other would stick their tong out.  The attitude has started.  Sunday we left the hotel and spent the afternoon at Crayola.  Crayola was in the town right next door to the Polar Express which we rode on in the late afternoon.  Our kids love Crayola and creating things. 

Crayola DecCrayola Dec(2)Crayola Dec(3)Crayola Dec(4)Crayola Dec(5)Crayola Dec(6)

Finally we went on the Polar Express in Phillipsburg, NJ.  It is a great experience.  We saw performers, had our ticket punched, saw Santa and had hot chocolate and cookies.  Pearl wanted nothing to do with Santa.

Polar ExpressPolar Express (2)Polar Express (3)Polar Express (5)Polar Express (6)Polar Express (7)

It was a great weekend. 


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