October is the Busiest Month

Between all the festivals it feels like October is the busiest time of the year.  Just before October started Munchkin had open house at his new school.  This was Munchkins desk.  He now has a desk and doesn’t sit at a table. 

Back to School Night

The first weekend in Oct. we went to Maker Fair.  We were still getting over being sick so we didn’t stay as long as we would have.  We did get to all the kids section.  Our kids really loved making reverse parachutes out of plastic bags and a pinball machine.  Pearl made a brushbot she raced. 

Maker FaireMaker Faire (2)Maker Faire (3)Maker Faire (4)Maker Faire (5)Maker Faire (6)

The kids were off Monday and Tuesday for Jewish holidays so Nithin worked from home.  He took them to the library one day to 3D print.  The Maker bot even moves, it was pretty cool.  Each kid was really pleased with their print.

3D Printing (2)3d Printing

The second weekend in October we went up to Mass. to visit Nithin’s family.  The kids loved hanging out with their cousins.  Munchkin slept over his cousins.  Pearl let her aunt hang out with her so Nithin and I could go out.  We had cake for Aja’s birthday.  Pearl told us it was her birthday and she was taking over.  She blew out the candles for Aja.  It was cute.  Now she wants her birhday every day. 

Aja BirthdayAja Birthday (2)Aja Birthday (3)Aja Birthday (4)Aja Birthday Cut Cake

The kids had another Jewish holiday off on Wednesday so Grandma and Grandpa came to take care of them.  They went and picked pumpkins and did a corn maze.  Munchkin made pumpkin seeds.  I had a filling come out and had to wait 1.5 days to get to the dentist.  I then needed an overlay so my parents got to come and see how the dentist makes crowns on site.  It was cool.

On Saturday of the third weekend of Oct it was super busy.  Munchkin and Pearl didn’t want to go to Oyster Fest.  So we went to gymnastics, rode bikes, and went to the playground.  Munchkin and his friend were so good at taking care of Pearl at the playground. 

Fiber Optic ProjectBiker KidsPlayground

On Sunday Nithin took the kids to an event at Pearl’s school and a Diwalli festival locally. 

Diwalli Festival (2)Diwalli Festival (3)Diwalli Festival (4)Diwalli FestivalFall Fest (2)Fall Fest (3)Fall Fest (4)Fall Fest

I went off with a couple friends to the NY Sheep and Wool Festival.  It was nice to just wander the festival with no real needs.  I bought very little yarn and a few other things.  I brought home a sheep for your lawn.  I texted Nithin I bought a sheep and he wasn’t phased.  I haven’t been knitting a lot so seeing everything was kinda overwhelming surprisingly. 

Sheep and WoolSheep and Wool ParadeSheep and Wool (2)

I brought the kids home cake balls so we had Pearl’s birthday party again.  I think that was a total of three times over the weekend.  We have another boy from classes birthday this weekend, lets see how she handles it. 

Birthday Again (2)Birthday Again


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