Last Half of Summer

August was a busy month with events, knitting Olympics and vacation, so I am catching-up.  The last weekend of July we went to the beach.  Munchkin is now the official crab hunter.  He finds hermit crabs like a champ.  Pearl loves the sand and rocks at the beach. 

SwingingBeach 25 Hermit CrabsBeach ChocolateBeach Crab KidsBeach Crabs (2)Beach CrabsBeach Ice Cream (2)Beach Ice Cream BabyBeach Ice CreamBeach Seaweed

The first week of August Munchkin went to a camp to make an underwater robot.  The camp spent the last day at the Webb Institute which is a college for students who want to be naval architects.  They have a tank that simulates weather conditions for boats and the kids robots.  It was an awesome place. 

Webb Institute SubmarineWebb Institute Submarine (2)Webb Institute Submarine (3)Webb Institute Submarine (4)Webb Institute Submarine (5)Webb Institute Submarine (6)Webb Institute Submarine (7)Webb Institute Submarine (8)Webb Institute Submarine (9)Webb Institute Submarine (10)

The first weekend of August we went to the beach again.  Munchkin found more hermit crabs.  It was the knitting Olympics this week so I was at the beach knitting. 

Beach Crab SeeBeach Burried Baby

Baby Pearl is now fully potty trained so her reward was a big Hershey Kiss.  She loved it. 

Potty Training Kiss

Pearl had super hero day at camp so we got her a Wonder Woman shirt and she had to wear her Paw Patrol hat. 

Super Hero Day

Munchkin went to survival camp where he made is own candle. 

Candle Made at Camp

The second weekend of August we did some fun things.  Pearl and I went to get our toes done.  Pearl was watching everything they did.  She liked it, but didn’t want to go back.  She showed everyone her toes for days, she was so proud. 

Pretty Toes (2)Pretty Toes

Then on Sunday we went into the city for the afternoon and went to the Lego store for Munchkin and the American Girl store for me and Pearl. 

Lego Store

Pearl loved playing in the Wellie doll section of the store.  We got a new outfit for her and her baby Tyler, it is cat pajamas

American Girl Store (2)American Girl Store (3)American Girl Store

We went to afternoon tea at the American Girl Doll store.  Pearl loved all the things and detail, but didn’t want to eat.  She organized her foot and put flags in it all.  She loved it though.  Munchkin even liked it. 

American Girl Tea (2)American Girl Tea (3)American Girl Tea (4)American Girl Tea (5)American Girl Tea (6)American Girl Tea (7)American Girl Tea (9)American Girl Tea

The third weekend of August we had my birthday.  Pearl wanted to make my cake.  She did a great job.  She went to the store and bought the cake mix and frosting she wanted. 

Birthday CakeBirthday Cake (2)Birthday Cake Making

We went to my company picnic and packed for our vacation the following weekend. 

Swimming at Sams

The last week of August we went to Seattle.  Post coming soon. 


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