Check-ups, Memorial Day & June Begins

Both kids went in for their 8 and 3 year old check-ups.  Somehow we missed taking Pearl when she turned 3.  So here are their stats:

Munchkin: Height 54.7 inches (95%) and 64.56lbs (75%)

Pearl: Height 40 inches (75%) and weight 33.5 (50%)

The doctor told Nithin that he will be over 6ft 3inches when he is done growing.  He will be off the chart.  That is our boy.

Memorial Day weekend was started off with Munchkin’s school having a program at school.  It was our last memorial day at this school.  Munchkin moves to the school across the street next year.  It was cute. 

Munchkin Memorial Day ProgramMunchkin Memorial Day Program (2)

Munchkin Memorial Day Program (3)

Munchkin had a baseball game as normal.  He doing a lot better.  We chilled out the rest of the weekend.  I packed for my trip the following weekend and had to do some work. 

Munchkin Baseball Memorial Day WeekendMunchkin Baseball Memorial Day Weekend (2)

The week after Memorial Day Munchkin had a field trip and learned about our town.  I left on Wed. for New Hampshere and Squam Lake.  Nithin’s parents came down for the long weekend to help out while I was away. 

Over the first weekend in June all the normal things happened with Nithin, his parents and the kids.  Pearl had art class which she totally loves and Munchkin had baseball

Pearl Art ClassMunchkin BaseballPearl Art Class (2)


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