Happy 8th Birthday Munchkin!

Munchkin turned 8 a week ago.  It was an intense weekend with a Star Wars birthday party, custom donuts and our first hibachi experience.  It was a great time.  We are so proud of our eldest and only for many year.  Munchkin is a great big brother taking care of his little sister and playing with her.  He is a great student, finishing up the 2nd grade.  This year he has changed from favoring math and science to reading and writing.  He reads a lot.  We are so proud of this growth.  Munchkin has some great friends and loves to learn and explore new things.  He played basketball on a team this year.  His sports are baseball and basketball.  He is 4ft 6 inches and 63 pounds.  We love our baby boy to pieces.


Munchkin had a Friday night game on his birthday weekend.  He had a hit and got a run.  I was really awesome. 

Munchkin Run (2)Munchkin RunMunchkin Run (2)

On Sunday Munchkin had his 8th birthday party.  It was Star Wars Jedi Training.  We had a Jedi come from NYC to train the kids their skills.  Munchkin wanted this party so much that he agreed to give up getting presents from us to have a Jedi come to his party.  Here are the party decorations.

Munchkin and I made a Death Star piñata that the kids were unable to break.  Nithin had to rip it open.  The kids really liked the Jedi training portion.

Then the kids came in for cake and pizza.

Rowans 8th Birthday Cake

On Munchkin’s actual birthday last Monday we got donuts for him to bring into school.

Rowans Donuts

For Munchkin’s birthday dinner we went out to our new hibachi restaurant.  This was the kids first time going.  Pearl was scared by the fire but got used to it toward the end.  She thought it was everyone’s birthday there and started saying other tables that had fires had birthdays.


One response to “Happy 8th Birthday Munchkin!

  1. Kerry, you guys plan the coolest birthday parties for your kids ; they are so lucky!

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