Life After Disney to Easter

The weekend after our Disney cruise (the last weekend in February) Munchkin and his Jr. FLL Lego team had their expo where they showed their work since Sept.  The theme was recycling and the boys investigated space junk.  It was a really smart topic and very different from all the other teams.  They won a medal for explosive idea.  So proud of our team. 

Jr Fll Model and ResearchJr FLL 2016 TeamJr FLL 2016

When we were able this winter baby Pearl went to art class on Saturday mornings.  This weekend grandma came with us and did Pearl’s hair.  Pearl LOVES to paint, it is her favorite part of class.  She is the last one to finish painting and is so careful and deliberate about it. 

Our Artist2Our Artist

For Nithin’s birthday we were planning a day in the city, but Pearl caught a cold.  So we hung home for the day and chilled out. 

Nithin Birthday

The weekend of Nithin’s birthday Munchkin learned to ride a bike.  Our neighbor is an awesome bike riding teacher and kindly taught Munchkin.  She was so calm and great with him and he got it after a bit.  The neighborhood kids were so supportive.  It was sweet. 

Munchkin Bike Riding2Munchkin Bike Riding

Here Munchkin Bike Riding Video

The next week was the week before Easter.  Pearl is always a wild woman when it comes to her hair.  She would rather have it going in all directions rather than brush it.  That is why when one morning she decided to brush her own hair it was a little odd. 

Pearl Brushing HairPearl Brushing Her Hair

Munchkin had his basketball playoff game.  His team won the first game and lost the second.  They were a great team.  Munchkin played up this year which was pretty cool. 

Munchkin Basketball Playoff

Over the weekend our community had an Easter egg hunt.  Pearl was pretty good at it filling about a third of her basket herself.  Munchkin didn’t want to do it. 

Easter BunnyEaster Egg Hunt4Easter Egg HuntEaster Egg Hunt2Easter Egg Hunt3

Pearl had a birthday party at our local pottery painting studio.  She had a great time painting. 

ME Birthday CupcakeME Birthday Party

On Easter weekend grandma and grandpa were here.  It was a pretty chill day.  Munchkin and Pearl loved their baskets and the eggs that the Easter Bunny left for them.  Munchkin was actually observant and noticed there were no eggs inside when he woke up.  The Easter Bunny came while we were eating breakfast. 

Easter5Easter Easter 2016Easter2Easter3Easter4


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