Merry Christmas & New Year

Munchkin had his school holiday party that I coordinated with the other class moms.  We have food allergies in this years class for the first time so it requires us to be creative.  We had the kids make ice cream snowmen, cookies and snowmen cheese sticks. 

Munchkin Holiday Party

On Christmas Eve I went to work for the morning and left sugar cookies for the kids and Nithin to decorate.  They did a great job. 

CookiesCookies (2)

On Christmas Eve we went to 5pm church service where the kids present the story of Jesus.  Once home I made a Julia Child scallop and shrimp dish, risotto and asparagus. 

Christmas Eve Dinner

We had our traditional family PJ picture. 

Chirstmas PJ

Here is Munchkin’s letter to Santa.  Pear wasn’t at all interested in writing a letter.

Rowan Christmas Letter to Santat

Pearl was up at 3-4 am and ended up coming down and sleeping with us.  So we were tired.  Poor Munchkin came downstairs at a little after 6 and couldn’t get us to get up until closer to 7.  Munchkin had already checked out his loot by then.  Pearl was a little surprised to see toys out by the tree for her.  The hits of this year was anything star wars for Munchkin and Pearl liked her Paw Patrol and her doll.  This is the first time she has shown interest in dolls so this is exciting.  Both kids liked the iPads that Santa got them. 

Christmas Morning 2015Christmas Morning 2015 (2)Christmas Morning 2015 (3)Christmas Morning 2015 (4)Christmas Morning 2015 (5)Christmas Morning 2015 (6)Christmas Morning 2015 (7)Christmas Morning 2015 (8)Christmas Morning 2015 (9)Christmas Morning 2015 (10)Christmas Morning 2015 (11)

For Christmas lunch we had yummy crepes and dinner we had our traditional ham. 

Christmas Dinner

On Christmas Eve our Saab wouldn’t start again, it has become progressively worse to the point of it being unreasonable.  So Saturday after Christmas we went and test drove a Subaru Outback and a Volvo XC60.  We had walked in wanting a Volvo station wagon, but after sitting in the back seat and not fitting we took that one off the list. 

The kids had the week off.  Monday they went with our baby sitter to paint pottery.  Tuesday Munchkin went to a class on the science of candy making.  On Wednesday Nithin stayed home and took the kids to a local trampoline place.

BouncingBouncing (2)

On Wednesday night the boys went out to see the Harlem Globetrotters play.  Munchkin loved it.  We wanted to encourage his interest in basketball.

Harlem GlobtrottersHarlem Globetrotters

On New Year’s Eve I stayed home and took the kids on errands and out to lunch.  Nithin went out mid day to take a croissant making class.  The results were yummy. 


In the afternoon of New Year’s Eve we went to our local Volvo dealer because they had just gotten a car in, but it didn’t work out.  We spent the evening at home.  I made bags for the kids to open every hour with a new activity in each bag.  Munchkin really liked having a regular surprise coming his way.

New Years Eve

Munchkin and Nithin stayed up until midnight.  Pearl was down for the count at about 9 and I went down about 11. 

Today we put away our Christmas tree and I went through Munchkin’s room.  Going through his room took all day.  But it is done and much more organized.  I went through absolutely everything.  So we start off the new year with both kids rooms clean and gone through.  I threw out probably two garbage cans full of junk and broken toys.  Another 3-4 totes went downstairs for storing.  This was a big accomplishment. 

We hope by the end of the weekend we have a car purchased.  Fingers crossed.


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