We went to Legoland in Florida for a long weekend on Halloween.  We got up super early for a 7am flight on the 31st.  We got to Legoland early afternoon and our room wasn’t yet ready so of course we headed to the park to check it out.  When our room was ready we headed back to rest and then went back to the park for Brick or Treat to go trick or treating in the park an do the other Halloween special activities.  We had an adventure themed room which I wish we took pictures of. 

Legoland Halloween (2)Legoland Halloween (3)Legoland Trick or TreatLegoland Halloween (4)Legoland Halloween

We did the Halloween VIP event which was a private dinner with characters, a special build, fireworks and other activities.  The fireworks were amaizing, they gave us 3D glasses to make the fireworks look like Lego bricks.  It was pretty cool.  The kids hated the loud noise. 

LegolandLegoland (2)Legoland DinnerLegoland Halloween Build

We then spent Sunday and Monday at the park.  The driving rides were a favorite.  Baby Pearl had to drive our boat with Nithin and I as passengers.  We almost ended up turned around.  She was a bit young to drive a car, she didn’t end up going far, but she loved it. 

Legoland (3)Legoland (4)Legoland Baby Driver (2)Legoland Baby DriverLegoland Baby Driver (3)

Legoland (5)Legoland (6)Legoland (7)Legoland (8)Legoland (10)Legoland (12)

Pearl loved this tractor ride. 

Legoland (14)Legoland (11)Legoland (13)Legoland BoysLegoland Button PusherLegoland CaroselLegoland Darth Vadar BoyLegoland Star WarsLegoland DubloLegoland Train RideLegoland Family (2)Legoland Family (3)Legoland FamilyLegoland Hotel (2)Legoland HotelLegoland KnightLegoland Tractor

Grandma and Grandpa met us there.  So while the kids are away the parents will play.  Smile 

Legoland Parents

The pool was nice and had Legos for the kids to build with.  Munchkin loved it.  He built a bunch in the pool.  Pearl preferred the splash park. 

Legoland Pool (2)Legoland Pool (3)Legoland Pool (4)Legoland Pool (5)Legoland Pool (6)Legoland Pool

For the first time ever Pearl slept pretty well on the trip except for one night. 

We came home on Tuesday.  We had a great time and spent our entire 2.5 days at Legoland.  Who does that?  It was a great place our kids.  Hopefully it is a memorable trip for our kids.  We loved it. 


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