As the World Rolls On

Since memorial day it seems like we have just been going, going, going.  It is the end of the school year so things tend to get a little busier.  Munchkin lost his other front tooth so both are now gone. 

No Front TeethNo Teeth Kids[4]

Munchkin has been practicing his baseball skills with a private coach. 

Munchkin Baseball HitMunchkin Baseball RunMunchkin Baseball Practice

Baby Pearl wore a dress her grandma made her to a birthday party of one of her school friends.  It was so cute.

Pearl Friend Birthday PartyPearl Friend Birthday Party3Pearl Friend Birthday Party2

Munchkin’s friend is also missing his front teeth.  They are so cute together.

No Teeth Kids

Munchkin has taken to reading to Pearl.  They are so cute. 


Last Friday was National Donut Day so I brought in some and printed out some cute signs.  They were totally appreciated and I think some of my co-workers might think I am a bit odd for celebrating the holiday.  Oh well.

National Donut Day (2)National Donut Day

Last weekend Nithin and Munchkin went to Mass. to attend Nithin’s nieces graduation from high school.  Munchkin was so excited to see his cousins.  Pearl and I stayed home because it was just a one night trip and she isn’t the best traveler still. 

Niece Graduation

Last Sunday was our block party.  We close down our street for the kids to play and the adults to sit around.  We had a special surprise for the kids of a blow up obstacle course.  The kids loved it, but I think they loved just being allowed to roam and play.  I went through the obstacle course with another mom.  Nithin went through with Munchkin, while going through Munchkin’s friends tried to stop Nithin. 

2015 Block Party2015 Block Party (2)2015 Block Party (3)2015 Block Party (4)2015 Block Party (5)2015 Block Party (6)2015 Block Party (7)2015 Block Party (8)2015 Block Party (9)2015 Block Party (10)2015 Block Party (11)2015 Block Party (12)2015 Block Party (13)2015 Block Party (14)2015 Block Party (15)

Pearl is singing a lot lately, even more than before.  She just loves listening to kiddie music.  Munchkin went for his 7 year and Pearl for her 2.5 year check-up.  Here are their stats:

Pearl is 29.5  lbs and 34 inches

Munchkin is 56 lbs and 51.9 inches

After school Nithin took the kids to the playground and to get ices.  I was at an industry meeting and out with friends. 


Munchkin’s school called and the speech teacher wants to see him regularly next year.  She wants to help him with his speaking and little bit of a stutter.  It isn’t a big thing, but he just needs a little help.

Friday was field day at Munchkin’s school.  Munchkin was so excited for the event, but totally serious during it.  While waiting for his turn he was constantly picking at the grass.  Munchkin was on the green team.  Both Nithin and I attended this big event. 

Field DayField Day (2)Field Day (3)Field Day (4)Field Day (5)Field Day (6)Field Day (7)Field Day Playing with Grass

Saturday, Munchkin had baseball and Pearl had her music class.  In the afternoon Munchkin and I went to a party.

Munchkin Baseball

On Sunday I went to an all day knitting class with Ann Budd on top down sweaters.  I met some really nice ladies there.

Ann Budd Class

Nithin took the kids to a small Maker Fair in Port Jeff in the morning.  The kids enjoyed it and Nithin had to drag them away for lunch. 

Maker Fair (2)Maker Fair (3)Maker Fair

Pearls last day at school is Thurs.  Munchkin has one more week after that.  Then summer camp begins. 


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