More Snow & Daddy/Son Day

Monday into Tuesday we had another snow storm.  This one not as bad as the previous.  The kids were home and had plenty of chill out and play time.  Pearl was actually not sick for this snow storm so she made it out to enjoy the snow.  She loved being pulled around in her sled and didn’t want to do anything else. 

Cutie PiesSnowSledding2Sledding

Pearl had her 2 year old doctor visit.  We found out she is now in the 75% percentile in height and weight of 35 inches and 27lb.  She is now a big kid now getting real vitamins.  We also caught our big girl with a new bar of soap in her mouth while watching TV.

Pearl also said her first real sentence this week.  She looked at Nithin’s shirt and said: There’s babies on your shirt!

First Sentence

On Saturday Pearl and I went to music class and Nithin and Munchkin went into the city.  They met up with friends and went to the Lego store, Sony Wonder Lab and the FireZone in Rockefeller Center.  Munchkin said he had a nice day with his dad and friends.

City with DadSony with DadFire Center with Dad

Today was a typical day catching up on things and going to a local camps open house. 


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