Pearl is 2

Our baby girl is 2 years old today.  She woke up at 4:30 am which is not typical for her.  She opened a few presents and then went to school to have a party with her friends.  She liked having Happy Birthday sung for her but didn’t know what to do with the candle.  Before her class party they did dot painting which baby Pearl wiped all over her face. 

Pearl is 2

Over the past year Pearl has grown a lot into a nice little lady.  She still loves her music and loves her brother.  The kids love to have snuggle time together and sit together cuddling.  It is amazing how music can really calm her.  She loves to go outside and ride her bike which we just push her around in.  She now has friends from school and friends from her music class.  She loves the iPad and is a wiz on that.  She has begun to love to talk on the phone.  When I am on the phone she will say “I talk” and then have a conversation.  She studies.  With the iPad and her music it is like she is trying to learn.  She has a sign language app, ABC, 123 apps that she will play over and over.  Then she will sing the songs too.  I think this shows she is going to be a learner.  She is obsessed with shoes.  She will steal anyone’s shoes and wear them around the house leaving them who knows where.  She is a tough little cookie with a mind of her own.  We still can’t get her to really eat veggies.  Her favorite foods are ham, pizza, cupcakes, hummus, mac and cheese.  For dinner tonight we are having ham and rice pilaf for her.  We are so happy to have our little girl. 


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