Happy New Year

This year has brought us to normalcy with our family of four.  Baby Pearl has become her own little independent human.  She finally sleeps through the night, most nights.  Munchkin is a great learner who is generally an awesome kid.  With my kids independence has come my own.  I have started looking to get back into the working world and have a few things going on the side.  Smile  Nithin is our same old awesome husband and father. 

2014 Pictures

Life Adventures



Here is all the knitting I did in 2014


I was on a tour recently where another lady asked another what were her resolutions and she said she had none because she knew she wouldn’t do them.  That made me think I need to come up with some resolutions as it is always good to improve yourself.  My resolutions are:

  • Blog in a more timely manner.  This year there were many times where I doubled up on weeks or took a few days to get it out. 
  • Knit more,  I really didn’t knit as much as I would like to this year. 
  • Loose the extra 5 or 10 pounds (not sure since I won’t weigh myself) I gained during the holidays. 

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