This Christmas grandma and grandpa made it for Christmas eve.  I made a French fish dish with Halibut, scallop, cream, mushroom, and white wine that was fabulous. 

Christmas Eve DinnerChristmas Eve Dinner2Christmas Eve Dinner3

We took our yearly family picture in our matching PJs.  This year we had sheep.  It was Pearls first time in a nightgown which she refused to wear unless she had pants on. 

Christmas Eve FamilyChristmas Eve Kids

The kids were up soon after 6am.  They went and snuggled with grandma and grandpa so mom and dad could sleep more they said.  Are they crazy?  Munchkin got everything he wanted from Santa including TNT, Lego Arctic boat and Lego helicopter.  Munchkin also got a gun that is almost as big as he is.  He ended up with 8 Lego sets.  That was his theme this year.  Pearl got a Disney castle she really liked.  She also really loved her shopping cart, sit and spin and Anna doll.  The Anna doll came with a dress for her which she threw down with disdain, but she loves the doll. 

Christmas 2014 (2)Christmas 2014 (23)Christmas 2014 (3)Christmas 2014 (4)Christmas 2014 (5)Christmas 2014 (6)Christmas 2014 (7)Christmas 2014 (8)Christmas 2014 (9)Christmas 2014 (10)Christmas 2014 (11)Christmas 2014 (12)Christmas 2014 (13)Christmas 2014 (14)Christmas 2014 (15)Christmas 2014 (16)Christmas 2014 (17)Christmas 2014 (18)Christmas 2014 (19)

In the end Pearl has a pile of packages she refuses to open.  She did really well opening the gifts she did open.  We will leave them for her until she wants to open them.  Munchkin made up his piles of gifts.  He doesn’t have just one. 

Christmas 2014 (21)Christmas 2014 (22)

We had Santa pancakes for breakfast. 

Christmas 2014 (20)

The rest of the day the kids just hung out  playing with their gifts and we had our afternoon ham dinner.  It was a nice Christmas for all. 

Christmas Dinner

Here is our Christmas Card this year.  Merry Christmas all!

Christmas Card


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