Halloween Preview

Last week rained most of the week.  Earlier in the week we made it out to the playground.  Pearl made her way to the tallest slide.  I could only reach her on my tippy toes.  She likes to hold hands while she goes down the slide.  She did that slide a ton of times. 

Playground Monday

On Thursday night for dinner we made a small Indian feast for Diwalli and had sweets. 

On Friday night Munchkin went up to his room after dinner and fell asleep in his clothes.  He must have had a super busy week and been so tired. 

On Saturday morning I took Pearl to her music class and then wen to the playground to see friends.  Munchkin and Nithin went to Munchkin’s first rock climbing class in a rock climbing gym.  Munchkin said he loved it and is signed up to go weekly. 

PlaygroundPlayground (2)Rock Climbing Class

Munchkin helped Nithin fix a computer this weekend.  After weeks of effort he finally got it working.

Helping Dad

Saturday afternoon we went to a birthday/Halloween party.  Munchkin is a fighter pilot and Pearl is a cat. 

Halloween PartyHalloween Party (3)Halloween Party Prep

Because last week was Diwalli we went to the temple in Queens for an early lunch.  Munchkin loves the Dosa there.  He ate two servings easily. 

Diwalli Lunch

Our town had its annual fire prevention day that Munchkin still loves to go to.  Pearl now says ‘fire truck’.  I think she loves it too.

Fire Open HouseFire Open House (2)Fire Open House (3)Fire Open House (4)Fire Open House (5)Fire Open House (6)Fire Open House (7)Fire Open House (8)Fire Open House (9)

We started off the week as usual and then this morning Munchkin hit his head on the table by accident requiring two staples.  He is a little embarrassed about it and doesn’t want me to tell family about it.  He wouldn’t let me take his picture at the ER because he didn’t want family to know.  School says that he can not participate in gym or recess until the staples are out so his friends will find out soon enough.  Tis is our second time to the ER with this kid. 


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