Quick Trip to Mass.

Friday morning by 9:30 we were in the car on the way to Mass. to see Nithin’s family before they went to India for a few months.  We got there in good time and met up with Munchkin’s cousins for some mini golf.  Munchkin has been asking for months to see his cousins.  Recently he has started telling us we could just go and drop him off and leave him because he wanted to see them so badly.  Munchkin’s mini golf game has improved a lot after golf camp.  Pearl went around being a hazard on the course and stealing peoples balls.  We worked around her.  She was cute.  Munchkin’s eldest cousin soon to be a senior in high school brought her boyfriend along.  Munchkin I don’t think liked having him around because he diverted the attention from Munchkin.  Munchkin really loves having his cousins dote on him. 

Mini Golf Helping DadMini Golf MunchkinMini Golf PearlMini GolfMini Golf Gang

Saturday part of the family went off to a concert and we stayed home and went to a trampoline park that had a climbing wall.  Munchkin and his cousin had a great time.  Most of the jumping pictures were a blur.  These were the only non-blurry ones.  We brought lunch back and the kids went to the playground and played at home.  We ordered a pretty good Chinese dinner. 

Trampoline ClimbingTrampoline Cousins (2)Trampoline Cousins

Sunday we spent the morning hanging out and eating Dosa (Munchkin’s favorite).  This is the picture we got of all the cousin’s before we left around mid day. 


Today we have been getting ready for the first day of school and recovering from vacation which was totally needed after a week and a half of travel.  Tomorrow is the first day of school for Munchkin and Pearl. 


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