City Jaunt

Last Tuesday was our last baby/mommy music class with an awesome group of babies and mommies we met and have been seeing at least once a week for almost the past year.  Some of the moms in our group are teachers and going back to work in Sept. and for us Pearl starts school in Sept. so our weekly Tuesday class and lunch fun comes to an end.  Pearl and I have loved our weekly ritual.  We will still be in touch, but things are changing and it won’t totally be the same. 

On Wednesday Pearl had her 18 month check-up.  She is 23 lbs. and 32 inches.  For a girl she is in the 50th percentile.  After her check-up we went to the Children’s Museum per Munchkin’s request.  We always have fun there.  Munchkin went through the climbing structure for the first time.  Pearl just loves this lighthouse slide they have in the kids area.  This girl likes to slide. 

Children Museum KidsChildren Museum ClimbingChildren Museum fishing

Thursday I told Munchkin we were going on an adventure.  We were half way to Caumsett state park before he realized his bike was in the trunk.  They have an awesome 3 mile bike trail.  I am super impressed Munchkin rode his bike the whole way while I walked pushing Pearl.  Pearl of course had a leaky diaper which I brought diapers, but not a change of clothes so she walked around in just a diaper.  Oh well, at least I had the diapers.  Halfway around the trail you hit the mansion which we stopped and walked around.  We took some awesome selfies.  It was a great park and great adventure. 

CaumsettCaumsett Biking MunchkinCaumsett KidsCaumsett SelfieCaumsett Selfie2

On Friday Munchkin had a play date with a friend from school.  We went to Garvies Point Museum which the kids loved.  They pretended they were Indians in the kids area, it was so cute.  Then we went back to our house for the kids to play for the afternoon. 


In the early afternoon me and the kids drove into the city to meet up with Nithin.  We went to the Central Park Zoo which Pearl thought everything was a cat or a bird.  Munchkin was just so excited we were dragged quickly from animal to animal. 

Central Park Zoo PenguinsCentral Park Zoo Bird WatchingCentral Park Zoo BunnyCentral Park Zoo CatCentral Park Zoo Dad and PearlCentral Park Zoo EggCentral Park Zoo Egg2Central Park Zoo FamilyCentral Park Zoo Family2Central Park Zoo FossilCentral Park Zoo KidsCentral Park Zoo MonkeyCentral Park Zoo Munchkin SpiderCentral Park Zoo MunchkinCentral Park Zoo Pearl BunnyCentral Park Zoo Pearl

After the zoo we went out to dinner and then hit the NY Historical Society Museum which was very nice.  They didn’t allow pictures in most of it.  They had a new exhibit on the author of the Madeline books which was really nice.  The basement has a whole children’s history of NY exhibit which was really good and the kids spent a ton of time down there.  It was an impressive museum for its advanced use of technology.  You pointed a screen at the wall and the screen would tell you about what you were seeing. 

NY Historical Society2NY Historical Society Munchkin as WashingtonNY Historical Society Pearl SchoolNY Historical Society

The rest of the weekend we laid low getting the house ready and packing for our first flying vacation with Pearl.  We head out Thurs.  I have forgotten how long it takes to pack when you are packing for a long family vacation with a baby.  Saturday evening we went out for ice cream and the beach.  When we got home our neighbor was making s’mores so of course our kids wanted to join in. 

Bayville Sunset Bayville Playground (2)Bayville PlaygroundSmore PearlSmore Munchkin

Sunday evening Nithin and I went out on a real date of dinner on the beach and then a movie. 

Monday we met some of our baby friends and their moms at the local beach to play and have lunch.  It was nice to see everyone again. 

Oyster Bay Beach2Oyster Bay Beach

Tuesday we did our last big adventure of the summer before our vacation.  We went to the LI Aquarium.  Munchkin fed the sea rays.  It was kinda gross but he thought it was awesome.  He says his favorite animal is a shark but when he saw the people go into the shark tank in a cage he asked if they were crazy.  Pearl ran around like a mad woman.  I really think we are going to have to leash that girl.  I had already packed her leash or else I would have pulled it out.  I did catch Pearl touching the water at the sea ray and fish pond.  I also found her kissing or licking the glass on one of the tanks.  I don’t know what is going through that babies mind. 

Aquarium Tank MunchkinAquarium Fish Watching (2)Aquarium Fish WatchingAquarium Sea Lion (2)Aquarium Sea LionAquarium Fish for Feading RaysAquarium Sea Ray FeedingAquarium Sea Ray Feeding (2)Aquarium Sea Ray Feeding (3)Aquarium Selfie

Tomorrow I think we will be doing something small and chilling out before our trip.


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