Fun and Inventing

Last week Munchkin had Astronaut camp all week.  He LOVED it.  Every day he came home having done something amazing and great.  They made moon rovers, rockets, grew food for space, and did a ton more.  I would totally send him back to another one of those camps.  Tuesday night our neighbor told us they were trying out the new fire truck.  So we were the only fire truck groupies showing up with our lawn chairs to watch the new fire truck in action. 

Fire Test On WayFire Test LoungingFire Test Spray

The rest of the week Munchkin went to camp and Pearl and I did errands and went to our exercise classes that are too much to do with two kids.  We went to the pool Thurs. afternoon and I went out to dinner with my mom friends Thurs night.  Friday night we took it easy since Saturday we drove down to Sesame Place for the day.  Munchkin initially didn’t want to go because it was Sesame Place and he isn’t into Sesame Street.  He threw a few tantrums about it but then we got him to look at the rides and how the rides worked.  He had a great time with that because he was going to go home and get ideas from the park and build Lego rides.  Pearl went on all the rides and tolerated things.  It didn’t seem like she particularly liked anything or didn’t like it.  Overall we had a nice day hitting the dry and wet rides.  Munchkin really liked the water slides.  He and I went on a few of them.  Around 4pm we headed to our hotel for the night where we cleaned up and went out to dinner, then went to the hotel pool.  Pearl was up at 4:45 in the morning and had to be taken for a walk, but wouldn’t fall asleep. 

Sesame Place KidsSesame Place Waiting to OpenSesame Place Bug RideSesame Place CarolselSesame Place CaroselSesame Place Cookie Pirate RideSesame Place FamilySesame Place Pearl PlaySesame Place Pearl Play2

After our rough night we decided to take it easy on Sunday and headed home stopping at Thomas Edison’s Laboratory which is a national landmark.  Munchkin liked going and seeing someone who invented things to get ideas.  They had railing that were really good to keep kids out so we let Pearl roam free which she liked.  Edison’s lab was really interesting.  He had a really interesting mind to be able to invent and market his ideas to build business’s around them.  Munchkin was really disappointed there were no tools in the gift shop to help him invent.  He left with a list of things he needed to help him invent, one being a conveyor belt.  Smile 

Edisons LabEdison Labratory PearlEdisons Lab (2)Edisons Lab (3)Edisons Lab BustsEdisons Lab DeskEdisons Lab Elevator MunchkinEdisons Lab Family (2)Edisons Lab FamilyEdisons Lab Machine ShopEdisons Lab OfficeEdisons Lab Phonograph

Monday it rained and so we decided to stay home and take it easy.  Munchkin went to the library to create a butterfly mosaic.  Otherwise we just lounged.  This week Munchkin is home so we hope to find some adventures.


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