Night at the Museum

Somehow this post was stuck in my drafts so it is being published one week late.

Last Tues. Munchkin went to paint pottery at a local shop with his baby sitter and Pearl and I went to music class nearby.  Munchkin had a great time and we met up after for lunch.  We went to our pool later for a swim.  Munchkin was good about swimming with his burn. 

Wed. we went to drop off Munchkin’s golf camp registration and went to a puppet show at the library.   Then Munchkin started his weekly tennis lessons.  They did a lot of drills to get the kids ready.

Tennis Lessons

On Thurs. we met friends in Oyster Bay to show them the yarn installation.  They came over for lunch and to play.  Later in the afternoon Munchkin had a birthday party for his friend across the street.  They had a great time swimming and playing. 

Friday we spent the day chillin’.  Munchkin even took a nap.  The boys went into the city late in the afternoon for a sleepover at the American Museum of Natural History.  Munchkin enjoyed talking to the people at the museum.  He saw a lizard who’s snot it how he poops and learned about meteors.  The guys had a great time sleeping under the whale.  Grandma and grandpa arrived and we all picked the boys up from the train in the morning.  At the train station they were having a motorized fire drill.  Those people are crazy.  They drive super fast cars and do the drills.  It was super loud so we didn’t stay long at all. 

AMNH Sleepover Train RideAMNH SleepoverAMNH Sleepover CotAMNH Sleepover Flashlight Scavenger HuntAMNH Sleepover Flashlight Scavenger Hunt2AMNH Sleepover GalaxyAMNH Sleepover MeteorAMNH Sleepover OutsideAMNH Sleepover Ready for SleepAMNH Sleepover ReptileAMNH Sleepover Teddy

Saturday evening we went and had dinner out at a restaurant on the beach which was really nice.  The kids liked that there was a playground right next door.  It was a nice evening. 

Sat Seafood SwingingSat Seafood Dinner Playground SwingersSat Seafood Dinner Playground Swinging KidsSat Seafood Dinner PlaygroundSat Seafood Dinner

Sunday we did bunch of things around the house.  We tried to teach Munchkin how to ride a two wheeler.  We were able to let go a couple times.  He is so afraid of falling.  This kid climbs trees but is worried about falling off a bike. 

Bike Riding

Monday grandma and grandpa left and we just hung at home.  Today Pearl and I went to music class and Munchkin painted a Dalmatian cookie dunk mug at pottery painting.  Then he had a friend over to play for the afternoon.  It has been humid and raining for the past two days.  Only one more day of this bad weather and then we are off to the beach.


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