Check-ups & WWII

I finally got a picture of Pearl and her tree.  On Monday it was close to 80 degree’s here.  I had to dig out some summer clothes for her to wear.  We weren’t ready yet. 

Pearls Tree

On Wed. I took both kids to the doctor for their 6 year and 15 month check-up’s.  Munchkin is now 52lbs. and 48.7 inches.  Pearl is 21.9lbs and 31 inches.  Munchkin needs to go to an eye doctor for follow-ups.  We have an appointment this week. 

Thurs. Munchkin TBall practice and I had dinner out with my mommy friends.  We went to this Mexican place Besito which I am thinking about their churro’s still. 

Friday Pearl had her gym class.  She really liked the parachute.  Friday night it rained hard so Munchkin’s TBall game was canceled.  They did play on Sat. morning in the wet field. 

Gym ClassTBall GameTBall Game2

Sat. afternoon Pearl had a birthday party for one of Pearl’s friends and Munchkin’s friend’s brother.  So both the kids got to go.  It was very cute to see them both hang together.  It was at our gym so Pearl knew what to do. 

Birthday PartyBirthday Party2

Pearl loves to chase her “baby” as she calls Charlie our cat.  The rest of Sat. we did things around the house. 


Sunday we went out east to the LI Fiber Festival.  Here is the kids snuggling before we went and eating cookies at the festival while seeing the animals.  We made the trip to the festival quick because we wanted to make it to a WWII event. 

SnugglesLI Fiber Fair

Later in the afternoon we went to Old Bethpage Village to see a bunch of hobbyists with their WWII equipment.  There was a bunch of tanks, guns and bunkers.  They had a tank parade and did a maneuver with blanks in their guns.  Munchkin LOVED it.  He loved talking to the guys about anything.  He would ask questions.  He even got into a bunker with a soldier and it took me 10 min to get him out, they were talking.  Just by happenstance we met one of Munchkin’s classmates there and the kids enjoyed discovering things together for part of the event. 

WW2 TankWW2 Foxhole (2)WW2 Foxhole ConversationsWW2 FoxholeWW2 FoxwholeWW2 Gun (2)WW2 Gun (3)WW2 GunWW2 GunnerWW2 ManuversWW2 Tank Parade (2)WW2 Tank Parade (3)WW2 Tank Parade

Pearl put up with the event pretty well.  She walked up to a couple soldiers and did here little dance (she marches in place) which usually means she wants something.  They didn’t care. 

WW2 Baby

This week we are back to the weekly grind.  Munchkin has a few play dates planned.  I am officially his social secretary. 


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