TBall, Trucks & Trees

We were back to a normal week at Wed. this week.  Munchkin was a little devistated he missed a couple things at school being out on Monday and Tuesday.  It wasn’t the educational things he missed.  He says there was an assembly and a plant sale (which he got to go to on Friday).  On Friday night Munchkin had his first TBall game.  He did really well.  He was up twice and played first base.  In TBall they don’t keep score and are more about getting the kids to try things out and participate.  Munchkin listened well and did a great job. 

TBall Game6TBall GameTBall Game2TBall Game3TBall Game4TBall Game5

On Saturday morning we went to the nursery and got Pearl’s tree.  We decided on a Macintosh tree that Nithin jokes is the first Mac he has paid for.  I guess he has forgotten about his iPhone 3s purchase.  Smile

Pearls Mac
In the afternoon the boys went to a truck show where the county had a bunch of different types of trucks come to a park for kids to touch and see.  Munchkin loved the army truck the most.  He has on his camouflage outfit also.  Pearl and I met the boys at Target for some shopping and then to bring home Chipotle for dinner. 

Truck ShowTruck Show Army TruckTruck Show ArmyTruck Show Fire TruckTruck Show PoliceTruck Show Tank

On Mother’s Day I was greeted with all my kids and breakfast in bed, a hand print from Munchkin and this bouquet of yarn.  We hung out at home and did a lot of yard work planting all the plants from the plant sale and Pearl’s new tree.  I relaxed and we all enjoyed the day.  I love my family. 

Mothers Day Flowers


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