Pre-Birthday & Arbor Day Weekend

This post is a little out of order covering our last week and weekend minus Munchkin’s party.  Munckin’s party is covered here.  Thurs. Munchkin had his third TBall practice.  They got their uniforms because they were supposed to have their first game Saturday.  Saturday morning it rained though so games were canceled.  His team is the Dodgers.  He says he still likes TBall but doesn’t like the running. 

TBall PracticeTBall Practice Uniform

Friday all the grandparents arrived.  Baby Pearl was not herself and crying in pain.  We hadn’t seen her like this in a while.  So we took her to the doctor and they said it was her getting her four molars at once.  So she had been on Motrin all weekend because it has been bothering her so much. 

Saturday we had time leftover after finishing birthday party preparation to go to a local Arbor Day at the Planting Fields.  They had a ton of activities for the kids.  Munchkin went to the petting zoo, made sand art, saw the tall man.  The highlight was that he climbed a tree.  Ton of pictures and video below.  We were so proud that he was able to accomplish this. 

Arbor Day Tall ManArbor Day Petting ZooMunchkin Tree ClimbingMunchkin Tree Climbing (2)Munchkin Tree Climbing (3)Tree ClimbingTree Climbing (2)Tree Climbing (3)Tree Climbing (4)Tree Climbing (5)

Videos of Munchkin climbing the tree.

Video of Munchkin repelling the tree. 

He just loved it and was so proud of his accomplishment. 

Saturday night we had a family dinner and Sunday was the prep and recovery from the party.  This week is a bit busy with Munchkin’s real birthday Friday and getting ready to go away.  After this weekend life will settle down a little bit for us. 


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