6th Ambulance Birthday Party

More pictures of Munchkin’s 6th Ambulance Birthday Party are here: http://1drv.ms/1m09Ew2

We were up early Sunday morning preparing for Munchkin’s birthday party.  We had employee badges for Munchkin’s Ambulance company for every attendee and everyone got a one time use stethoscope. 

6 Birthday Munchkin2IMG_15956 Birthday Munchkin Badges

Inside the house we had operation games to play, coloring and a craft.  The kids liked the operation game but not so much the coloring or craft. 

6 Birthday Munchkin Operation

6 Birthday Munchkin Inside Before PartyIMG_1594

We had snacks for everyone while they waited for all the party goers to arrive.  We had popcorn in medical gloves, pills that were candy, Jell-O and chocolate shots(eating a shot was a big hit), graham cracker and frosting band-aid cookies, heart rate monitor cookies, bones (Scooby Snacks), cotton balls that were marshmallows, and ambulance chocolates.  The food was pretty cool if I do say so myself.

IMG_15896 Birthday Munchkin Inside Food6 Birthday Munchkin Inside Food36 Birthday Munchkin Inside Food46 Birthday Munchkin Inside Food5IMG_1592

In the back yard we had Munchkin’s hospital setup, balloon piñatas, ambulance box cars for ambulance races, and other games all ready for the kids to play.  I got all the supplies for the hospital at the dollar store.  Everything from ace bandages, to gauze, to sling bandages.  We had some real medical equipment like heart rate monitors and blood pressure cuffs.  Some of the boys were really into it.  In the hospital I even had ambulance and wound tattoo’s.  Some kids thought the wound tattoo’s were so cool and others thought they were too gross. 

6 Birthday Munchkin Backyard6 Birthday Munchkin Hospital (2)6 Birthday Munchkin Hospital3

Here is the cake I made:

6 Birthday Munchkin Cake

The ambulance arrived soon after the kids did.  They were so excited they went running out of the house.  My neighbor is awesome and coordinated bringing our town’s ambulance.  This was a super special thing that they hadn’t really done before.  He is an awesome guy and the folks he brought with him were so sweet with the kids. 

6 Birthday Munchkin Ambulance (2)6 Birthday Munchkin Ambulance56 Birthday Munchkin Pearl6 Birthday Munchkin Pearl2

After the kids went through the ambulance and those that wanted to got bandaged up in the hospital we lined the kids up in front of the balloon piñata’s.  Every kid got to pop a balloon and get what was inside.  It was a new thing for them and a good it.

IMG_16086 Birthday Munchkin Balloon Pinata (2)

Next we had ambulance races.  The kids had to go and get a stuffed animal patient and bring them back.  This was a hit and the ambulances were a hit for general  use.  At the end of the party we found kids eating their ice cream in them.

6 Birthday Munchkin Ambulance Race (2)6 Birthday Munchkin Ambulance Race (3)

6 Birthday Munchkin Ambulance Race (9)

We had a scavenger hunt where the kids had to find a bunch of medical or ambulance related items that were around.  That was a hit because they wanted to come back and do it again.

6 Birthday Munchkin Scavenger Hunt (2)

Some, not all were into toilet paper bandaging.  So I made up cards that showed they had a broken leg, head, arm or body that had to be bandaged with the toilet paper. 

6 Birthday Munchkin Toilet Paper Bandage (2)6 Birthday Munchkin Toilet Paper Bandage (3)

There were times during the party the kids just liked playing on the playground.  After all those activities we headed inside for pizza and cake. 

6 Birthday Munchkin Pizza (2)6 Birthday Munchkin Cake (2)

The ambulance left and soon after the ice cream truck arrived.  The kids loved the ice cream truck and choosing whatever they wanted.  6 Birthday Munchkin Ambulance Bye6 Birthday Munchkin Ice Cream (2)6 Birthday Munchkin Ice Cream Munchkin

There was a few minutes for the kids to just play at the end of the party and enjoy their ice cream.

6 Birthday Munchkin Ambulance End Play

Somehow Pearl slept through the last part of the party.  She took a super long nap of about 2 hours.  We got her up and Munchkin opened his presents.  He was in heaven.

6 Birthday Munchkin Opening Presents6 Birthday Munchkin Opening Presents (2)

Munchkin said he loved everything about the party, but loved the ambulance most. 


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