Happy Birthday Nithin

This week was Nithin’s birthday.  He is 29.  Smile  We are too close in age so I can’t disclose his because then mine might be figured out.  We open presents in the morning around here.  Nithin got some beer, movies, and book from me.  Munchkin said he needed a skateboard.  I think Nithin was really excited about that.  Nithin worked a half day and chilled out in the afternoon.  We all picked-up Munchkin from school and went out to our favorite burger joint for dinner.  Going to dinner at 5pm is great because no one is there.  Pearl loved watching the traffic go by.  We came home to have Nithin’s requested dessert of a chocolate torte which I made from scratch.  It was surprisingly easy.  For a special outing on the weekend for Nithin we went to the Math Museum in the city.  Munchkin was so convinced he would be bored at the museum but he totally loved it and did all the activities.  It was a really cool interactive museum.  We went out to Eataly afterward for an amaizing lunch. 

Nithin Birthday

Math Museum entrance and Munchkin playing a solitaire game he really liked. 

Math Museum EntranceMath Museum Games

Pearl loved walking around the museum.  It wasn’t too crowded so we could follow her around and let her roam. 

Math Museum Maze Baby

The red and yellow string is straight and you twist in the chair to cross them. 

Math Museum Munchkin

The boys road in this cart over these acorn like structures.  Because the cart is touching a side at all times and because of the acorns the cart rolled really nicely.

Math Museum RollingMath Museum Rolling2

The boys road on trikes with square wheels.  Math Museum Square Bike BoysMath Museum Square Bike

Showing how you can make yourself a tree.

Math Museum TreeMath Museum Tree2

Pearl at Eataly with noodles as big as her.

Pasta as Big as Baby

On Sunday Munchkin went to ice skating and then he and his dad went to a rock show.  He touched a metal meteor.  He got amber and another rock. 

Rock Show

Pearl and I went to her first birthday party.  It was at the same place as we do her weekly music class.  Pearl loved it and loved walking around getting into things.  It kinda put me on end because for part of the party they had us in an art room with lots of things that could be messy if a baby got into it.  She had a great time and had pizza and banana cupcake. 

First Birthday Pary

Pearl is walking up a storm.  She is now able to carry things when she walks and is starting to lower her hands more and loose the Frankenstein walk.  She has two new teeth coming in on the top.   Her vocabulary is growing.  Tonight she was mostly saying the sound ‘achew’.  There is a song she loves that goes like… ‘Its freezing, its freezing I think I might start sneezing.  Achew.’  She loves that song. 

Tunnel Girl

Onto a new week.


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