Lego Olympics

We got back Pearl’s 1 year photo shoot.  See them all here:

These are some of my favorites…

Pearl 1st BirthdayPearl 1st Birthday3Pearl 1st Birthday12Pearl 1st Birthday13Pearl 1st Birthday15Pearl 1st Birthday22

Last week we had a snow day on Monday.  Tues. Munchkin had school.  After school we headed to the mall to the Lego store that holds a monthly build event.  The line was forever long.  We were number 63.  Because the build was more detailed than normal it took longer they said.  So we were in line for an hour.  Munchkin wanted to wait to do it though.  He built this black box creature from the Lego movie that came out this past weekend.  He thought it was awesome and had a great time. 

Lego Store Build LineLego Store Build1Lego Store Build2Lego Store Build3

We were snowed in again on Wed. with no school.  Thurs. Munchkin finally got to go to school for the second time this week.  After school they had after school programs.  He will be going to a science class on Wed. and a Lego class on Thurs.  This week he had the Lego class.  They built dragons which he just loved and he got to build it with his friend which was nice.

Lego Class Dragon Build

Friday there was a book fair at school that I was helping to put on.  So the family came to that and both kids got books.  While I was walking the halls I happen to notice some of Munchkin’s art work posted. 


Saturday we caught up on our Olympic TV watching, Olympic knitting and tidied the house.  The boys tried to go to the Lego Movie, but it was sold out. 

Sunday Munchkin had his ice skating lessons.  He is improving a lot and learning new skills. 

Ice Scating

Later Sunday morning we hosted an Olympic party for my knitting friends and their kids.  It was low key since we are all actively knitting on our projects which should be the focus.  It was a nice time and the kids had fun.  Some of the Olympic themed items was Olympic ring cupcakes, Olympic torches, Olympic medal cookies and Olympic ring pizza. 

Pearl Like the Big KidsOlympic BalloonsOlympic CupcakesOlympic FlamesOlympic Medals and CupcakesOlympic MedalsOlympic Pizza

Later that evening we caught Charlie having the greatest time playing with the balloon strings. 

Charlie Playing with Balloon


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