Vogue Knitting & Almost 1

Last week was a pretty normal week.  Munchkin went to science class on Monday.  Pearl and I went to stroller exercise on Monday and Wed.  Tues. Pearl and I have music and do lunch with our friends from music.  Nithin does Yoga on Tues. night and Pearl and I go Thurs.  The special events of the week is that Nithin went to lunch with Munchkin on Thurs.  Nithin came home with stories about all the silly things the kids say and how they have to one up each other.  We also found out from another mom that Munckin and another girl got called out to play maracas in front of the school with an orchestra group that came to play for the kids.  Of course Munchkin thought nothing of it and didn’t even mention it to us.  Thurs. night I had a nice night out doing dinner with a few of the ladies from Pearl’s music class. 

Friday Nithin stayed home and played Mr. Mom.  I went to Vogue Knitting in NYC and took a class, Custom Fit with Amy Herzog.  It was an amazing class where she went through her math, logic, and approach to constructing sweaters.  In her past life Amy also worked with computers so her thought process made a lot of sense.  She doesn’t do shaping in the seams but in the front and back directly.  The class was so worth it.  I met up with my friend there and we went through the marketplace quick and headed home.  The thing I loved about this show is the fiber arts.  Here are some of my favorites. 

Vogue DisplayVogue ArtVogue Art2Vogue Art3Vogue Art4Vogue Art6Vogue Art7Vogue Art8Vogue Art9Vogue Art10Vogue Art11 (2)Vogue Art11Vogue Art13

I went back on Sunday to take a class on Scandinavian Color work which was OK.  The teacher was quite nice.  I didn’t learn anywhere near as much as I learned in the Custom Fit class.  I haven’t learned so much as I have in the Custom Fit class in a long time. 

Munchkin came home Friday with a cold so they all laid low.  Of course Pearl caught it.  On Saturday my parents came to celebrate Pearls 1st birthday early.  Here is Pearl eating some cake and in her first birthday tiara.

Cake Baby2Cake BabyAlmost 1 Princess

Munchkin skipped ice skating as he was still getting over his cold.  It was pretty much a home weekend for the family recovering from sickness.  Tues. Munchkin went back to school.  The snow started falling early Tues. and school was ended 2 hours early.  Munchkin walks into the house with a snowball.  Tomorrow school is canceled and we are hanging at home again.  Munchkin is so excited. 

Today we are having a huge snow storm. 


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