New Year’s Home Vacation

After Christmas Pearl and I took Munchkin to a walk in music class.  He knows all the music since we play it in the car constantly.  He says he liked the class because most of the kids were 2-3 and he liked seeing the little kids.  I think he was a little a little shy being the oldest one.  Munchkin spent the rest of the afternoon playing with friends in the neighborhood. 

The Friday after Christmas Munchkin came with me to exercise class again.  Unfortunately the little boy he liked from the previous class didn’t come.  He did end up with a carousel ride as his reward for coming and behaving.  Pearl wasn’t so into it though and was really high maintenance so we left a few min early.  Nithin worked these two days so the three of us were on our own.

Merry Go Round After Exercise

Saturday we took Munchkin to the fire museum.  We knew we had to hit this one up once.  I dressed Pearl in this hand-me-down outfit that I think makes her look like a little gnome in pink and white.  The kids had a great time and we went out for burgers for lunch.

Fire Christmas TreeFire Museum Baby PuzzleFire Museum PlaneFire Museum Striped BabyFire Museum Busy[4]Fire Museum Truck

Sunday Munchkin took his dad to the trampoline place.  These were the only pictures where Munchkin wasn’t a blur.  He was really active the whole time I guess.  Nithin said he loved doing this swing and spent half the time doing just that.

Trampoline Swing[4]Trampoline BlurTrampoline Monkey

I love these pants on Pearl.  They have little mushrooms on them.  Pearl loves the guacamole.  We fed it to her straight.

Baby Play

Guacamole BabyGuacamole Baby (2)

Munchkin played lots of games with his dad.  The programming started early with this Robot Turtle and circuit builder games.

Robot TurtleBuilding Circuits

Munchkin has been busy building Lego things.  He predominantly got Lego’s for Christmas and has built most of them by now. 

Built Lego Heli

We said good bye to our big screen TV and got a new flat screen.  We are trying to improve our energy cost and the big screen picture had lines in it.  Nithin is still finalizing furniture building for the new flat screen setup. 

Bye Bye TV

On New Year’s Eve we went with friends to the party at our local Children’s Museum.  The theme was out of this world.  So the kids made flying saucers, hats, noise makers, etc. 

New Year Childrens Museum Space ShipNew Year Childrens Museum Alien PopNew Year Childrens Museum Shoe Shine

We had a nice Indian food dinner for New Year’s Eve.  The kids got glasses and noise makers. 

New Years MunchkinNew Years Baby

On New Year’s we went to see the movie Saving Mr. Banks, but didn’t stay through the whole thing.  Pearl stayed home with dad.  Munchkin taught Pearl to be a tunnel crawling machine.  She is excellent at it.  On New Year’s Eve Pearl caught a cold she is just getting over. 

Tunnel Crawling Machine

We tried our best to get pictures of Pearls hair after bath to show how curly it is when it is newly cleaned. 

Princess Curly Hair BackPrincess Curly Hair Back2Princess Curly HairPrincess Curly Hair2

On Thursday Munchkin had friends from the neighborhood over to play.  Pearl just loves being in the middle of the action.  The kids were pretending to be toddlers as a game which was a little disturbing.  It is probably because we have an almost toddler that it was too realistic and too soon.

On Friday it snowed a lot, over 6 inches.  We started off breakfast with snow cream and pearl had her own snow she loved.  She actually had a couple servings.  It was pretty windy and super cold so Pearl didn’t go out because she was still getting over her cold.

Eating SnowEating Snow No More

Munchkin was out for a bit in the morning at home and then I took him sledding.  Our neighbors told us of this nice hill that has a couple dips so it isn’t super fast and the bottom is a huge field.  It was perfect and Munchkin loved it.  He was a champ his first time sledding. 

SleddingSnow Munchkin

Saturday we did things around the house and since it was a tiny bit warmer out we decided to take Pearl out for a total of 5 or 10 minutes.  She was totally happy about being in the snow and sledding around the yard until her feet got cold.  I never bought her winter boots because who knew what her shoe size was going to be and she isn’t fully walking yet.  She was totally happy getting ready and bundling up but cried the whole time we were taking it all off.  Munchkin of course stayed out longer to play. 

Snow BabySnow KidsSnow Baby2Snow Kids SleddingSnow Baby SleddingSnow Baby Sledding2Snow Kids Sledding2Snow Baby Prep

After two weeks of being off and trying to keep the fun going while getting some things done around the house we go back to our regular routines tomorrow which is kinda sad.  It has been nice chilling out. 


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