Pearl is 9 Months

Baby Pearl is 9 months old today.  Today was a fun filled day for her since we had our music class which she really loves the other babies at.  Then we do lunch with the mommies and babies which she was very happy at and being very talkative to everyone.  Pearl is now clapping her hands when she is happy sometimes or with music, and sometimes she will wave.  She will shake a bell or maraca to the music.   She is starting to eat small solid foods.  Her new favorite food is cheerios. 

Here is Pearl’s official 9 month picture.

9 Months

Here are pictures of Pearl at Music in one of her Halloween costumes, a Cabbage Patch Doll.  I was inspired because it is the 30th anniversary of the doll so I bought one for my nieces birthday that looked like my sisters doll.  I also got one for Pearl that looked like my doll and then saw this hat that made Pearl look exactly like my doll, Kelsey.  Everyone loved how cute she was.  We put the kids in a line to take their pictures together for all the kids in the class.  A little boy kept pulling Pearls pink tail and taking the hat off which made her cry.  Then the little boy next to her started to cry and it just avalanched from there with most of the babies crying.  They were all super cute though. 

Pearl at Music2Pearl at Music


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