Weekend of Festivals

This week baby Pearl had her 9 month doctor visit a little early.  She is currently 18 lbs 13 oz. which puts her in the 50th percentile.  She is 28.5 inches making her in the 75th percentile for height.  

Oh Baby

Friday we picked Munchkin up early to head off to Rhinebeck to the NY Sheep and Wool Festival.  Pearl was better in the car than before.  We had to make 2 stops that were quite long.  So a 2.5 hour trip with a little traffic and Pearl took 5 hours.  We got to the hotel early in the evening so we could spend some time in the pool.  It was a nice pool and the kids had a nice time. 


Sat. morning we were up early with Pearl at 4:30.  She is still teething and having a little bit of a cold.  The kids and I were dressed in our hand knits.  Both kids had sweaters and hats.  We got to the festival an hour later than we intended because the traffic was so horrible. 

Hat and Sweater Model

Sheep and Wool Learning about Printing

I left the kids in Nithin’s hands and went to as many barns as I could.  I felt like a woman who was on the best shopping spree of my life.  No kids and perusing yarn, it was the best time.  I even kinda ditched my friends (sorry guys) because I was just so overwhelmed and in the zone.  I think this is what happens when I get to only one knitting festival/event in over a year.  Munchkin loved hanging out with my friends children.  He had the best time with them.

Sheep and Wool Friends

We got home Sat. evening in time for the bedtime routine and then Sunday morning were off to our local Oysterfest.  Because it was such a busy weekend and Munchkin demanded to go to Oysterfest to see the John J. Harvey fire boat, Nithin dropped Munchkin and I off at the festival and we took the train home. 

Oysterfest Coast GuardOysterfest Slug

Munchkin went last year and saw this old NYC Fire boat that has been decommissioned, the John J. Harvey, and needed to go back this year.  This year we got to see the fire hoses used which was new to him and very special.  The fire boat was built in only 4 months and is totally controlled by this engine room pictured. 

JohnJHarvey BoatJohnJHarvey Engine ControlsJohnJHarvey HosesJohnJHarvey Water Hoses

Sunday afternoon we got some swinging time in.  I took this picture because Pearl really looks like a little kid here and no longer a baby. 


Monday we dressed the kids in their Halloween shirts and got this picture.

Halloween Shirts

Pearl is currently talking up a storm.  We think she has one or two more teeth working their way in as she is chewing on anything she can get her hands on.  She laughs especially hard for her brother.  Nithin or I can’t get her to laugh like that, she loves her brother.


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