Colds & LI Fair

Last week was filled with Pearl, Munchkin and I taking turns having a cold.  For Pearl it was worse because she also got at new tooth (her 4th tooth total) on the top.  I think more may be coming too.  On Friday Pearl and I were on our way out and she was getting a little fussy at the end of our trip which I come to find out is because she spit-up/threw-up everywhere.  So off to the doctor we went.  They told us she was 18 lbs and 12 oz now and looked great except for a lot of mucus.  She didn’t know what to do with the mucus so she is spitting up.  At the doctors office she proceeds to poop.  So we are now on our 3rd outfit of the day and it isn’t even noon yet.  Grand.  Good thing I had extra outfits in the car. 

Munchkin had back to school night this week where the parents go in and meet the teacher, hear about our child’s day and see the classroom.  Munchkin sits at a table with 5 other kids.  Their parents all seemed nice. 

This weekend with all the sickness we decided to stay home and take it easy.  I went to exercise class and Nithin and the kids went to the playground in the morning.  In the afternoon Nithin decided to upgrade Pearl’s car seat so we didn’t have to use the baby one that has been defiled by baby spit-up.  It was about time, she was getting too big and it was too darn heavy to carry.  We love to swing, it is the kids favorite.  We can play on the swing set for an hour and Pearl just sits and swings.  We also decorated the house for Halloween on the inside and out.

SwingingHalloween Decor

Pearl is learning how to do high fives and on Sunday morning she gave Munchkin and me high fives, but wouldn’t do it for Nithin.  We headed out to the LI Fair this weekend to see our winnings. 

LI Fair PumpkinLI Fair People

Here is Munchkin’s 2nd place winning.  The people at the fair told us that people really liked it and commented on it all the time.  I also won a first and a second. 

LI Fair Munchkin WinFair Entry2Fair EntryLI Fair Win with BabyWinning Statue of Liberty

Munchkin cracked a geode which was pretty cool because one side was clear crystals and the other was black.  They said it is odd to have 2 sides have different minerals.  Munchkin also did the farmer  for a day activity and the old fashioned ferris wheel. 

LI Fair GeodesLI Fair Farmer for the DayLI Fair PearlFerris Wheel

We had to go back that evening to pick-up our entries.  Munchkin was asleep in the car so the only way I could get him to walk in with me was to put him in the stroller.  It worked.  He is so proud of his winning and can’t wait to show the kids at school. 

Tired Kid

We left Nithin and Pearl home to nap and do her 8 month shoot.  Here is the result after the shoot. 

Sleeping Baby

We still aren’t through the colds.  Munchkin was worse this morning so we kept him home today for the first time. 


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