First Day of School

Yesterday was Munchkin’s first day of Kindergarten.  It was a big milestone for him but he was super excited for it.  He wouldn’t tell us but I think he was a little unsure because he wouldn’t fall to sleep the night before until 10pm and was up super early yesterday morning.  He picked out this shirt himself for the first day and he had his flame Converse.  We told him that he had to do a photo shoot which he was a good sport about. 

Kindergarten Muchkin4Kindergarten MunchkinKindergarten Munchkin2Kindergarten Munchkin3Kindergarten Munchkin5

Munchkin wanted to take the bus.  He had so many school supplies, lunch and a toy his teacher asked him to bring that he had to carry two bags.  Here he is getting on the bus.  He asked me to follow the bus which I promptly lost.  But I met him at school which he was in such a daze that he didn’t even see me even though I said hi to him.  I made sure he got inside and talked to a teacher who sent him down to his class. 

Kindergarten BusKindergarten Bus2 (2)

I kept busy all day as I was so nervous my first born baby was making his first steps into the real world.  I was busy doing errands and things until 2pm when I drove Nithin insane until a little after 3 when we headed outside to wait for the bus.  Nithin stayed home today so he didn’t miss the first day and to keep me company.  The bus arrived around 3:45 right outside our house.  He got off the bus and forgot his backpack.  Here is Munchkin getting off the bus as taken by our neighbor.  He said his favorite thing was coloring a picture of himself at school.  We received a nice note from the teacher that they had a tour of the cafeteria, read, colored, had circle time and indoor recess.  He loved it.  He kept talking about a few boys that were not good listeners.  We will see how this pans out. 

First Day Home

I asked Munchkin if he missed us during his day, he said, “Mom I wasn’t far away”.  Now onto day 2. 


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