Fire Island

Last week was our family vacation week.  Nithin took the week off of work.  Munchkin had really wanted to go to the local Children’s Museum so we did that on Monday.  Munchkin is now 5 so he is able to do the tools area.  They had a new exhibit where the kids can build or fix things.  Munchkin built a wall and then knocked it down.

Children Museum Wood ShopChildren MuseumChildren Museum WallChildrens Museum Wall 3Children Museum Baby

We went out to lunch Monday at a dosa restaurant and saw a new restaurant is opening of south Indian cuisine.

On Tues. it was time to pack.  Munchkin and Nithin went out in the morning to get my birthday gift while Pearl and I went to play class.  Munchkin spent the afternoon on a play date and Nithin and I packed for our trip to Fire Island.  We left Wed. morning to get to Ocean Beach in Fire Island.  We spent the afternoon eating out and walking around the town waiting for our room.  At lunch I chipped a tooth only a little, but enough to be sharp.  After walking around the town we got our room at about 2.  We actually had to book 2 rooms so that we all fit because the rooms were so small.  In trying to unpack I accidentally dropped a large thing on my foot and bruised my foot pretty badly.  After about an hour of putting ice on my foot I sucked it up and we all went to the beach for about an hour.  Of course when we got there Pearl was asleep.  Munchkin loved to dig in the sand, make sand castles, and be buried.

Fire Island Beach BabyFire Island Baby BeachFire Island Happy Beach GirlFire Island Beach GirlsFire Island BabyFire Island Beach DiggerFire Island Burried BoyFire Island BeachFire Island Police

On Thurs. the weather was forecasted the day before to be beautiful, but of course that changed and it ended up raining.  We still made it to the beach in between the rain two times.  I got the kids these matching shirts with dogs in a wagon.  The island doesn’t have cars so everything has to be transported by people.  So wagons are used a lot to get lots of things from place to place.  I just love this picture with the kids in their matching shirts.

Fire Island KidsFire Island Beach FamilyFire Island Beach GirlFire Island Burried Boy2Fire Island BurriedFire Island Dad and DaughterFire Island Digging

On Friday, my Birthday, my parents came over on the morning ferry and met us for breakfast.  We then went to the beach for a bit before we had to check-out.  We had lunch and headed home on the early afternoon ferry.  Munchkin said he really liked going to a place where you had to walk everywhere.  He thought it was cool.  He actually brought his scooter and was able to get around on that most of the time.

Fire Island Sand PlayFire Island CastlesFire Island Kids (2)Fire Island Kids (3)Fire Island Ferry

Friday was my birthday so for dinner we had lobster and our favorite cupcake cake.

Birthday Baby CakeBirthday Family

Birthday Dinner

Overall it was a nice birthday with my family.

Nithin is very excited to get Pearl into baby smash.  She likes to hit the keyboard.

Baby Smash

On Saturday the guys worked on clearing a “vine” from the side of our garage.  It was huge.  Then we went to our local amusement park for the afternoon.  Yes, that is Waverly strapped to me playing miniature golf. 

Bayville GolfBayville PirateBayville Golf2Bayville Bumper BoatsBayville Jumping2

On Sunday I had a baby shower for a friend who recently had a baby that is in the nicu.  The kids and Nithin went with my parents to a motorcycle shop, the park and then got Italian Ices. 

Motorcycle Shop PoliceMotorcycle Shop Ride Home

It looks like Pearl is getting more teeth soon as she is chewing on everything.  And she is getting herself positioned to crawl. 

Crawling Soon

This is the last week before Munchkin goes to Kindergarten next week.  We were told his teacher and bus schedule.  We are trying to get some fun activities in this week before school.


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