Pirates, Minions, and Fire Stations

Last week we had a heat wave here.  Munchkin spent most days going to camp in the morning and then going to the pool in the afternoon.    Here are some pictures of Munchkin playing inside on these hot days.  We made a 3D gear set and played rescue station a lot. 


Friday was just so hot we didn’t make it to the pool and just stayed inside most of the day.  Pearl was super cranky I think due to teething.  We did go out early in the morning to our local park where there is a pirate ship and then wrapped up the trip with a visit to Dunkin Donuts just so we got out. 

Pirate Ship2Pirate Ship

On Saturday we had a birthday party for a friend.  Because we thought it was hot and going to rain a little Nithin stayed home with Pearl and Munchkin and I went to the party.  This is what Nithin was up to with his girl.

The birthday party was Despicable Me themed and my friend did a crazy amazing job with that theme.  Here are Munchkin in the bounce house.

Birthday Slide2Birthday SlideBirthday Bounce

The minion army was in full force in cupcake format.  Munchkin loved it. 

Birthday Minion ArmyBirthday Minion Army MunchkinBirthday Minion Consumption

They had 2 huge pinata’s that were adult size with lots of candy in them.  Can you say sugared up kids?

Birthday Minion PinataBirthday Pinata HitBirthday Pinata Hit2

Then a petting zoo with pony rides arrived.  This party was over the top for a 2 yearr old happy boy.

Birthday Pony RideBirthday Pony Ride2

Sunday we went to the NYC Fire Museum. We are trying to do things Munchkin wants and increase our car time for Pearl.  It is located right near the Holland Tunnel so of course Nithin takes a wrong turn and we end up in Jersey “accidentally”.  After a quick tour of Jersey we made our way to the museum.  It was a pretty cool, small, historically focused museum. 

Fire Museum 3Fire Museum 4Fire Museum

The 9/11 memorial room was particularly moving.  They had a model of the trade center site before the tragedy, after, and what it will be. 

Fire Museum2Fire Museum World Trade Center

This was Pearl’s first visit to NYC.  She seemed interested in all the firemen stuff.

Fire Museum Dad and SonFire Museum FamilyFire Museum Hat

Munchkin wants to show you a “fire hydrant from the olden days”.  He also got to wring the bell, sound the alarm, and get on an older fire truck. 

Fire Museum Old Fire Hydrant SeeFire Museum Riding the TruckFire Museum Ringing BellFire Museum Sounding Alarm

When we got home Munchkin was playing with his new fire helicopter.  Pearl wants to get in on it and here are the pictures of that interaction.

Fire Helecopter EnvyFire Helicopter Oh No You Didnt

We decided it was a nice afternoon to do some family pictures in our Amherst shirts.  Amherst is Pearl’s middle name.  They came out pretty awesome I think. 

Amherst FamilyHappy Sitting on BrotherBrother and Sister2Brother and Sister

This week Munchkin is off to dinosaur camp every day, all day.  What am I to do with myself?  No worries.  I have a list of things that need to get done. 


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