First Week of Summer

This past week we went to the pool a few times.  Baby Pearl tolerates the pool.  It doesn’t look like she likes or hates it.  I have got it down taking two kids to the pool on my own.  It looked like baby Pearl was starting to find a way to sooth herself as she started sucking her thumb.  She isn’t too consistent about it though so I am not sure if this will be her way to sooth herself.  Pearl loves her jumpy toy and especially loves eating her sun.  I think teeth are soon to come.  We played a lot of battleship last week and are trying to put Pearl on her mat on the floor.  She must have noticed because she hurled herself trying to get to the battleship.  Is this the first of toy sharing issues?

Pearl Sucking ThumbPearl in BouncyPearl Eating SunPearl After Air Craft CarrierAir Craft Carrier

Wed. we went to the Cradle of Aviation and Fire Museum with friends.  Munchkin was so good at playing with his friend and showing him around. 

Fire Museum

It has been rainy here much of the week so we went to the Hicksville Gregory Museum and saw their rock and fossil collection.  Our guide was really cool and made the trip.

Hicksville Museum

Friday we met our neighbors at the pool and then it was grey all afternoon so we hung around inside.  This was the first time we heard Pearl giggle so much.  Munchkin was able to get her to seriously laugh a lot.  Here is a video of Pearl watching Munchkin and then another of Munchkin getting Pearl to laugh. 

Pearl Giggles
Munchkin Making Pearl Giggle


After the pool Munchkin was so exhausted he fell asleep on his chair.  He eventually ended up on the floor. 

Munchkin Nap Time

Friday was a big day because Munchkin succeeded at tying his shoes for the first time.  We bribed him that if he could do this every day for 5 days he would get a trip to Toy’s R’ Us.  As of today it has been 5 days so off to Toy’s R’ Us we go.

Saturday we went to Garvies Point Museum.  They have a really cool kids section for the kids to be like Indians.  Here is Munchkin with a Mammoth tusk and bone, just for Aja. 

Saturday afternoon Munchkin went to the pool and Sunday was rainy so I took him to see Monsters University.  Nithin actually caught Munchkin playing with his sister which was neat.

Munchkin started camp this week.  He goes in the morning and then we will go to the pool most afternoons. 


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