Lancaster Penn. Vacation

Last week we went on our last family vacation during the school year before Munchkin goes to school in the Fall.  We have other summer trips planned, but it is really nice to go away and have smaller crowds because everyone else is in school.  We decided to keep it closer to home since we had little Pearl so we went to Lancaster Penn. and visited family outside of Philly. 

We headed out a weak ago on Sunday.  It took us 3 stops so a trip that should have been 3 hours took us 4.5.  We booked a Hilton Homewood Suite which was awesome because it was a hotel room with a kitchen.  We will totally stay at one of those again as it was so nice to be able to eat some meals in.  Also they served breakfast and dinner most days.  We got to the hotel and decided to use their pool.  Baby Pearl had her first time in a pool.  She never cried and smiled whenever she saw Munchkin do silly things. 

Lancaster Pearl Swimming 5Lancaster Pearls First SwimLancaster Pearls First Swim2Lancaster Pearls First Swim3Lancaster Pearls First Swim4

Nithin loves to have the kids stretch like a baby.  Here is a picture of them doing their stretches together.

Lancaster Stretch Like a Baby

On our first full day in Lancaster it was supposed to rain in the morning so we went to a pretzel factory.  Munchkin had a good time learning about pretzels and so did Nithin.

Lancaster Making PrezelsLancaster Making Prezels2Lancaster Munchkin PrezelLancaster Nithins PrezelLancaster Our PrezelsLancaster Prezel

In the afternoon we went to the Amish House and Farm for Munchkin to see how the Amish live.  Since we have been to so many historic reproductions like Williamsburg, Plymouth and Sturbridge I think he had a hard time understanding this is how people live now verses in the “olden days”.  Munchkin was very excited to milk the fake cow to show grandpa he can do it. 

Lancaster Milking CowLancaster Munchkin Milking

This is Munchkin at school, in the buggy, and with the Amish boy hat. Lancaster Munchkin at Amish SchoolLancaster Munchkin BuggyLancaster Munchkin in Amish Hat

Our next day we took the kids to Hershey.  Munchkin loved being a chocolate factory worker and getting a wooden cork gun.

Lancaster Hershey Factory WorkerLancaster Hershey RocketLancaster Pearl and DaddyLancaster Hershey ParkLancaster Hershey2Lancaster Hershey3

This is the kids on the way home.

Lancaster After Hershey

On Wed. we spent the day riding the Strasburg railroad and going to the Penn. train museum.  Both were very fun and interesting.  Here is Munchkin with the train conductors.  We had to get a picture with every train conductor.

Lancaster Railroad with ConductorsLancaster Railroad Tickets

We saw a lot of farmland and even caught some Amish plowing a field with horses. 

Lancaster Clearing FieldLancaster Buggy

A special treat came hobo style which of course Nithin makes into a game of bad guys.

Lancaster Railroad snackLancaster Railroad RobbersLancaster Railroad Dad and KidsLancaster Train Family

Across the street is the Penn. Train Museum which was a really awesome museum.  They had tons of trains you got to see and a few you could go through. 

Lancaster Driving TrainLancaster Under TrainLancaster Munchkin Lifting TrainLancaster Train Museum

Our last day in Lancaster we went shopping and traveled to our family near Philly.  Munchkin built a toy train at one of the shops. 

Lancaster Building Tractor (2)Lancaster Building TractorLancaster Made Train

Tropical storm Andrea came through on Friday so we kept it local and inside and just went to Chucky Cheese.  Munchkin loved to hang out our family near Philly’s house.  He makes himself at home there and pretty much takes over. 

Saturday was a beautiful day so we ventured out to see Valley Forge.  As you can see Munchkin got a new gun.  So this boy got 3 guns in all on this trip.  Quite a collection.

Lancaster Valley Forge Washington HouseValley Forge Bullets ExplainedValley Forge BulletsValley Forge CannonValley Forge General WashingtonValley Forge Lifting GunValley Forge Lodging

We drove home around bedtime Sat. night.  We hoped we wouldn’t have to stop and both kids would just sleep.  Baby Pearl took forever to fall asleep and required one stop due to screaming.  So it seems we still aren’t a great car rider.

Baby Pearl is talking up a storm.  We went to a Barnes and Noble on this trip and she was talking to all the books.  We have started to branch out past rice cereal.  She now eats apple, banana, and pear.  She has even started swallowing the fruit pretty well.  In the beginning she would take the food in and stick her tong out not sure what to do with the food.  She can roll from her back to her side.  We are still working on rolling over.  She doesn’t like to sit but loves to try to stand.  We are wondering if she will skip crawling and just walk.  Smile


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