Busy Week with Pics to Come

I had more star sightings last week than usual.  It was raining so I went to the mall to walk around and get exercise as well as do some errands.  One of my errands was to Baby Gap where I happened to see Susan Saint James shopping.  Then I went to our town hall to get a new beach permit for this year and our town hall was turned into the hospital from the TV show Royal Pains.  I saw them taping down the street a café scene. 

Royal Pains Set

Last week Munchkin had his 5 year old doctors check-in.  He is 45.8 lbs and 44 inches.  He took his shot like a champ and even laughed through the visit. 

Baby Pearl had a cold which she caught after our weekend away to Mass.  It is now surprise that after hours in the car next to a big brother who is coughing and blowing his nose that she should get it too.  So I have stayed closer to home to hang with Baby Pearl. 

Pearl SmilePearl SweetPearl Sweet2

This past weekend was fairly boring.  I ripped apart the bathroom and am working on painting and patching it up.  I have to paint the walls this weekend and the vanity and I am done.  I had planned the job would take two weekends.  We went to Home Depot for supplies and went to Friendly’s for dinner.  Munchkin ordered a tower of mini burgers and wanted his picture taken with it. 

Munchkin at Friendlys

For mothers day I got Alex and Ani bracelets with the kids initials and birth stones.  They did a very cute job on the card. 

On Monday morning we had 3 month pictures of Baby Pearl, 5 year pictures of Munchkin and family pictures taken at our house.  We should get them in about a week to post and send copies to family. 


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