3 Months Old

Today Baby Pearl is 3 months old.  She is “talking” up a storm, especially on her changing table.  This girl really likes to get her diaper changed and tell us about it.  She doesn’t like to be put down, even for a minute to allow mommy or daddy to do something quick around the house so she has become our new favorite accessory.

Baby Pearl 3 Month3Baby Pearl 3 Month BubblesBaby Pearl 3 Month TalkingBaby Pearl 3 MonthBaby Pearl 3 Month2Baby Pearl 3 Month4

We tried to recreate this fancy photo I saw on Pinterest, but it didn’t work out too great. 


This weekend was filled with play dates for Munchkin and getting things done around the house.  Last weekend we had the tea party at our house.  On Monday Grandma and Grandpa came through Wed.  They took Munchkin to the Children’s Museum, out for burgers and Trader Joes shopping.  Munchkin came home from Trader Joes with his very own shopping bag full of things he likes.  Grandma and Grandpa are such suckers.  Thurs. Munchkin had swimming and came out with me for dinner to my knitting group.  Friday Nithin went with Munchkin to school for parent participation where they both walked through the building of Munchkin’s robot costume.  Nithin got home early so we we for a long walk which was very nice because it doesn’t happen anymore since Munchkin doesn’t like to go that far.  This weekend Munchkin played with the boy across on the street on Sat. and Sunday we met up with a girl from school at our local playground.  Next weekend is Munchkin’s birthday trip to Mass. and the water park so we had a lot to get done around the house this weekend. Thurs. for Munchkin’s birthday we are off to the city to go to the fireman museum.


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