6 Weeks & Nithin’s Birthday

Munchkin woke up last Friday crying that his ear hurt.  It turned out that he had an ear infection and the start to bronchitis.  Sunday Nithin started getting sick too.  So we have been 2 weeks with Munchkin or Nithin being sick.  So we haven’t been up to much at all.  Baby Pearl and I have quarantined ourselves off from the sick boys for a few days.  Even on Nithin’s birthday he was super duper sick so we didn’t have the opportunity to do much.  We did have our favorite Italian and a Crumbs cupcake cake.  On Nithin’s birthday it was Pearl’s 6 week birthday too.  Here is a picture of everyone on Nithin’s and Pearl’s birthdays.

Nithin CakeBirthday Babes

Baby Pearl had her 6 week check-up.  She is now 11 lbs 5 oz. and 22.5 inches.  That means she has gained 4 lbs since birth.  Pearl is talking more and will make her noises at you for a few seconds rather than just sporadically.  She is totally supporting her own head and can do leg lifts like an athlete. 


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