Baby Knits (so far…)

Our baby girl is due Jan. 27th.  Here is what I have knit for her so far.  I also have a sweater in progress.

Impunity silk hat so with the pattern and the fabric it is nice and slouchy.

Impunity for Baby

I made a pink and orange version of the blue and orange version I made for Munchkin in this post.  I hope to have pictures taken in their similar hats this winter.

Quynn for Baby

I made a simple little baby shrug with the pattern by Debbie Bliss.

Baby Shrug

The baby’s blanket is Counterpane blanket from Mary Walker Phillips book.  Each piece is knit individually and had to be sewn together.  I loved this blanket for years which is why I made it.  All that sewing is my least favorite thing and I wouldn’t do it for anyone else.

Counterpane Baby Blanket DetailCounterpane Baby Blanket


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