Christmas 2012

This year we kept Christmas low key since I am almost 9 months pregnant and not spending the day in the kitchen.  Nithin stepped up big time with the cooking and even baked our traditional Paris Breast dessert that isn’t the easiest to make.  We started off the Christmas festivities making cookies for Santa.  Santa came around the neighborhood on the fire truck which is a highlight for Munchkin. 

Cookie Decorating

For Christmas eve we had Halibut in a white wine mushroom sauce from Julia Child’s cookbook and our Paris Breast for dessert.  Keeping our tradition of a French meal for Christmas Eve.  This year we let Munchkin choose the family PJs we would wear and of course he chose the dog ones.  They are Dalmatians with scarves on.  Santa called and told Munchkin to make sure to leave out carrots for the reindeer so Munchkin delegated to Grandma to make sure each reindeer had a carrot. 

Family PJs 2012

On Christmas morning surprisingly Munchkin slept in until 7:30.  The adults were up waiting for him.  We told Munchkin that he had to wake up Grandma & Grandpa and Mom & Dad before he could go to the living room.  That didn’t work though.  By the time I got there he was riding his new bike from Santa around the living room.  Munchkin really likes his bike.  Each of Santa’s toys needed to be played with before we moved on to stockings or other presents. 

Christmas 2012 Bike Riding in the HouseChristmas 2012 Walking DogChristmas 2012 Santa GiftsChristmas 2012 Star Wars Force Chapstick

Christmas 2012 StockingChristmas 2012 Santa Gifts2Christmas 2012 Pirate ShipChristmas 2012 Lazer TagChristmas 2012 Police StationChristmas 2012 Nithin Perry Hat

Riding bike from Santa in the afternoon.   Notice Nithin getting into the act. 

Christmas 2012 Bike RidingChristmas 2012 Bike Riding2Christmas 2012 Bike Riding3Christmas 2012 Nithin Bike Riding

We had a nice ham dinner and overall it was a great day for all.  Munchkin says he loves all his presents equally, none was his favorite. 

This week Grandma & Grandpa stayed a few extra days since we had a Nor’easter on Wed.  It was just high winds.  Wed. night we had snow that was gone by Thurs. morning.  On Thurs. Munchkin and his grandparents went to the Treehouse to play in their city.  Nithin and I met them at Friendly’s for lunch.  Nithin and I took advantage of the Grandparents and made it out to a movie, Django.  Very long and gruesome but good. 

This weekend we are laying low with more snow coming today and Nithin having thrown his back out yesterday.  He is pretty much horizontal on a heating pad. 


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