Snow in November?

Last Wed. we had a Nor’easter come through a week and a half after the hurricane.  A lot of people on Long Island still didn’t have power from the hurricane yet, we had our power for about 3 days when this next storm came.  We were very lucky to not loose power again during the storm.  Many also had that happen.  The snow was a few inches and very wet making more tree damage. 

Snow House

We went out early Thurs. morning and shot our Christmas card photos in the snow.  You will have to wait to see those.  As his reward for the photo shoot Munchkin got to stay outside and play in the snow in his sled and eat the snow.  He even went out later and went sledding with the neighbors in the back yard.

Snow Day MunchkinSnow DaySnow Day2

I managed to get some pictures of Munchkin in his new winter hat and mitten set. 

Hat and MitsHat and Mits2

In our area the snow melted by Friday.  South of here they must have gotten a lot more snow because on Saturday they still had snow on the ground. 

Nithin went into the city on the train to work on Monday and Tuesday but worked from home Wed. – Fri.  There were a lot less trains running after this last storm and Penn. station even closed for a few hours.  So it was smart he worked at home.  It looks like the trains are almost back to regular schedules as of today.

We also have gas shortages.  Gas stations run out of gas in a matter of hours.  On Wed. I went and waited 3 hours in line to get gas for the Prius.  Being pregnant there is no way I could go 3 hours without going to the bathroom.  I went to the gas station near home and Nithin took a little break from work and saved my place in line for a few min so I could go home and go to the bathroom.  It worked out quite well and I got a lot of knitting and listening to audio books done. 

This past weekend we did some errands, batching them up to use the least amount of gas.  Nithin started painting the baby room.  The walls are done and painted in Wisteria.  Just the trim needs to be done now. 

On Sunday we went out to Indian food for lunch and went to the Indian bakery to get sweets for Diwali.  Nithin and I had a rare date night and saw the new James Bond movie.  It was a nice fairly normal weekend.  It is odd to think about all of your errands/trips and organizing them so you conserve gas or just choose to not go someplace to not use gas.  The gas shortage is supposed to last for a while.  Lets see. 


One response to “Snow in November?

  1. Glad you have power. Ugh, 3 hour wait for gas 😞. Congrats to you guys on pregnancy!

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