Oh Sandy

It all started two weeks ago when we heard a hurricane was coming.  Nithin found out from the dentist.  We were already stocked on food in preparation for weekend guests.  We went out and filled the cars with gas and got money.  There was plenty of time for us to clean out the garage to make room to store all the outside furniture.  A trip was made with a full car to the salvation army of this we had been gathering for years to donate.  On Saturday the garage was filled now with outside furniture and plants so they didn’t fly around in the high winds. 

We also went to our local fire house for their open house.  Our new neighbor is a fireman on the ladder truck which Munchkin just idealizes.  When we met our new neighbor Munchkin introduced himself and told him he was a fireman.  The neighbor said he was one too and asked what truck Munchkin worked on.  Munchkin told him the ladder truck and the neighbor responded that was his truck too.  Turns out he drives the ladder truck.  So when we went on the fire truck ride it was on our neighbors truck and we asked him to take a picture with Munchkin. 

Fire Station Pose with Neighbor and Ladder Truck

Munchkin really liked the ambulance this time.  He spent a long time with the ambulance director going through and learning about all the tools. 

Fire Station AmbulanceFire Station Ambulance2

The arson dog came and Munchkin helped out in the demonstration.

Fire Station Dog

On Monday the rain and winds started.  Nithin worked from home.  We lost power around 7pm Monday night.  Tues. morning we awoke to a dark cold house and it was time to try the generator we bought for Christmas last year.  We hit a couple snags but got the generator and part of the house powered up.  We ran our generator 4 times a day for about 1.5 hours.  This kept our freezer and fridge running so we lost very little.  We were without power for 5 days and 1 hour.  We had gas to cook and our hot water heater is gas so we had hot showers.  A lot of time was spent cooking and cleaning up from cooking.  We ate very well going through our stocked fridge and freezer since we had planned for house guests.  Our local pizza place was open the day after the storm with no power.  I refused to eat out though since we had so much food to eat through.  So life wasn’t too different except we went to bed pretty early because it got dark early and we were stuck at home since so many roads were closed.  Also, gas shortages were absolutely insane.  Below are pictures of some of the lines for gas.  Nithin waited on line 4 hours for gas and got to the station only to have them run out.  The next day he waited a couple hours and managed to get gas.  We have been driving as little as possible so we don’t have to get more gas.  There seems to be more stations opened but the lines are still 1-2 hours long and it has been over a week. 

Gas LineGas Line (2)

With no electricity Munchkin wouldn’t sleep in his room without his night light so Nithin fashioned this so we weren’t wasting batteries. 

Night Light

Even with no power Halloween still happened.  We carved a pumpkin and Munchkin went trick-or-treating with the neighbors a little earlier than usual (3pm) so it was still daylight.  Munchkin had a great time and walked around as a robot the entire time.  Because it wasn’t dark the lights on the robot costume didn’t get their full effect.

Pumpkin CarvingPumpkin with Munchkin

Robot HomeTrick or Treating RobotTrick or TreatingTrick or Treating2

Saturday night around 8pm we got power back.  There is still about a quarter of the island without power so we are very lucky.  Sunday we tidied up the house and got things back to normal.  I went grocery shopping about 25 minutes away going the long way to used open roads.  That was how far I had to go to get to a grocery store that had produce, meat and dairy.  This grocery never lost power so they were stocked.  It was very overwhelming to go to a place that was so large, lighted and well stocked with food.  Our local grocery we went to on Monday and it was just starting to get dairy and some meat back on the shelves.  There was no frozen food yet. 

Today was voting day.  Munchkin and I went to the polls and voted.  They had a kids voting section setup to vote for Clifford, Arthur, or Curious George as your favorite character.  Munchkin voted for Clifford. 


We went to a new local play place today and Munchkin had his dentist apt.  Munchkin was the best behaved kid of the day the dentist said.  The dentist and hygienist still don’t have power.  LIPA says most people not in the hardest hit areas should have power tomorrow.  We will see.

Things here are still not the same, the grocery stores are still not fully stocked and gas is hard to come by with long waits.  Tomorrow we are supposed to get a big storm with high winds.  We hope it doesn’t subtract the progress that has been made and more people get power back. 


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