Catching Up

I have been a bad poster, especially with the Olympics going on.  So now is catch-up time.  During the 2.5 weeks of the Olympics where I feverishly worked on my Kelmscott sweater (separate post coming).  During that time we did the normal daily visits to the pool on all the nice days.  Munchkin and Nithin went to the LI Children’s Museum. 

LI Children Museum

We had an Olympic knitters outing with our families.  Hubbies came to tend the children so we could knit. 

Sprinkler Park FunSprinkler Park Fun2

Nithin and Rowan stopped by our local fire station while at the library.

Fire House Visit

Munchkin decided that Aug. 9th is Pandy’s birthday.  So we had to go get cupcakes.

Pandy Birthday

The last weekend of the Olympics we headed up to Mass.  Munchkin was talking for at least two weeks about wanting to see his grandparents.  He had a list of things he wanted to do and he got to do most of them.  He got to go on tractor rides, boat rides, fishing and the playground.  He tried camping in the camper trailer in the back yard for two nights but ended up inside each night.  He did take a nap with grandpa in the trailer.

Grandpa Boat RideGrandpa Tractor Ride

One weeknight we made it out with some friends of ours to family night at a bounce place.  Munchkin had so much fun.  It was 1 hour of bouncing in one room and then one hour of bouncing in the dark with glow stick bracelets and necklaces on.

Bounce U for D Birthday


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