4th of July Fun

We headed north to Mass. for the long 4th of July weekend to spend time with Nithin’s family.  We left early July 4th morning to be in Mass. for lunch time.  We spent a nice relaxing afternoon chilling out with family.  We celebrated Nithin’s mom’s birthday and saw fireworks. 

Bapuma Birthday

Thursday Nithin, Munchkin, the cousins and the grandparents all went to Kimball Farm and played mini golf, drove bumper boats and had a good lunch and ice cream.  They had a great time and spent the afternoon in the pool. 

Mini GolfMini Golf2

I went off on my own and went to the Lowell National Park which captures the history of the mill town.  I also went to the NE Quilt Museum which wasn’t very impressive and the Textile Museum.  It was a nice day going through the five museums at my own pace. 

Boote Cotton MillsBoote MillMill Girl Dress

Friday we went out to lunch for Nithin’s mom’s birthday.  On the way Munchkin took a nap where he needed his head held up.  We met up with friends for dinner.  It was nice to see them. 

Munchkin Sleeping in the Car

Saturday was a grey day so the cousins played at the park and at home and in the afternoon we headed home. 

Sunday we tidied the house and went to the pool.  Munchkin just loves the pool.  I have removed all but one float from the front of Munchkin’s bubble he wears in the pool.  He is becoming a little fish or shark as he informs me in the car (since he likes to eat goldfish and sharks eat fish). 


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